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Browning Guns have been around for over 150 years

This history behind Browning firearms is quite interesting.  John Moses Browning was born in 1855 in Ogden, Utah.  At an early age, John Browning was involved in his father's gunsmith business.  After his father's death, John and his brother started their own small gun factory; however, they did not have the capital to begin large scale production.  In the early years of Browning firearms, John Browning designed guns for companies like Winchester, Remington, & Colt.  Firearms like the famous Colt 45 M1911 pistol were designed by John Browning.  This is probably the most popular pistol ever produced.  The US military alone purchased over 2.5 million of these pistols as a sidearm for US armed forces.


Colt M1911 .45 ACP

John Browning was truly a brilliant gun designer.  He enjoyed designing new firearms more than he did the day to day manufacturing concerns.  The partnership of Browning firearms along with other gun manufacturers allowed John to do what he did best... inventing and designing new firearms.  In fact, John Browning was so good at it, that he is responsible for designing and inventing more guns than any other single man in history. 

Browning Citori Shotgun

Browning Citori Shotguns

SHOTGUNS - Some of the most popular Browning guns are their shotguns.  Browning firearms like the Citori over/under shotgun and a variety of autoloader and pump shotguns give gun enthusiasts a wide variety to choose from.  In all, Browning offers over 300 different specs of shotguns alone!  We'll look at some of the different shotgun families that Browning offers.  The Maxus line of shotguns are gas operated autoloading shotguns designed to handle different loads from light target loads to powerful hunting loads.  The Maxus gas system design results in less felt recoil.  In addition to the reduced recoil, this also translates into less muzzle jump which in turn helps with more accurate follow up shots.  The next family of shotguns is the Browning A5 which utilizes a tried and true recoil operated semi-automatic action.  In fact, Browning is so confident with the A5 design that the guarantee if for 100,000 rounds or 5 years.  In the past, the A5 used to be called the Auto-5.  Next, the Citori line of shotguns are one of the most popular.  A blend of artistic elegance along with reliable performance makes the Citori a favorite of many.  Fit and finish are outstanding.  Hammer ejectors on the Citori positively ejects empty hulls while providing the right amount of force to raise the loaded shells for easy removal from the breech.  A top mounted selectable fire switch allows the shooter to choose which barrel to fire first.  The 725 Citori is a special version with a low profile receiver.  The Cynergy is another line of over/under shotguns with a low profile receiver.  The monolock hinge has a greater surface area than a typical break action shotgun hinge, and this helps to provide a secure breaking action and a solid fit.  The Cynergy features a reverse striker mechanical trigger, an Inflex recoil pad, and lengthened forcing cones in the barrel to help minimize shot distortion as the shotgun wad travels through the barrel and out the choke.  The Browning BPS is a quality pump shotgun with dual machined steel action bars.  The heavy duty receiver is machined from forged steel.  A bottom ejection port works well for both left and right handed shooters.  The top mounted safety also works well for left or right handed shooters.  Next, the Gold Light 10 is a 10 gauge gas operated semi-automatic shotgun with an active valve regulated action that works reliably regardless of the load.  The composite/polymer stock is lightweight and weather resistant.  The Silver is very similar to the Gold except that the Browning Silver is a 12 gauge version with a hardwood stock.  The BT99 is a single shot trap gun with the invector choke system, a chrome chamber for increased wear resistance, and a lengthened forcing cone for less shot deformation.  Finally, the A-Bolt is a bolt action shotgun specifically designed for shooting sabot type shotgun slugs.  The rifled barrel enables the A-Bolt can provide 1-1/2" or better groups at 100 yards, which means this is an accurate deer hunting shotgun.  With so many different models of Browning shotguns to choose from, hunters and sport shooters should have no problem finding a shotgun that meets their needs.


