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Arctic Cat Wildcat 1000 HO Sport Utility Vehicle

The exciting Arctic Wildcat pushes the limits of factory built sport utility vehicles.  Competing against other high performance utility vehicles like the Polaris RZR 900 sport models, the Arctic Cat Wildcat 1000 HO has the performance and features to compete against the big guys in the sport utility vehicle world.  A potent 951 cc V-Twin engine breathing through a large 50 mm throttle body and equipped with electronic fuel injection.  This engine generates impressive horsepower and torque that catapults the Wildcat with white knuckle speed and acceleration.  The 1000 H.O. engine has been estimated to produce around 80 HP with a top speed of around 70 mph right from the factory.  Needless to say, this is not your typical utility vehicle!  No doubt, there will be plenty of aftermarket accessories available which will help unleash even more power for those wanting some bigger teeth for their Wildcat.

Arctic Cat Wildcat  

This machine was designed for maximum off road performance and fun.  You won't be using this caliber of machine around the farm or for other utility purposes.  You can't even tow anything with the Wildcat, since it's not rated for towing and doesn't have a provision for a trailer hitch like many of the dual purpose utility vehicles available today.  The rear bed capacity is limited to 300 lbs for carrying minimal gear.  This is not like the Kawasaki Teryx or Yamaha Rhino style of dual purpose machine.  The Arctic Cat Wildcat 1000 is all about high performance, high adrenaline, recreational sport riding.

Arctic Cat Wildcat Features and Specifications

High Output 1000 (951cc) V-Twin Engine

Electronic fuel injection & 4 valves/cylinder

Engine Bore x Stroke: 92mm x 71.6mm

Automatic CVT transmission with High/Low Range & Reverse

User selectable 2WD/4WD & Electric Differential Lock

Electronic Braking System (EBS)

Electronic Power Steering (EPS)

4 wheel hydraulic disc brakes

Rigid exoskeleton frame design

Beautiful automotive quality paint

Double A-arm front suspension with 17 inches travel

5 link trailing arm rear suspension with 18 inches travel

Fuel tank capacity: 9 gallons

Ground Clearance: 13 inches

Overall Length: 120 inches

Overall Width: 64 inches

Overall Height: 65.8 inches

Wheelbase: 90 inches

Dry Weight: 1305 lbs

Front Tires: 26x9-14

Rear Tires: 26x11-14

Aluminum wheels

Adjustable tilt steering

Adjustable compression shocks

LED headlights & taillights

Instrumentation including speedometer & odometer

Wildcat 1000 H2 EFI Engine

Now onto some more exciting details on the Arctic Cat Wildcat.  The backbone of this machine is a strong exoskeleton frame which is made from HSLA, which is a High Strength Lightweight Alloy steel tubing.  At the heart the Wildcat is the powerful 1000 H2 EFI engine.  A new, larger diameter exhaust system allows the Wildcat engine to breath easier and produce more power.  The exhaust pipe is ceramic coated to help keep heat in the exhaust which helps improve exhaust scavenging out of the cylinders.  Not only that, but the high temperature ceramic coating also looks good.  To keep this HOT engine cool, rear mounted radiators are positioned behind the cockpit to protect them from debris, dirt, and mud can plug up front mounted radiators. 

We've looked at the backbone and the heart of the Wildcat, so now let's look at the long legs on this Wildcat that allows it to stretch it's legs and really run over the terrain.  The long arm suspension in front and back is equipped with maintenance free bushings that are designed for smooth suspension travel and long life.  The innovative 5 link rear suspension is designed to allow the massive 18 inches of wheel travel, while still keeping the tires squarely planted on the ground for maximum handling and performance.  The front A-arm suspension with 17 inches of wheel travel is equipped with a newly designed, compact steering rack that allows the inner pivot points of the tie rods to be in line with the a-arm pivot points.  This steering geometry helps to reduce bump steer while allowing the massive amount of wheel travel possible with the Wildcat suspension.  All 4 corners are equipped with premium, high quality Walker Evans shocks.  All shocks are adjustable for compression dampening as well as spring preload to adjust ride height.  Furthermore, the rear shocks also have the ability to adjust the transition point where the dual springs interact.  This fine tuning of the dual springs on the rear shocks is not something that most people would need, but it is available for the advanced rider that wants to fine tune the responsiveness of the rear shocks. 

Where the rubber meets the road (or the dirt), newly designed 4 ply radial Duro tires are fitted to attractive 14 inch aluminum wheels.  In the cockpit, race seats keep the driver comfortably positioned during the ride.  The infinitely adjustable tilt steering allows to steering wheel to be placed in the optimal location for each driver.  Instrumentation includes an analog speedometer with embedded digital display with the following information available: odometer, tripmeter, hourmeter, tachometer, digital speedometer, fuel gauge, and clock.  A lockable glove box, dual cup holders, and a 12v accessory port are some other nice features in the Wildcat cockpit.  For even more details, see the following video highlighting the many great features of the Arctic Cat Wildcat.  Expect to pay around $16,000 for the opportunity of trying to tame one of these ferocious Wildcats!