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Cen Genesis 46 MONSTER Truck

The Cen Genesis is a radical RC monster truck with a BIG .46 nitro engine that Cen rates at a whopping 5.0 HP!  The BIG .46 engine is just one of the many radical features that makes this a unique truck.  Other features like TEN coil over shocks with functioning reservoirs, 3 speed transmission, vented 4 disc brake system, and massive 7.5 inch tires makes the Cen Genesis a unique and radical RC truck!  The big (really BIG) block .46 powered Cen Genesis coupled to the 3 speed transmission help get this massive truck moving fast.  Look below for more details on this exciting truck. 

Cen Genesis 46 in Action

Cen Genesis Tearing it Up


Genesis 46 Catching Air!

Cen Genesis In Flight

Cen Genesis Features

Comes RTR with finished body and radio system installed.

Radio system has electrical failsafe to make this big truck safer.

Massive .46 cu in (7.7 cc) nitro engine rated at 5.0 HP @ 23,000 RPM.

Long travel suspension with up to 5.0 inches of wheel travel.

Unique 10 shock absorber system with functional reservoirs.

Power is transmitted through a strong shaft drive system.

Such a big truck requires BIG BRAKES: 4 disc brake sytem.

Unique 3 speed automatic transmission with adjustable shift points.

Limited slip differentials throughout (front, center, and rear).

Twin vertical chassis plates gives backbone to the Cen Genesis. 

Running Gear

This is a radical truck that offers people another choice to battle in the monster truck wars.  Many unique features have been designed into this truck that helps set it apart from other RC trucks.  If you want a BIG truck with a BIG engine and many unique features, then the Cen Genesis may be just the right RC truck for you!

Cen Genesis 46 Replaced by Cen Nemesis 7.7 and GST 7.7

The Cen Genesis 46 rc monster truck has been superseded by the Cen Nemesis 7.7 and GST (Genesis Super Truck) 7.7 monster trucks.  All these trucks share the same engine.  It is a .46 cu.in. or 7.7cc engine.  In the Genesis, the 46 emphasized the .46 cu in engine displacement.  In the Nemesis and GST, the 7.7 emphasizes the 7.7 cc engine size.  Don't be confused by the numbers.  It's the same engine.  The 7.7 engine is based more on a helicopter or aircraft design.  As a result, the engine is tuned more for low RPM power.  When the term "low RPM" is used, understand that this is just a relative term.  The 23,000 RPM rating of the Cen 7.7 engine is still astronomical compared to the RPM of most engines used in the world.  However, in terms of RC truck engines, 23,000 RPM is not extremely high.  By comparison, the small 2.5 cc and 3.3 cc engines used by Traxxas can scream up to speeds approaching 50,000 RPM!  Now, that's on the extreme high end of nitro engines.  A typical RC monster truck engine will spin up into the 30,000 - 40,000 RPM range. 


Cen Nemesis 7.7                                Cen GST 7.7

Cen rates their 7.7 engine at 5 HP.  That's enough to push these big, heavy (14 lbs) monster trucks up to speeds of over 40mph!  The Nemesis comes with a 2 speed transmission, and the GST comes equipped with a 3 speed tranny.  Some other differences between these 2 trucks are that the Nemesis comes with a FM digital radio system.   The Cen GST comes with a nicer 2.4 GHz radio system.  Both have 8 piggy back reservoir shocks.  Both have heavy duty differentials with aluminum cases and tough metal internal gears.  Of course, there are many more similarities between these 2 trucks than there are differences.  Regardless of which model you choose, you are getting a BIG truck with a BIG engine and BIG fun!