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Guns from Colt are Known for Their Quality and Reliability

Colt firearms have a rich history behind them, and it all started with an idea from a man by the name of Sam Colt.  It has been said that Sam Colt's invention changed the course of history.  Early in the 1800's, Sam Colt conceived the idea of a firearm that allowed multiple shots without having to reload.  Up to that time, most guns were limited to 1 or 2 shots before reloading.  A single barrel muzzleloader would give 1 shot, and a double barrel would be good for 2 shots.  Sam came up with the idea to use a revolving cylinder that could hold 5 or 6 shots, and the idea was patented by Sam Colt in 1836.  Since that time, more than 30 MILLION Colt firearms have been produced!

Colt Python    

Colt Python Revolver

Since Sam Colt patented his first revolver over 175 years ago, it would make sense that Colt would know how to make a good revolver!  The Colt Python revolvers were well known to be some of the nicest revolvers around.  In fact, some would say that they were the finest revolvers ever made.  Notice the word "were".  Unfortunately, Colt no longer produces this fine revolver.  The Colt Python was known to be very precisely made.  For example, while most revolvers had a certain amount of slop in the cylinder as it rotated from cartridge to cartridge, the Colts were known to be very precisely made in the mechanism that rotated the cylinder.  In addition, most revolvers have a larger than ideal gap between the cylinder and the forcing cone at then entrance of the barrel.  This results in gases escaping and reduced velocity of the bullet.  The Colt Pythons have a very tight fit between the cylinder and barrel, which contributed to greater velocity and accuracy of the bullet exiting the barrel.  As you would expect from Colt firearms, the fit and finish on the Python is outstanding. 

Colt Pistols

Colt Semi-Automatic Pistol

From the early history that began with revolvers, Colt guns have evolved into more advanced weapons.  Many different revolvers, pistols, and autoloader rifles have been produced.  Handguns like the Colt 45 pistol are legendary.  Colt teamed up with firearm mastermind John Browning to produce this legendary gun.  First accepted by the Unites States military in 1911, nearly 3 million Colt 45 pistols (M1911 & M1911A1) have been produced.  Used extensively by military, police, and special forces up until recent time, the same basic design has stood the test of time.  Even today, certain groups within law enforcement and the armed forces still favor the 1911 pistol.  There are numerous other gun manufacturers which still produce copies of this handgun.  Colt still produces pistols today (like the M1991) which use many of the same basic design features as the first M1911 pistols that was developed over 100 years ago!  There are a lot of different models of Colt handguns, and we'll look at some of the different versions here.  As already mentioned, the Colt 1991 series is a direct descendant of the legendary 1911 pistol with some minor updates to make it an even better firearm.  The 1991 pistol has been updated with white dot sights and a lower ejection port to help improve reliability.  The Defender series is a compact pistol offered in .45 and 9mm and designed for concealed carry.  The New Agent is another compact concealed carry pistol offered in 9mm and 45.  The New Agent has an aluminum alloy frame and carbon steel slide. 

Next, the Colt XSE is a .45 pistol built with a heavy duty forged steel frame, forged steel slide, and a forged stainless steel barrel.  A set of beautiful Rosewood grips finish out the attractive and effective XSE.  The Rail Gun is very similar to the 1991 model except that it comes with an integral rail for mounting a tactical light or a laser.  The Colt Combat Elite is a quality 45 pistol with a match barrel.  The Delta Elite is a powerful 10mm version that offers additional firepower.  The Series 70 is an accurate reproduction of the Colt Government model manufactured prior to World War II.  The Colt Gold Cup series is a competitive 1911 style pistol with an adjustable wide trigger.  It also has a national match barrel, adjustable target sights, and wrap around rubber grips.  The Colt Special Combat Government is available in .45 or .38 Super.  It comes with either adjustable Bomar sights or Novak night sights.  The ejection port is lowered and flared for more reliable operation.  Finally, there is the Colt 380 Mustang Pocketlite.  This high quality, lightweight pistol is ideal for concealed carry.  Weighing in at only 12.5 ounces, this 380 is only 5.5 inches long with a 2.75 inch barrel.  Not only is this pistol compact and light, but it is also very strong.  The frame is machined from a solid block of aluminum alloy, and the slide and barrel are machined from solid pieces of stainless steel.  This results in a very strong and precisely made pistol.  Colt not only makes some excellent semi-auto pistols, but it also has a long history of making revolvers.

Colt Revolver

Colt New Frontier Revolver

Colt is well known for its quality revolvers, and the Colt Python is an excellent example of an outstanding revolver.  Even though the Python has been out of production for years, Colt manufactures some beautiful reproductions of older single action pistols.  The Colt Single Action Army revolver is based on the 1873 pistol design that helped win the West.  True to the original design, this revolver comes with a fixed blade front sight with a fixed rear U-notch.  Offered in .357 Magnum, .45 Colt, and other calibers through the Colt Custom Shop, the Colt Army revolver can be had with a 4-3/4", 5-1/2", and 7-1/2" barrel lengths.  Next, the Colt New Frontier single action revolver comes with an adjustable rear sight, a blued cylinder and barrel, and a case hardened frame.  The New Frontier is offered in the same 3 barrel lengths as the Army revolver, and it comes chambered for the .44 Special or .45 Colt round.                                           

Colt Tactical Rifle

Colt AR-15 Style Carbine

In addition to handguns, Colt also produces a variety of rifles with a tactical focus.  Legendary rifles like the AR-15 and M16 (introduced in 1963) have established Colt as a premier tactical rifle manufacturer.  Now, Colt manufactures fully automatic tactical rifles for military and special forces applications, as well as commercial semi-automatic models for private recreational use.  They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  If that's the case, then that speaks volumes about the AR15, since it is being copied and manufactured by many different companies.  Chambered for the NATO 5.56 x 45 round, the AR15/M16 have a long history of use in the United States.  The preferred long gun of US military forces, the civilian version of the AR15 is popular because of its modest recoil, long range capabilities, good accuracy, and readily available ammunition.  As you can see from the brief summary on this page, Colt continues to carry on the tradition of innovation, quality, and reliability that have made Colt firearms such a big part of gun history for over 160 years!