Browning Bolt Action Rifles

Browning Bolt Action Centerfire Rifles

CENTERFIRE RIFLES - In addition to shotguns, Browning firearms include a selection of different centerfire rifles.  Browning offers a large number of rifles in bolt action as well as their famous autoloading rifles.  John Browning was famous for his autoloader machine guns that have been used extensively in the military.  In fact, the Browning designed machine guns have been used by the US military for over 100 years!  You will still see the .50 cal BMG (Browning Machine Gun) used in the armed forces today.  As you might expect, the Browning sport semi-automatic rifles available today are also well designed and well built.  More about those later.  Now, jet's take a closer look at the different type of rifles offered by Browning.  The X-Bolt rifle comes with a crisp, clean trigger set to 3.5 lbs at the factory.  All critical trigger group surfaces are polished and the trigger pull is user adjustable from 3 - 5 lbs.  Browning's popular short 60 degree bolt action promotes fast cycling of the bolt and also helps prevent interference between the shooter's hand and the scope, since the bolt handle doesn't rotate up as much as some guns.  A detachable rotary magazine reliably feeds cartridges straight up into the chamber.  The scope mounts are secured to the receiver with 4 screws each.  That means that a total of 8 screws securely hold down both scope mounts on the X-Bolt rather than the 4 screws (2 per mount) found on most other rifles.  The front and rear of the action are bedded into the stock, and the barrel is free floating (doesn't contact the stock).  The recessed barrel crown helps to prevent damage to the rifling at the end of the barrel, while the precision formed crown improves accuracy of the exiting bullet.  In case you didn't know, the very end of the barrel is critical to the accuracy of a gun.  As a bullet leaves the barrel, the shape of the crown can influence how the exiting gases behind the bullet affect its flight path.  If the crown area at the end of the barrel is not symmetrical, then as the bullet leaves the end of the barrel, the exiting gases can cause the bullet to be knocked off course.  All that to say, the carefully formed and protected muzzle crown on the Browning X-Bolt helps to increase accuracy.  You'll find many of these same great X-bolt features on other Browning rifles as well.  The A-Bolt is a tried and true Browning rifle with an adjustable trigger pull from 3 - 5 lbs with the trigger set at 4 lbs from the factory.  The bolt has 3 lugs which securely lock the bolt in place to provide a strong and rigid foundation from which to fire the bullet.  You can even personalize your A-Bolt by special ordering your name engraved on the bolt.  The A-Bolt also has a precision made, free floating barrel.  The optional BOSS (Ballistic Optimizing Shooting System) allows the shooter to fine tune a barrel attachment which helps increase accuracy for the precise load that you are shooting.  This attachment is like a ported weight at the end of the barrel that can be screwed in or out and tunes the barrel to allow the bullet to exit the barrel when the barrel vibrations create the least disruption to the bullets flight.  Trying to tune the vibrations of the barrel might seem like an extreme effort to go to in the pursuit of a better rifle, but it can help improve the accuracy of a Browning BOSS equipped rifle.  The newer A-Bolt III has some updated features including a new bolt action design, new detachable box mag, new trigger, and a synthetic stock.  Next, the BAR is a popular semi-automatic hunting rifle made by Browning.  After reading this page, if you'd like to get more details about the BAR, then look for the link in the left hand column to see a page dedicated to these great BAR rifles.  Finally, the BLR (Browning Lever Action Rifle) is an innovative lever action rifle that has a strong but lightweight aluminum alloy receiver.  A multiple lug rotating bolt locks securely into the breech.  Rather than a conventional lever action rifle that requires flat nose ammunition to work properly, the cartridges in the BLR are stored in a detachable box magazine that that allows modern hunting bullets to be used.  The box magazine can hold 3 rounds of Magnum calibers or 4 rounds of standard caliber rifle loads.  The precision rack and pinion lever action mechanism provides smooth and reliable working of the gun action.  A beautiful American Walnut stock and forearm round out the BLR package.  The X-Bolt, A-Bolt, BAR, and BLR are all fine examples of Browning's commitment to designing and manufacturing high quality firearms for gun enthusiasts.                                   

Browning Rimfire Firearms

Browning Rimfire Rifles

RIMFIRE RIFLES - Browning is not only known for its larger caliber centerfire rifles, but they also have a long history of making quality .22 rimfire rifles as well.  One such popular rifle is the T-Bolt with its straight forward/back bolt action which not only allows quick cycling and firing but it also offers the accuracy advantage of a bolt action.  The receiver is machined from a block of solid steel.  A 10 round rotary magazine reliably feeds 22LR shells into the semi-match chamber.  To further enhance accuracy, a free floating barrel is finished off with a target muzzle crown.  Target/Varmint models of the T-Bolt come with a Monte Carlo style walnut stock and a heavy barrel.  For those interested in a lever action rifle, the BL-22 is a lever action 22 rifle that incorporates a smooth acting lever that requires only 33 degrees of movement to work the action.  A tubular magazine holds up to 15 rounds of 22LR and the the BL-22 can also handle Long and Short .22 ammo.  The unique BL-22 trigger actually moves with the whole lever assembly to help reduce the chance of pinched fingers.  That means as you the lever is moved, the entire trigger guard assembly (with the trigger) moves with the attached lever.  The shooter's finger never has to leave the trigger guard.  Not only does this mean that there is less chance of pinched fingers, but it can also mean quicker follow up shots.  If you are interested in even faster follow up shots, then you might be interested in a couple different semi-automatic .22 rifles that Browning offers.  The first is the SA-22 (also known as the Browning Semi-Auto 22).  The SA-22 is another one of John Browning's legendary gun designs with many unique features.  The SA-22 is a take down design which allows the rifle to be quickly taken apart into 2 sections for easier storage and transport.  This Browning rifle features a high quality checkered walnut stock and forearm, and if you choose there is optional deep engraving of the receiver with gold plating.  The 10 round tubular magazine is also unique in that it is fed through a ramp that is cut into the side of the wood stock.  This auto-loading rifle ejects empty shells out the bottom, so it is well suited for both left and right handed shooters.               

