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Team Associated Monster GT

The Associated Monster GT truck is another very popular RC monster truck and for good reasons!  The Team Associated Monster GT project code name was BFT which stands for: Bigger, Faster, Tougher.  Associated is well known for it's high quality products like the legendary RC10 series and the popular TC3 cars.  Team Associated knows what they are doing!  The Monster GT truck comes with an impressive list of standard features that would be considered hop ups and upgrade parts on other trucks.  As you will see below, Associated has not left good enough alone, and they have continued to refine and improve an already great RC truck.  The Associated MGT is sure to please! 

Team Associated Monster GT Getting Air!

Associated MGT in Flight!

Now that the Monster GT has been around for a long time, the reviews keep coming in and the consensus is clear.  Associated has come up with one GREAT monster truck!  Look below for more details on this exciting RC truck. 

Team Associated Monster GT Truck Features

Powerful Thunder Tiger .21 engine produces 2.1 HP @ 31,000 RPM.

Single outlet exhaust tube directs oily residue away from the truck.

Dual stage foam air filter helps protect the powerful Monster GT engine.

Associated Monster GT has a rigid aluminum extruded chassis.

The unique chassis offers excellent protection for the differentials.

Large amounts of ground clearance for large amounts of off road fun!

Comes equipped with large strong steel universal drive axles.

Monster GT has a 2 speed forward & reverse transmission.

A disc type slipper clutch helps protect the driveline from shock loading.

Ball bearings increase reliability and help the truck move with minimal friction.

Long travel 4 wheel independent A-arm suspension to soak up the bumps & jumps.

8 oil filled shocks help keep the hard working MGT suspension under control.

Comes equipped with an installed 3 channel radio system.

High torque metal gear steering servo.

Monster GT Chassis

"Under the hood" of the Monster GT

Associated releases the updated Monster GT 4.60 SE

Team Associated Monster GT 4.60 SE 20501

Associated has updated and released a newer version of it's popular MGT truck.  The Associated Monster GT 4.60 SE RC truck comes with a bigger and more powerful 4.60cc nitro engine (.28  To handle the extra power, the 2 speed transmission now comes with tough steel gears.  In additional, strong all metal CVA center driveshafts help transmit the power reliably.  The Associated Monster GT was already a great truck and the new updates on the 4.60 SE make it even better!

Associated Crams a .50 Engine in the Monster GT 8.0!

Just when you'd think that enough was enough in the big block monster truck world, someone comes out with something even bigger.  The Associated Monster GT 8.0 comes with a huge .50 size engine.  That's .50 cu. in. or 8.0 cc.  In terms of RC truck model engines, that's a big nitro engine!  The Monster GT 8.0 is one big truck too.  Over 2 feet long and nearly 1.5 feet wide, and tipping the scales at over 13 lbs, this is one BIG monster trucks with one BIG engine.

Monster GT 8.0

The 2 speed transmission has been beefed up to handle the extra power.  A super heavy duty aluminum 4 shoe clutch helps transfer the torque from the 8.0 engine to the steel spur gear.  A aluminum tuned pipe is used to help extract even more power from the massive .50 engine.  A oversized air filter both protects the engine and also allows adequate air flow into this heavy breathing engine.  With this much power on tap, a wheelie bar is a must.  Thankfully, the Monster GT 8.0 already comes with an integral wheelie bar ready for action.  A truck this big and this powerful needs to be kept under control.  A high quality computerized 3 channel FM radio system comes already installed and ready to tame this beast.  If you believe that bigger is better in terms of RC truck engines, then the Associated Monster GT 8.0 may be a great match for you.