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All Terrain Vehicles Made in China

Are you looking for an inexpensive ATV?  As the market for Chinese motorcycles has grown, along with it has come the ATV market.  Some people are looking for Roketa ATVs for sale.  Roketa is one particular brand of Chinese made ATV's.  There are other brands too, and many factories produce these machines in China.  There are now many different models ranging from 50cc kid's models up to 250cc (and BIGGER) adult machines available to purchase.  These seem to be popping up all over the place, and they can offer a lot of machine for a relatively small amount of money.  Just make sure that you choose carefully!  Keep in mind that there is truth to the idea that you get what you pay for.  Similar to Chinese motorcycles, it is important to do some research to try to determine which Chinese factory produced the ATV you are considering.  Make sure that you also explore the parts supply, so that you can be better assured that you will be able to repair your ATV in the future.  There seems to be a lot of places that have Chinese ATVs for sale.  Regardless of whatever brand of Chinese ATV you are considering, just make sure that the dealer you are working with actually has parts available.

90cc Chinese ATV

90cc Chinese ATV

Some places claim to have parts, but the reality is that many of them do NOT actually have them in stock.  If they can get them, then it will often be weeks or MONTHS before you will actually get them... IF you ever get them.  Keep this in mind while searching for any Chinese ATV.  Keep that in mind for any Chinese vehicle!  It's no good having a machine that is 99% complete, but have 1 small part prevent you from being able to ride.  Just make sure (very sure) that you can get parts!  Try to figure out a way to verify the dealer's parts availability more than just asking them: "Do you have parts?".  Anyone can say "Yes, we have parts" just to try to make a sale, but if you find out later that they don't have parts, then you may find out that you wasted a lot of money on a machine that you can not keep running.

Chinese 250cc ATV

250cc Chinese ATV

Some of these ATVs are powered by small 2 stroke engines (like 50cc) with automatic CVT transmissions.  Typically the small Chinese ATV have the 2 stroke engines and CVT transmission.  As you go bigger in size and engine displacement, then the bigger Chinese ATV can come with 150cc, 200cc, 250cc, and larger 4 stroke engines.  Many are rear wheel drive.  Some of these have manual shift, manual clutch, multi-speed transmissions and there are even some 250cc twin cylinder powered machines.  These engines can be air cooled, forced (fan) air cooled, or water cooled.  Almost all of the engines found in these machines are clones of Japanese engines (which can be a good thing), so the basic engine designs can be very good.  As long as the Chinese factory that manufactures these engine have good quality standards, and they use good materials and proper manufacturing processes, then these engines can have the potential to serve well for many years if they are properly maintained.

Larger Chinese ATVs

400cc Chinese ATV

It is possible to buy one of these machines at a fraction of the price of a comparable Japanese machine.  The Chinese ATV may not be as refined in all areas and may not have the same level of quality, but they can offer a tremendous bang for your buck in terms of features for the money IF you make a good choice.  If you choose a lemon, then you will likely have lots of trouble and end up with a worthless piece of junk sitting around cluttering your garage or shed.  If you don't plan to run your machine a lot, then the difference in quality may not be that important and you might be able to get away with an inexpensive Chinese ATV.  However, if you are planning to work with your machine every day and rack up a lot of hours, then you want to make extra sure that you are buying a good quality machine.  In that case, you would probably be well advised to purchase a good quality, name brand ATV such as Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, or Polaris.  If you decide that you don't need a high quality machine and you are in the market for Roketa ATVs for sale or other Chinese brands, then be sure to buy one from a reputable dealer.  Check out their parts supply chain.  Do your homework up front and then make a choice that will offer you the best deal for your hard earned money.  Thankfully, you can get a lot of machine for your money.  Just be careful.  Make sure they really do have parts available, and try to find other people that bought the particular Chinese ATV brand you are considering, and see what their experience has been.  Remember, if funds are limited, you can always buy a relatively inexpensive used name brand ATV and still get yourself a quality ATV.  Even if it will need some repairs, at least you know that you can get parts for it and keep it going.  Below is a video made by someone that has some real world experience with Chinese ATV and he has some helpful insights to share with others.  If you are thinking about buying an ATV made in China, then it is recommended that you watch this video.