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Twenty-Two (.22) Revolvers that Can Shoot Both 22 LR & 22 MAG

A .22 revolver offers the ability to shoot inexpensive 22 LR ammo.  If you get one of the combination revolvers, then you can change the cylinder and shoot 22 Magnum for greater power.  If you've purchased ammunition lately, then you will likely know that the prices seem to continue to be going up.  Ammunition is not cheap.  While it is true that all ammo prices have gone up lately, it is still possible to find 22 LR ammunition at some very reasonable prices.  The author of this article really likes the Federal bulk pack 36gr ammo that come in the 525 round boxes (used to be 550 rounds).  This ammunition has proven to be both reliable and accurate.  In addition, they are very economical.  These have been purchased for as little as 3 cents per round!  Ammo aside, let's get back to the topic of these 22 revolvers that allow you to shoot both the economical 22 LR round and also the more powerful 22 WMR Magnum round.  Because of the benefits of having a convertible 22 pistol, many manufacturers offer these revolvers with interchangeable 22 LR and a 22 Magnum cylinders.  This article will take a look at 4 different 22 pistol revolvers that come with this conversion feature.   

Taurus 992 .22 revolver    

Taurus Tracker 992B 22LR/22M Revolver MSRP $545

The first convertible 22 revolver we'll look at is also one of the newest.  The Taurus 992 is a single action & double action revolver and comes with your choice of a 4" or 6.5" long barrel.  The heavy barrel and frame make this Taurus 22 pistol look more like a .357 Magnum than a .22!  The 9 shot interchangeable cylinders can be switched within seconds thanks to a quick release design.  Adjustable sights on this vented rib barrel help to dial in this accurate .22 revolver.  A scope can even be mounted to this revolver for the person wanting even better long range accuracy.  Along with the 2 different barrel lengths, the Taurus 992 also comes in the standard blued finish and also a matte stainless steel version.  The 6.5" barrel version as shown in the picture above weighs in at a stout 55 oz and has an overall length of 13.75" while the MSRP is $545.

Ruger Single Six 22

Ruger Single Six 22LR/22M Conversion Pistol MSRP $550

The next 22 conversion revolver we'll look at is the Ruger Single Six.  This single action pistol has been around for a long time.  The first Ruger Single Six was first released back in 1953.  Now, around 60 years later, this great revolver continues to be produced!  A design change was introduced in 1973 with the addition of a transfer bar safety feature which helped prevent accidental discharge while carrying this Ruger revolver with the hammer over a live round.  The Ruger Single Six convertible pistol comes with two 6 shot cylinders for 22LR and 22 Magnum.  The convertible 6.5" barrel blued version as shown in the picture above has an overall length of 12.0" and weighs in at 35 oz with an MSRP of $550.

Heritage Rough Rider .22 revolver  

Heritage Rough Rider 22LR/22M Combo Revolver MSRP $199

If you are type of person that loves a bargain, then here's is a real bargain in terms of convertible 22 revolvers!  The Heritage Rough Rider RR22MB6 with 6.5" barrel has a MSRP of around $199.  The author of this article owns one of these and paid even less than this.  This combo pistol has been seen selling for as low as $159, and you can often find this revolver selling for $179.  That's nearly 1/3 the price of a brand name 22 pistol revolver!  In other words, you could almost buy 3 of the Heritage Rough Rider convertible revolvers for the price of 1 of the other brands!  Single action only, the interchangeable cylinders on this revolver offer 6 shots of 22LR or 22Mag.  You can find a 9 shot version of this convertible pistol for around $50 more.  Now, you might think that with a price this low, this revolver might be poorly made.  Think again.  The gun is definitely is not made to the same level of fit and finish as the Ruger or Taurus, but it is a very well made revolver.  Cost savings are found in it's simple design with a zinc alloy frame and fixed sights.  If you need to adjust your sights, then the fore-aft is adjusted by bending the front sight.  The elevation is adjusted by filing the front sight as necessary.  Once the sights are dialed in, this gun is surprisingly accurate.  This 22 revolver has received excellent reviews by many people.  The author really likes his Heritage revolver.  It is fun to shoot, accurate, economical, and sounds like a high pitched .357 revolver when shooting 22 Magnum rounds.  You will have a hard time finding a better value in a combination 22 LR and 22 WMR convertible revolver.  This pistols has an overall length of 12.3" and weighs in at 33.4 oz.  If you want a higher level of fit and finish, then you might want to consider the Ruger or Taurus revolvers.  If you want the best bang for your buck and are not so concerned with cosmetics, then the Heritage Rough Rider pistol can be a great, economical choice.

NAA-BWCA Black Widow

North American Arms Black Widow 22LR/22M Pistol MSRP $334

Now, for something a little different... North American Arms sells a variety of very small single action revolvers, and they offer models with dual cylinders for both 22 LR and 22 Magnum.  These tiny pistols are extremely compact and are easy to carry in a pocket.  The .22 revolver shown above is the North American Arms (NAA) Black Widow with the optional adjustable sights (NAA-BWCA).  MSRP for this pistol is $334, and the same gun is also available with fixed sights for $304.  This small revolver is single action and has a 2" long barrel.  Overall length is only 5-7/8" and this revolver weighs a mere 8.8 oz.  North American Arms also sells variety of different revolvers with barrels as short as 1" and as long as 6", with everything in between.  These small convertible revolvers have two 5 shot cylinders that allow the user to shoot both 22 LR and 22 Magnum.  These are tiny little guns and they can be a lot of fun to shoot once you get used to the small size and short sight radius.  Obviously, these are not highly accurate long range pistols, but once you get used to them they can be surprisingly accurate especially considering their size.  It just takes some practice to become familiar with them.

So, there you have it.  A variety of different 22 revolvers that each offer the ability to shoot both 22 LR and 22 WMR ammunition.  This means that it is very economical to practice with 22 LR and you also have the ability to shoot the more potent 22 Magnum round.  If you are just looking for a fun gun for plinking and recreational shooting, then the Heritage Rough Rider pistols can be a great value.  If you want something with a higher standard of fit and finish, then the Taurus and Ruger might be a better match.  If want an extremely small pocket pistol, then North American Arms offers some very small revolvers.  For more information on these small gun, click on the following link: Tiny Revolvers.  No matter which 22 pistol revolver you choose, you can have a lot of fun honing your shooting skills using cheap 22 LR ammo, and have the ability to shoot the more powerful 22 Magnum round for situations where you want more punch.  These convertible 22 revolvers can be a great combination for the gun enthusiast that likes to shoot a lot!