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Some Automotive Engine Fuel Cleaners Really Do Work

If you've ever gone to an auto parts store and walked through the automotive aisle at your local department store, then you might have noticed that there are many different automotive engine fuel cleaners that are one the shelf.  How do you know which is best?  Which fuel system cleaners really work?        

B&G 44K                Techron                 Sea Foam

Apart from doing detailed scientific testing on each and every product (which is impractical for the average consumer!), probably the next best thing is to find out from people with personal experience which automotive engine fuel cleaners worked best for them.  If you can find a product that has many people that have good things to say about it, then you will most likely know that the product really works.  A small number of people might be duped or misinformed about a product, but if the positive feedback is consistent from a large number of people, then you can have some confidence that those particular automotive engine fuel cleaners might be worth considering.  Some of the most popular automotive engine fuel cleaners available are: BG 44K, Chevron Techron, & Sea Foam.  All three of these products have been around for a long time, and all three of them have been used by many people over the years.  As a result, there is a lot of customer feedback available about these particular automotive engine fuel cleaners.  All three of them have a very strong following of loyal customers who have used these products with good success.  These fuel system cleaners really do work.  Just keep in mind that a fuel additive will not fix mechanical engine problems that require repair. 

BG 44K is one of the more expensive products, but it also has a strong reputation as being a very powerful cleaner.  There are a lot of satisfied people that have used this product.  It's not cheap (it can cost over $20/can), but it is very potent and effective.  BG 44K is not normally carried at most regular auto parts stores.  You will sometimes find it at high end auto dealers (like BMW, etc...).  The fact that car dealers use it in their own service departments tells you something about its effectiveness.  You can try to find BG 44K at a local auto dealer, or you can also buy it on the internet.

Chevron Techron should be found at some auto parts stores and maybe even at some larger retail stores.  It can also be purchased on the internet.  Techron is the same fuel additive that is used in Chevron gasoline, and it has been shown to be effective in keeping fuel systems clean.

Sea Foam can be purchased at some select auto parts stores and also on the internet.  All 3 of these automotive engine fuel cleaners have very strong positive feedback at their effectiveness of cleaning automotive fuel system.  Just keep in mind that these products will not fix all car related problems.  There is no substitute for proper vehicle care and maintenance, and in some cases a car might need mechanical repair or service.  However, given the high cost of auto repair, it can make good economical sense to try to use one of these automotive engine fuel cleaners to see if if makes your engine run better.  With the high price of fuel these days, keeping your automotive fuel system clean and working efficiently is a very good idea!