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Automatic Rifles Made by Browning

John Browning is world famous for his auto-loading firearm designs.  The company that bears his name now offers the Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) as an effective hunting tool.  Among the most popular autoloading hunting rifles produced, these semi-automatic rifles provides a potent combination for hunters with it's ability to fire off multiple high powered rounds in short order.  First made available in the late 1960's, the gas operated autoloader features an extra strong rotating multi-lug bolt that locks securely into the barrel and provides a rigid action that results in better strength and greater accuracy.  This exceptional strength and rigidity helps prevent vibrations and movements that can affect the accuracy of a rifle.  More specifically, the bolt has 7 lugs that lock into corresponding grooves machined into the face of the barrel.  When the bolt moves forward, the lugs engage into the grooves which are cut at an angle.  This causes the bolt to rotate and then locks the bolt lugs securely into the barrel.  After the round is fired, the bolt rotates the opposite direction and unlocks from the barrel.  As the bolt moves back, the extractor removes and ejects the empty case from the receiver.  Then, as the bolt moves forward again, it strips the top round from the magazine and places it in the chamber and the bolt locks again.  This process is repeated every time the trigger is pulled as long as their is ammunition in the magazine.  The BAR has a detachable magazine that is retained in the receiver with a hinged floorplate.  Depending on the caliber of BAR that you choose, the magazine capacity will vary from 2 - 4 rounds.  You can carry the BAR with 1 additional round in the chamber if you choose.  The bigger magnum loads are the ones that have less magazine round capacity.  Some of the benefits of the excellent Browning BAR autoloading action are bolt action like accuracy with the advantage of faster follow up shots.  In addition, the gas operated action also helps to reduce felt recoil, which can be very helpful especially on some of the harder hitting magnum loads.                

Browning Automatic Rifle BAR

Available in many different variations and calibers, models like the Browning BAR Safari are popular firearms.  The Browning BAR Safari comes with a machined solid steel receiver with the strength to handle the punishment from Magnum hunting loads.  The receiver is drilled and tapped for a scope mount.  The barrel is machined from a solid billet of hammer forged, heat treated steel.  For easier cleaning and maintenance, the trigger group can be quickly removed by driving out a couple pins.  The Safari also comes with an option which Browning calls the BOSS.  BOSS stands for Ballistic Optimizing Shooting System and it allows the shooter to fine tune the accuracy of the rifle even further.  Other versions of the Browning Automatic Rifle such as the Stalker, ShortTrac, and LongTrac models come with a lighter, high strength aluminum alloy receiver.       

Browning Automatic Rifle History

It might be of interest to some to see where the Browning Automatic Rifle began.  John Browning probably did more for the world of firearms than any other single man.  A prolific inventor of gun technologies, he introduced the M1918 automatic rifle in 1917.  In fact, John Browning designed the M1918 BAR in a mere 3 months.  The gun was quickly brought into production to help change the tide of WWI.  Browning automatic rifle sales soared for use in the military.  A legend was born and this same basic machine gun design (with improvements over the years) was used in military action from the end of WWI all the way to the beginning of the Vietnam War!  The early M1918 rifle firing the .30-06 cartridge at a rate of fire of 330 rounds per minute had a distinctive roar that struck fear in the hearts of the enemy.  The military determined that one man properly trained in the use of the M1918 was equivalent to 5 men firing an M1 carbine.  The Browning M1918 was a formidable force to reckon with on the battlefield.     

Browning M1918

Browning M1918 .30-06 Automatic Rifle

The M1918 was not the first machine gun that John Browning developed.  In the late 1800's, Browning developed the M1895 along with Colt for use by the US military.  This Browning automatic rifle also saw service in other militaries around the world.  Another well known machine gun that John Browning designed was the M2 heavy machine gun chambered in the potent .50 BMG round.  The M2 was designed back in 1918 and it continues to see service to this very day in the US armed forces!  This is just a small sample of the gun designs from John Browning that have changed the course of history.  These days, Browning automatic rifle (BAR) sales continue to be strong with sportsmen and gun enthusiasts alike.  Although not fully automatic like the machine guns developed for the military, the modern semi-automatic sporting versions of the Browning Automatic Rifle BAR provide a powerful combination of reliable firepower for the sportsman.