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Can Am Spyder Motorcycles Offer an Exciting Ride

What is a popular three wheeled motorcycle-like vehicle, but it's not the traditional style trike?  It is the Can Am Spyder and it offers the thrill of a 2 wheeled bike, but with the stability of a 3 wheeled trike.  For those wanting the open air experience of a motorcycle but not wanting some of the limitations and risks of a conventional 2 wheel motorcycle, then the Spyder can offer an exciting alternative.  Equipped with a 5 speed pushbutton semi-automatic transmission, mated to a belt drive, the power of the Rotax V990 is more than ample to propel the Spyder to impressive performance levels.  The added convenience of having reverse can also come in very handy.  With OVER 100 HP on tap, good stopping ability is also very important.  A powerful braking system along with ABS helps to bring the Spyder to a safe stop.  A carefully designed and tuned suspension helps to give outstanding handling abilities.  The Can Am Spyder takes many of the fun aspects of motorcycling and combines them with the stability and excitement of a high performance sports cars.  This is definitely not just your typical commuter vehicle and it's sure to turn some heads wherever it goes!   

Can Am Spyder Motorcycle

Can-Am Spyder Specifications

Dry Vehicle Weight:  697 pounds (316 kilograms)

Overall Length:  105 inches (2,667 millimeters)

Overall Width:  59.3 inches (1,506 millimeter)

Wheelbase:  68 inches (1,727 millimeters)

Front Wheel Track:  51.5 inches (1,308 millimeters)

Front Tires:  Automobile type 165/65R14

Rear Tire:  Automobile type 225/50R15

Engine:  Rotax EFI 990 V-Twin (999 cc)

Max Power:  106 HP (79 kW) @ 8,500 rpm

Max Torque:  77 FT*LBS (104.3 Nm) @ 6,250 rpm

Can Am Rotax Engine

Can Am Spyder Rotax V990 Engine

With an impressive set of specifications, the Can-Am Spyder motorcycle offers the rider with a host of features that make the Spyder both fun and comfortable.  In addition, a variety of high tech features help increase the safety of this three wheeled machine.  A vehicle stability system, anti-lock braking, traction control, and dynamic power steering all help to make this innovative machine safer and more predictable.  Some die hard motorcycle enthusiasts might still prefer 2 wheel bikes, but for those looking for the thrill of open air riding without some of the risks and limitations of conventional motorcycles, the three wheel Can Am Spyder motorcycle might be very appealing.

UPDATE:  Can-Am continues to refine and update their innovative 3 wheel Spyder roadster.  Can Am has created 2 different series of Spyder Roadster.  There is the RS series which is geared more towards sport riding, and there is also now an RT series which is geared more towards touring.  When comparing the two series, the RS sport is around 200 lbs lighter than the RT touring models.  The RS weighs in at 799 lbs and the RT at 929 lbs.  As you can imagine, this additional weight is from the additional features on the RT models which make it better suited for long range touring.   Features such as a larger windshield, adjustable passenger floorboards, passenger armrests, more comfortable seating, electronic cruise control, heated grips, and additional storage all make the RT better suited to the long range touring for which it was designed.  In addition to the exterior features, the touring models also come with a differently tuned engine.  The Spyder RT & RS both use the same Rotax engine design, but the engine has been tweaked for the RS and RT series.  The Spyder RT engine is rated at 100 HP @ 7,500 RPM (versus 106 HP @ 8,500 RPM for the sportier RS).  The RT engine has a  torque rating of 80 ft-lbs @ 5000 RPM (versus 77 ft-lbs @ 6250 RPM on the RS).  If you look closely at these numbers, you can see what Can-Am was doing.  They were shifting the powerband down lower on the Touring model to give more useable horsepower and torque at lower engine RPMs.  This makes sense especially given the additional weight of the Spyder RT.  On the other hand, the RS Sport generates more power at higher RPMs for the sportier driving style for which it is intended.  Now, in reality, either one of these machines is going to be fun and sporty to ride, but Can-Am is just fine tuning each one to emphasize more of the focus of each model.  Another small note, the touring RT engine comes with a more powerful 650W alternator (compared to 500W on the sport RS).  

Spyder RSSpyder RT

Can-Am Spyder RS (Sport) & Can-Am Spyder RT (Touring)

In addition to the RS and RT series, there are also the -S models which are available in both series.  In other words, there are also Can-Am Spyder RS-S and RT-S models.  These -S models come with additional features such as better quality shocks and additional styling features on the bodywork as well as different wheels.  In other words, the RS-S and RT-S are the top of the line models offering even more options.  Depending on the specific model, you can choose between a 5 speed semi-automatic transmission or a 5 speed manual transmission.  Well, by now you are either really confused by all these different models of the Spyder, or you are amazed at all the different options available for the person looking to buy an exciting Can Am Spyder motorcycle.  Whichever model or options you choose, there is one thing that is not optional on the Can-Am Spyders, and that is LOTS OF FUN!  Fun comes as standard equipment on ALL models!