Browning Buck Mark Rifle

Browning Buckmark Rimfire Rifle

Another Browning autoloading rifle is the Buck Mark Rifle.  This unique rifle is based on the popular Buck Mark handgun and has the same blowback action.  In fact, the Buck Mark rifle is essentially a Buck Mark pistol with an extended barrel and the addition of a rear stock and a forend.  The frame and integrated rear stock support are machined from a single piece of 7075-T6 aluminum alloy.  This gives the Buckmark rifle a strong and lightweight framework on which to build the rest of the gun.  The detachable 10 shot magazines are interchangeable between the rifle and pistols.  Available in 3 different models including a gray target model with a laminate wood stock and heavy bull barrel, a Sporter model with conventional wood stock and rifle sights, and another target model with a bull barrel and a plain walnut stock.

Browning Buck Mark Handgun

Browning Buckmark Plus UDX Pistol

PISTOLS - The Buck Mark Pistol is offered in many different models.  At the time this is being written, there are 15 different versions of the popular Buck Mark handguns available.  Most of them come with a heavy bull barrel for increased accuracy.  Hand reamed chambers and recessed muzzle crowns add to the accuracy potential of these great pistols.  An adjustable rear sight has an extra fine 16 clicks per revolution adjustment dial.  This allows the shooters to fine tune their sights more precisely than most other guns with adjustable sights.  The frame on all models is machined from a solid billet of 7075 aluminum alloy.  A light, crisp trigger pull adds to the accuracy and shooting enjoyment of this great pistol.  A manual thumb safety is conveniently located in the trigger guard, and gun safety is further enhanced by a trigger disconnect mechanism when the magazine is removed.  This means that if the mag is removed and their is still one round in the chamber, then the gun can not accidently be fired in this condition.  The different versions come with different length barrels ranging from 4 inches to 7.25 inches.  Some models come with a blued steel barrel and slide, while some come in attractive and weather resistant stainless steel.  Grips on various models include the comfortable Ultra Grip rubber grips and a variety of different wood grips.  Most grips have finger contours which not only look good but also provide a secure surface to hold. 

If you are interested in a 1911 style rimfire pistol, then the 1911-22 is another quality made Browning firearm.  Based on the legendary 1911 developed by the John Browning, the 1911-22 is a scaled down version that is around 85% of the original size of the 45 ACP 1911.  Available in two models (A1 & Compact), these semi-automatic handguns make great training sidearms that fire the economical 22 LR round.  Built to the high quality standards that people expect from Browning, this scaled down 1911 is true to John Browning's legacy of excellence.  Sure, you can find 1911 style .22 pistols for a lower price (some are less than 1/2 the price of the Browning), but you will not get anywhere near the reliability, outstanding fit and finish, and overall excellence of the 1911-22.  The frame is machined from aircraft grade aluminum and the slide is also machined from aluminum.  Serrations on the back of the slide make it easy to grip and work the slide back and forth.  The barrel is precisely made from stainless steel.  A 10 round magazine reliably feeds the 22 rounds into the action.  The Browning 1911-22 uses a blowback style action.  The difference between the two versions is just the length.  The A1 version has a 4-1/4" barrel and 7-1/16" overall length.  The Compact version has a 3-5/8" barrel with an overall length of 6-1/2".  Everything from the function to the take down (disassembly) of the 1911-12 is very similar to its full sized .45 caliber counterpart.

Browning Hi-Power

Browning Hi-Power Pistol 

The final pistol we'll look at is the famous Browning Hi-Power handgun.  Now available in both 9mm and 40 S&W, the Hi-Power was originally designed by John Browning in the 1920's shortly before his death.  When it was first developed, the Hi-Power was unique in that it offered nearly double the magazine capacity as a 1911, hence the name "Hi-Power".  Because the patents and rights for the M1911 where sold to Colt, John Browning had to come up with an entirely different pistol design.  Due to his death, John never completely finished the design.  Several years later the design was completed by Belgian gun manufacturer FN and brought into production in 1935.  The frame and slide are machined from solid steel.  Sure, you can find lighters pistols, but you will be hard pressed to find a more durable and finely made handgun.  The Hi-Power is one of the most widely used service pistols in history being used by law enforcement and military in more than 50 countries.                               

In conclusion, with well over 100 gun patents to his name, John Browning stands as the most prolific gun designer in history.  No other man has contributed so much to the invention of new firearms designs.  John Browning was an extraordinary gun creator whose designs have stood the test of time.  In fact, many of the basic designs that John came up with over 100 years ago are still being used in modern firearms today.  Today, Browning offers over 600 different variations and specs of shotguns, rifles, and pistols.  The legacy of John Browning firearms lives on!