Carter Interceptor GTR250


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Carter Brothers XRV Interceptor GTR 250

Carter Brothers is trying to release new products that will go above and beyond the competition.  The Interceptor GTR250 is an exciting machine packed with many great features.  This machine comes with a powerful 250cc SYM engine rated at 20 HP.  This 4 stroke, 4 valve liquid cooled engine is built to last with a hi-tech ceramic electroplated cylinder wall.  Carter is going to offer a 2 year warranty on the SYM engine.  This is outstanding compared to the measly 30 day warranty offered by some of the competition!  The Carter Interceptor GTR 250 comes with great features like lightweight polished aluminum wheels and larger tires that give this buggy better ground clearance and sure footing on rough terrain.  Fully independent suspension both front and rear also help soak up the bumps.  The 4 wheel hydraulic disc brakes help slow down the Interceptor, while a speedometer on the dash helps you keep track of your speed.  There's also a tachometer and odometer.

Carter Interceptor GTR250 

The SYM engine comes with an integral CVT automatic transmission that does the shifting for you and more effectively transmits the power to the rear wheels.  Some additional features of the Carter Interceptor XRV GTR250 go kart include strong ductile iron rear wheel hubs with quality sealed bearings.  A large 4 gallon gas tank helps you go farther before needing to refuel.  Fully enclosed side panels and a front hood help shield you and your passenger from dirt and debris.  A 2" trailer ball is also included for towing small trailers for both work or play.

Rear View  XRV GTR 250

Carter XRV GTR 250 dimensional specs: 

Front track width: 57"

Rear track width: 60"

Overall Width: 62" 

Wheelbase: 68"

Overall length: 90"

Height: 63" 

Dry Weight: 650lbs 

Ground clearance: 8"

Front suspension travel: 6"

Rear suspension travel: 8"

The Carter GTR250 comes with large 23x8-10 tires up front and 25x10-12 all terrain tires out back.  Top speed on the GTR250 with stock gearing is a respectable 46 mph.  For those willing to give up some low engine power in exchange for more top speed, an optional drive sprocket is available that boosts overall gearing and top speed to 56 mph.  Keep in mind that changing the gearing for more top speed means that you will lose some of the low end acceleration and hill climbing ability.  For the person that rides on wide open trails and mostly flat terrain, the gearing change can be a welcome modification to allow the GTR to reach higher speeds.  If you plan to do a lot of hill climbing or riding on tight twisty trails with your GTR 250, then you might be better off sacrificing a little top end speed in exchange for more low end grunt, acceleration, and climbing ability.  The Carter GTR250 go kart is a great machine that offers many advanced features in a fun off road kart.  Carter Brothers quality, innovation, and customer support also makes this another great option for the person that is shopping for a fun off road go kart that comes with many outstanding features including an advanced engine design with 2 year warranty.