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High Quality Dazon Go Karts

Team Dazon is a manufacturer and distributor of high quality off road go karts.  They are becoming well known in the powersports world as designing and building high quality machines.  One way that Dazon is able to ensure this high quality is that they build their karts in their own factories and they are supposed to even build their own engines.  This helps them to closely control the manufacturing and assembly processes that affect final product quality.  A lot of other karts coming out of China might look similar, but the quality and workmanship can really be lacking, so be careful about how you spend your hard earned money. 

Dazon Classic 150 2 Seater Go Kart

Dazon Raider Classic Double 150

Team Dazon offers several different models of off road go karts.  There is the Dazon Raider Max 250 model which comes with a 250 cc liquid cooled engine.  There is the Dazon Raider Max 175 which comes with a 175cc liquid cooled engine.  Another model is the Dazon Raider Classic 150 which has a forced air cooled 150 cc engine based on the GY6 engine - which is the same basic design as found on the Twister Hammerhead 150 and other off road go karts.  In addition, there is a Dazon Raider Mini with a 90 cc air cooled engine.  Most of these go karts come in single and double seat versions.  There are many good choices available for the consumer. 

Dazon Go Karts Action Photo

Raider Max 175 in Action

The larger 150, 175, and 250 machines come with: large ATV tires, reverse gear, electric start, automatic CVT transmissions, full suspension with shocks, hydraulic disc brakes, padded seats, rack and pinion steering, and many other nice features.  The Dazon go karts offer a lot of fun and excitement in a reliable package that offers safety features not found on conventional ATV's.

Dazon Raider 1100

Team Dazon Raider Xtreme 1100

UPDATE:  Unfortunately, Team Dazon has been out of business in the US for a number of years now.  That's too bad, because they had some well designed machines there were really well built.  It may still be possible to find a Dazon off road go kart used somewhere on Craigslist or eBay.  These days, probably the closest thing to a Dazon kart in terms of quality and workmanship for buggies of this size would be the TJ Powersports karts.  The Twister Hammerhead line of karts are also well built machines.  Dazon was one of the first to put a 150 cc fan cooled GY6 style engine in an off road kart.  They later pioneered by putting in a 175 cc water cooled engine in their kart, but apparently there were some reliability issues with this new engine related to the cooling system.  The 250 cc liquid cooled model were nice machines.  There was also a 450 cc model known as the Sidewinder 450 which had a really nice Subaru engine that cranked out 40 HP.  On the small end, Dazon had a mini 90 cc powered kid's kart.  On the top end, Dazon had a large 1100 cc powered model known as the Raider Xtreme 1100, which had a small car engine in it and some very impressive features.  As has been stated, it is too bad that Team Dazon went out of business, because they had a lot of great models of off road karts to offer and were well known for their quality and innovation.