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The Number of Online Firearm Dealers Has Increased Over the Years

One of the benefits of firearm dealers online is they make a large selection of guns available for purchase.  In addition, you can often get better pricing if you shop around for a firearm online.  There are a few things that you need to understand before proceeding.  If you have purchased guns online before, then you should already know these things.  However, if you have never purchased a gun over the internet, then this article will give you some information to help you better understand what to expect.  First of all, you need to be aware that Federal regulations require that all firearms sold by online dealers must be shipped to a Federal Firearms License (FFL) holder.  What this means is that you can not buy a firearm from a dealer online and have the guns shipped directly to your home (unless you happen to have an FFL).  In that case, you would not be reading this article, because you would know all this!  One exception to this rule would be with muzzleloader firearms and air guns, which can be shipped directly to your home in most cases.     

AR-15 Rifle

When you order a gun from online firearm dealers, then you will need to select a local FFL dealer to which the gun can be shipped.  The FFL dealer will then need to transfer the gun over to you.  Your local FFL dealer will typically charge you somewhere around $15-30 for the transfer fee.  Keep in mind that the same rules apply when purchasing a firearm online as if you were buying the gun locally.  Before you can get the gun, you will need to fill out a form and have a background check done on you.  In addition, if the firearm you ordered happens to be a handgun, then in many cases you will have to go into the FFL dealer to fill out the paperwork, then you need to go away and come back after the required waiting period is over.  After the waiting period is over, you can pick up your new gun.  The waiting period for a handgun can vary anywhere from 3 - 14 days depending on which state you live in.  Some states also have a waiting period before you can pick up a rifle that you purchased.  For people that are unfamiliar with purchasing firearms in general and specifically online, it is important to understand these regulations.  Call a local gun shop and ask about the specific waiting periods in your area.  In some states, if you already have a concealed carry permit, then the waiting period will be eliminated.  Again, these rules can vary from state to state.

  S&W 500 Revolver

Now that we've got some of this background information covered, we'll move over to some specific recommendations for firearm dealers online.  The author of this article will recommend 3 different choices that he has personally used, so you will know that these are not just random dealers.  These are online firearm dealers with which the author has had first hand experience. 

1)  BUD'S GUN SHOP:  First of all, one of the highest recommended online gun dealers is Bud's Gun Shop.  The selection, pricing, and service of Bud's Gun Shop have been excellent in the author's experience.  In fact, you will often find the best prices online at Bud's.  This is the author's favorite choice of online firearm dealers.  They are not strictly an internet firearm dealer, but they also have a large brick and mortar store and an indoor shooting range located in Kentucky.  This short video clip below shows you their facility, so you can get a better idea of who you are dealing with when you order online from Bud's Gun Shop.

2)  GALLERY OF GUNS:  If you are looking for another option of where you can buy guns online, Davidson's Gallery of Guns is another possibility.  Using the Gun Genie search on their site, you can order a gun online and pick it up at a local dealer that is a part of the Davidson's network.  Davidson's is a large gun distributor and there are many dealers around the country.  Another benefit of buying a gun through Davidson's is that they offer a lifetime warranty on all the guns that are sold through them. 

3)  GUN BROKER:  The final recommendation for buying a gun online is Gun Broker.  This is not the author's first choice, but he has used it before when a gun was not readily available elsewhere.  That's one of the benefits of Gun Broker... you can sometimes get a hard to find gun there.  Keep in mind that Gun Broker is an online auction service sort of like eBay.  As a result, there are a lot of different people selling guns on Gun Broker.  The service you get can vary depending on the specific person or dealer with which you are dealing.  Another thing to consider is that the prices are not always the lowest on Gun Broker, especially if you are dealing with a hard to get gun.  This is not the author's favorite choice, but it is being mentioned as a place where you can sometimes find a gun when it is unavailable elsewhere.

4)  ARMSLIST:  Another way to find a gun online is to look at local gun classified ads posted on websites such as Armslist.  At places like this, you can find not only dealers selling but also private parties selling guns online.  There are no fees or costs for using Armslist for either the buyer or seller, so this can be another good way to purchase a firearm online.

In conclusion, if you are looking for firearm dealers online, then these are a few places where you can start your search.  The author recommends that you check out Bud's Gun Shop first and see if they have what you are looking for.  If so, then you will probably find their pricing to be very competitive.  While ordering through Bud's online, you will be asked to pick an FFL dealer to which Bud's can ship your gun.  There is a list given of all FFL dealers that Bud's Gun Shop has on record.  Remember that the transfer fee charged by FFL dealers can vary, so you might want to call around to some of your local FFL options to verify their transfer fees before you make your final choice on Bud's Gun Shop.  As mentioned earlier, one of the nice things about shopping at these online firearm dealers is that you can search through a much wider selection of guns than could ever be stocked at a local gun shop.  Shopping online can be a great way to find a good deal on a new firearm!