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Are you looking for a Car Bill of Sale in printable form?

If you've ever purchased or sold a used car, then you know that you will need a bill of sale.  When the new owner goes into the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office to transfer the title, the DMV agent will likely ask for a Bill of Sale.  Keep in mind that each and every state might have slightly different requirements when transferring the title and licensing a vehicle.  Below is a sample of a car bill of sale in printable form.          


Car Bill of Sale Printable

There are a few things to keep in mind when filling out a bill of sale.  First of all, as has been hinted at above, every state's DMV might have a little different requirements for transferring a title and licensing a vehicle.  It is in your best interest to call the specific DMV office in your area and ask them exactly what they require in order to transfer title and license a used car purchase.  Make sure you do this BEFORE you actually buy/sell the vehicle.  That way, you will know if the above sample car bill of sale printable has all the information that your local DMV office will want.  By doing a little homework ahead of time, then you may save yourself the time and hassles of making another trip to the DMV.  If you are the seller of a used vehicle, then it would also be to your benefit to call your local DMV office and find out what information they require on the Bill of Sale and any other paperwork that needs to be given to the Buyer.  Again, a little preparatory time can save you a lot of hassles later.

A little more information about bill of sales.  Keep in mind that over the years many people have tried to falsely enter a lower sale price with the intention of saving money on the sales tax that they will have to pay the state.  Many local DMV offices now utilize a Fair Market Value database which will alert them if your claimed sales price is much lower than the current fair market value of the vehicle.  If you really did get a great deal on a used car and you bought it for an unusually low price (perhaps it has some damage or very high mileage), then just be prepared that the DMV agent may require you to provide written documentation showing WHY the particular used car you bought sold for so much less than fair market value.  The required documentation might include a written estimate from an auto mechanic or body shop showing the repair cost to bring the car up to normal condition again.  It's not like you actually need to get the car fixed, but you may need to get a written estimate somewhere.  Because so many people have tried to cheat the state on the sales tax, then the states have been forced to try to come up with this way to try to keep people honest.  If you claim a low sales price and have no documentation to back it up (as to why it's worth so much less), then you may be charged sales tax on a minimum Fair Market Value that the DMV decides is fair.  So, if you really did get a great deal, then be prepared to back it up with additional documentation. 

One more important tip: As a buyer, make sure you get the title!  That is a big one.  If you buy a used car from someone that doesn't have a title, then you might be setting yourself up for some real trouble.  Sure, the seller might have a legitimate story... "The title was lost in the fire that burned my Aunt Mildred's house to the ground."  Might be true, but it might be false.  Without a title, it's possible that you are buying a stolen car.  In the end, you might end up with no car and no money.  So, make sure that you get the car's title before finalizing the deal.

The above car bill of sale printable form is given as a sample.  Just remember to double check with your local DMV to make sure it will work for you, because each state can differ in how they handle used car sales.