RC Trucks


RC Trucks vs RC Cars
A look at differences between model cars and trucks.

RC Nitro Trucks
A look at differences between electric and nitro.

RC Nitro Engines
Info on the incredible nitro engines.

RC Nitro Fuel
A look at the special fuel used in nitro powered vehicles.

RC Monster Trucks
More info on one of the most popular type of models.

Traxxas T-Maxx
The monster that started it all! 

Traxxas Revo
A very popular monster truck.

HPI Savage Trucks
Some of the most popular rc nitro monsters.

Associated Monster GT
Another example of a popular model.

Team Losi LST
Losi Super Truck is a another popular choice.

HPI Baja 5B
BIG 1/5th scale RC buggy.

Cen Genesis
A BIG .46 powered truck.

Tamiya TNX
Another popular choice.

Full scale trucks.

RC Trucks Site Map
Directory of RC related pages.

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Directory showing all of the many pages on this website.

Welcome to the RC Trucks Website

Welcome to my website.  The purpose of this site is to share some topics that have been of interest to me.  There are a variety of different topics presented on this site such as radio control trucks, automotive information, diesel trucks, farm equipment, tractors, go karts, motorcycles, firearms, generators, even wind and solar power.  At first glance, one might wonder what do these topics have in common.  The simple answer is that these are all areas of my own personal interest.  Probably if you investigate a little further, you'll find that a lot of my interests have a common thread - POWER.  Ever since I was a child, if something burned fuel and produced power, then I was interested.  Whether it be a dirt bike, a car, even outdoor power equipment... if it burned something that resulted in power being produced, then I thought it was cool.  I still find it interesting.  I guess you can even carry that over to my interest in firearms.  Gunpowder is burned to propel a bullet with tremendous POWER.  I grew up going to the shooting range with my Dad to shoot targets and also to trap shoot (shoot clay pigeons with shotgun).  It's a lot of fun.  I have written all the articles on this site.  I will admit that it's not a thing of beauty and the pages are very simple.  No frills.  Nothing fancy.  One thing you'll notice by looking at my webpages is that I'm definitely not a professional webmaster!  I just learned a little about making web pages as I went along.  I first got involved in making web pages while sharing some car projects with other car enthusiasts many years ago.  In case you want to know more, you can click here to find out more about me.  Well, enough about me and back to the topic at hand.  Over the years, one of my hobbies and interests has been in the area of radio control trucks, and so that's where this website begins.

The Exciting World of RC Trucks

The world of RC trucks has changed a lot over the years.  In times past, stadium style trucks like the Associated RC10GT were very popular.  These stadium style RC vehicles are still available and they are still a lot of fun to drive, but the market has shifted more towards bigger monster type RC trucks.  Stadium trucks were generally designed for smooth dirt surfaces like groomed race tracks.  They are relatively low to the ground and are not well suited to rough off road terrain.  In recent years however, the hobby industry focus has shifted more towards monster trucks with BIG wheels, BIG tires, and rugged designs that can survive abuse that other types of RC vehicles could never endure.  Popular models such as the HPI Savage and Traxxas T-Maxx rc trucks come with powerful nitro engines.  These tiny internal combustion engines add a level of excitement to RC trucks that didn't exist in the past with electric motors.  Modern electric motors in rc trucks can be very powerful too - especially when you look at the latest brushless motor technology.  Even so, it's hard to beat the sound of a screaming nitro engine in an rc truck that is blasting by at speeds of over 40mph!

Remote Control Trucks

Got Wheelies?  RC Truck Power!

Early RC Trucks

Early models were relatively crude by today's standards.  They were more like modified RC cars with a different body and maybe some different wheels.  Many of these older trucks were probably more for just looks and driving around on smooth pavement or grass.  If they were driven hard on rough terrain, then they would probably quickly break.  In addition, older vintage r/c trucks were pretty much all kits that required building and assembly.  Today, the trend has changed and most of these trucks come assembled (either completely or partially).  It is very common to see the acronym RTR (Ready To Run) now a days to describe a fully assembled model.  These RTR rc trucks are usually ready to go right out of the box after adding batteries for the radio and electric starting systems and adding nitro fuel for a nitro powered kit.  There are still some build-it-yourself kits available today, but these kits are now the minority instead of the majority.  The picture below shows an example of a vintage radio control truck kit.

Vintage Remote Control Trucks

Older Hirobo Toyota Hilux Kit

Modern Trucks

Modern RC trucks are miniaturized wonders of technology!  Some of the BIG models available now are not so "miniature"!  The advanced suspensions, the electronics, the high powered nitro engines (or high powered electric motors - particularly newer brushless motors), amazing handling and performance, and realistic scale model looks really makes these exciting!   Sometimes when a modern radio control truck with a nicely finished body is photographed, it can look so realistic that one might think that they are looking at the real thing!  Check out the following picture to see an example of one of these.  In this case, this is an HPI Savage with an optional El Camino body.  Check out that blower sticking out of the hood.  It looks so real that you can almost hear the supercharger whine!

Realistic RC Trucks

Savage Truck with scale El Camino Body

Today, the most popular RC models are the nitro engine powered type.  With a real fire breathing engine that screams at 30,000+ RPM (some even approach 50,000 RPM!), nitro powered remote control trucks offer the sights, sounds, smells, and excitement that many people want!