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Car Accident in Front of our Property

One Sunday evening while I was glancing out the window, I noticed something unusual in the ditch in front of one of our fields.  At first, I thought maybe it was a cow standing in the ditch.  Then as I looked closer, I noticed that there appeared to be wheel sticking up in the air.  That didn't make any sense!  Now, our house is set back away from the road quite a bit, so it was hard to see clearly.  Then as I squinted to see better, I realized that it was a car flipped upside down in the ditch.  The next things I noticed was that there was a group of people staggering on the road.  Some of them were falling down, while others of them were trying to help get them back on their feet.  My first reaction was, "They're hurt and I need to go see if they need help!"  I jumped in the van and quickly drove down to the scene.  Before I actually got there, a Suburban pulled up and the injured people were piling in the back as fast as they could.  When the driver of the Suburban saw me coming, he quickly took off driving while one of the guys was still part way hanging out the back of the Suburban.  They quickly disappeared down the road.  I was a bit puzzled by all this.  The wrecked car was flipped upside down in our ditch.  The windshield wipers were going, headlights on, broken glass, air bags deployed, and blood smeared on the car.  It was pretty obvious what happened by looking at the skid marks on the gravel road.  They were probably driving way too fast and began to lose control on the gravel.  They overreacted and stomped on the brakes and skidded off the road and into the ditch.  They rammed into the side of the ditch and the car pole vaulted and landed on it's top.

Car Crash - Accident by our Property 

Car Crash in Front of Our Alfalfa Field

Later as I thought about what had happened, it became clear to me that the people were probably not staggering in the road because they were injured (although some were probably injured as evidenced by the blood).  Most likely, they were staggering and falling down because they were drunk.  Somehow, their friends in the Suburban must have been driving a short distance behind them,  and they made sure that no one was at the scene of the accident when someone else showed up.  I called 911 and about 1 hour later, a police officer finally showed up.  The police were in no big hurry!  Then a big flatbed tow truck arrived.  They used a winch to flip the car back over and pull it out of the ditch and onto the flatbed.  After they were gone, the only evidence left of the car crash was the skid marks on the gravel road, a pile of dirt on the edge of my field where the car impacted, fragments of broken glass, and some miscellaneous debris.  The next day, my wife and kids found some papers that had blown farther down in the ditch.  They were police documents that came out of the wrecked car.  Apparently, some of the occupants were already in trouble with the law, and they were trying to escape the scene of the car crash because they didn't want to get into more trouble.  The people that I saw staggering were Hispanic.  I later heard from someone that in Mexico if people can flee the scene of the accident before authorities show up, then they can not be held responsible if it can not be proven that they were at the scene.  I'm not sure if this is really the case in Mexico our not.  That's just what I was told.  In any case, I don't know what ever happened with the people involved in this car crash.  Some of them definitely sustained injuries of some sort.  I wanted to try to help them, but they were in a big hurry to escape the scene.  Nevertheless, it was another memorable moment while living out here in the country.

UPDATE:  We recently had another car wreck in front of our property.  One morning, I was going out to change irrigation water on the farm, and in the distance I noticed something unusual at our front gate.  As I got closer, I noticed that it was a steel post that was leaning up against our gate.  When I got down by the road, I could clearly see what happened.  The skid marks on the gravel clearly showed what happened.  Someone was driving too fast and they went off the road and into the ditch in front of our property. They smashed into the drainage pipe that goes under our driveway and crashed through a steel pipe sending it flying against our gate.  There were pieces of plastic and debris from the smashed front of the car.  Part of the radiator fan grille was laying on the ground along with other broken pieces of the bumper.  There was also a wet spot of engine coolant at the entrance of our driveway, which proved that the car's radiator was damaged.  The front of the car must have been smashed up pretty badly, but somehow they managed to get out of there.  I never saw the car involved in the wreck.  It all happened in the middle of the night, and by morning there was nothing left except the debris left behind.  Ironically, as I was working on fixing our damaged gate, another reckless driver came roaring by on the gravel road going probably 75 mph.  Crazy drivers!