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A Look at Some of the Best Low Cost Handguns

If you are looking for the best cheap handgun, then chances are that you are not just looking for the cheapest gun.  You are probably looking for the lowest price on a good gun.  In other words, you are looking for the best bang for your buck.  This is sensible since most of us are not just rolling in cash, so it's a good idea to try to get the most from your money.  The answer to the question of which is the best cheap handgun will be answered below with some suggestions based on the size category of the handguns. 


In terms of full size handguns, I will suggest a few different possibilities of what might be considered the best cheap handgun.  HiPoint manufactures some of the least expensive good handguns on the market today.  They are Made in the USA and come with a Lifetime Warranty.  Most of the people who own them really seem to like them.  They are known to be reliable, inexpensive, and reasonably accurate.  They might not be the prettiest guns on the market, but they sure offer a lot of gun for the money!  If price were the #1 consideration in looking for a good gun, then I'd probably say that a HiPoint pistol is probably at the top of list of guns to consider.  The MSRP on a HiPoint 45 pistol is only $199, and I've seen street prices go as low as $161. 

HiPoint Cheap Pistol    

HiPoint 45 ACP with MSRP of only $199

Now, if you are willing to spend some more money, then another good handgun that can often be found for a good price is the Smith and Wesson SW9VE (9mm) and the SW40VE (.40).  This has sometimes been referred to as the "poor man's Glock".  I've seen street price on the SW40VE go as low as $289.

Cheap SW40VE Pistol

Smith & Wesson SW40VE with MSRP of $349

If you are looking for a fun gun for plinking and recreational shooting, then I'd also recommend the Heritage 22/22M pistol that comes with 2 interchangeable cylinders - one for 22LR and one for 22 Magnum rounds.  This gun is an old West style revolver and it's a lot of fun to shoot.  Surprisingly accurate too.  You can get this gun for under $199.  You might think that you could get a bigger caliber gun to shoot for that money (like the HiPoint above).  True.  I'd say that the HiPoint 45 gives you more bang for your buck; however, if you are buying the gun to do a lot of recreational shooting, then you will find that a pistol like the Heritage revolver will save you big bucks on ammunition.  You can shoot lots of 22LR ammo for a low price, and if you want some more punch to your shooting, then you can quickly swap over to the 22 Magnum cylinder and load up with some potent .22WMR.  With the 6.5" barrel, the 22 Magnum round packs some punch to it, and it really sounds like a much bigger gun.  It has a powerful roar to it while shooting .22WMR, so you definitely want to wear hearing protection!  In some ways, it reminds me of a .357 Magnum, but the Heritage 22 WMR has a higher pitched crack/roar.  As mentioned, you can find this gun for under $199 (closer to $170 if you shop around).  I found a "blemished" model with some very minor cosmetic issues on the finish for only $149.  Great plinking gun for the money!

Inexpensive Heritage Handgun

Heritage Rough Rider RR22MB6 for under $199


If your search for the best cheap handgun is for the purpose of an easy to conceal compact pistol, then you probably want to find something smaller in size.  For that purpose, the full size guns listed above might not be the best choice.  Sure, you can concealed carry a full size pistol, but it is much more difficult and requires more effort to do so.  For the best cheap handgun in a compact size, then you might want to consider one of the Keltec pistols.  In the .380 caliber, Keltec offers the P-3AT handgun.  In 9mm, the Keltec PF-9 offers additional power of the 9mm cartridge in a slightly larger package.  Both pistols are what would be considered subcompact size and easily concealed.  The good news is that if you shop around you can often find both pistols selling in the low $200's.

Low Cost Keltec Pocket Pistol       Affordable Keltec 9mm Pistol   

Keltec P-3AT (.380) and Keltec PF-9 (9mm) Compact Pistols

There are a lot of guns out there, and everyone will have their own opinion as to which gun might be the best cheap handgun.  The pistols on this page will give you a starting point when shopping around.  You might also be able to find a nice used handgun for a good price, but then you might be taking some additional risks compared to buying brand new.  All of the guns listed above come with a lifetime warranty except the Heritage pistol which comes with a 1 year warranty.  So, you should also factor in the cost advantage of a warranty when deciding between a new and used pistol.  Some companies, like Keltec, offer the lifetime warranty for the original owner only.  If you save a little bit of money by buying a used pistol, but then you have problems, then you might not have saved anything at all if you have to pay out of pocket for repairs.