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Carter Offers a Wide Variety of Go Carts

Carter Brothers is a manufacturer that has been building go carts in the United States for many years.  Carter machines have the reputation of being well built and designed, and Carter is also known for their good customer support.  While other go cart companies have come and gone, Carter has stood the test of time and they continue to offer a wide variety of models to cater to the needs of many different people.  Carter go carts are available in models such as the Bandit (shown below) which are intended for young kids.  The Bandit has many safety features including the ability for the parent to set the maximum speed.  Even at top speed, a Bandit will only go around 8 miles per hour and this can be adjusted for slower speeds as well.  The Bandit is one of the models that is appropriate for the younger child driver.

Carter Go Carts for Young Kids

Carter Bandit for Younger Riders

In addition to models for young children, there are other models of Carter go carts that are well suited to intermediate aged children.  Some of these models include the Lightning SX & LX models and also the 2906's are models that can work for older children and young teens.  For older teens and adults, there are several other go carts that can be selected.  The 2910 models (there are different variations) can be  a good choice for older teens and also adults.  The 2910's come with 10HP engines and some have electric start as an option.  These are well built machines.  The 2911 model comes with a 11HP engine. 

Carter Go Karts for Teens and Adults

Carter 2910-TH Camo for Teens and Adults

In addition to the 2910 and 2911 series of go carts, there is also the Carter Talon series which offers some good choices for older teens and adults.  Most of the bigger Talon karts have a fully automatic CVT transmission, reverse gear, advanced full suspension, a motorcycle type engine (150cc and 250cc), and a lot of comfortable features.  These go carts were manufactured by TJ Powersports and made to the specifications of Carter Brothers.  If you look at a on of the Carter Talon go carts, you can see the strong similarities to the Twister Hammerheads which are also made by the same manufacturer.

Carter Talon Gocarts

Carter Talon for Teens & Adults

Carter go carts are known to be well designed and well built, feature the latest safety features, and offers a wide selection of models from which to choose.  So, if you are looking for a model for a young child, an older child or teen, or even for an adult, then Carter Brothers offers many good options to consider.

UPDATE:  Carter Brothers has made some changes to their go kart line up, and the changes have been for the better.  Carter go carts now include the Eclipse series which are powered by a 6.5 HP engine.  The entry level Eclipse comes with a centrifugal clutch drive system and has a top speed of around 24 mph.  The Eclipse II comes with the same electric start 6.5HP engine, but it is coupled to a torque converter system which is similar to a belt drive CVT like found on snowmobiles.  This Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) helps to keep the engine in it's powerband and offers better performance under varying riding conditions.  The Carter Eclipse II has a top speed of around 28 mph.  Then Carter has the Revo series powered by a high performance SYM 150cc engine coupled with a CVT.  The Carter Revo can go up to 40mph.  Finally, the top of the line Carter go carts are the Carter GTR 250.  This sophisticated off road kart comes with a SYM 250 engine with integral CVT and some advanced features.  A top speed of up to 46 mph with stock gearing, and up to 56 mph with an optional sprocket is possible with the GTR. 

Eclipse CartCarter 250cc KartCarter Revo Kart

As you can see, Carter go carts are no longer the kid's yard carts that they used to be.  Sure, Carter still offers a great selection of simpler yard carts for younger drivers, but they are expanding their line up to include some more sophisticated models of off road karts that are suited for older drivers.  Even adults can have a blast in some of these larger, high performance Carter go carts!