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Is there a Glock 17 Full Auto Conversion Kit?

The Glock 17 is the most popular law enforcement pistol in the world.  Because of its popularity and widespread use, there is obviously a natural interest in this gun.  There's a reason why its the most used law enforcement pistol in the world.  It is a very well made handgun that packs a lot of firepower (17 rounds of 9mm in standard mag).  Some people want a Glock 17 full auto conversion kit or an easy way to modify their Glock 17 to operate in fully automatic mode.  The reality is that for most people, full auto is more of a novelty than it is an effective way to shoot a pistol.  The military is where you most often find fully automatic weapons, but you will not find fully automatic pistols like this for the general public.  That's because a fully automatic pistol such as the Glock 17 would not be legal in most cases.  In addition, it would also not be very useful apart from wowing other people with the novelty of a pistol machine gun.  For most people, semi-auto is a much better arrangement, because it offers much better control and accuracy.  Besides, a properly trained shooter can squeeze off more than enough rounds both accurately and quickly in semi-automatic mode.  Simply stated, spraying a bunch of bullets around in full auto will not make up for lousy shooting skills.   

Glock 17 Full Auto Conversion Kit

As briefly touched upon, another important detail to consider is that it would not be legal for most people to even possess a fully automatic pistol.  There are some exceptions for those that have a special firearms license, but generally speaking a full auto gun would not even be legal to have in your possession.  The novelty is not worth the potential trouble.  An experienced Glock gunsmith should know how to modify a Glock 17 (if they dare face the legal repercussions).  In addition, there is a kit available from a company known as Firearm Selector System, but this is only available for purchase by authorized people for use in applications like military, law enforcement, and special forces.  Again, for most people a full auto handgun like this would not be practical or beneficial in the real world.  With that being said, let's take a closer look at an already great semi-auto pistol.

Glock 17 Specifications

Caliber: 9mm (NATO 9x19)

Action:  Hammerless, Striker Fired

Weight:  22.04 oz unloaded

Length:  7.32 inches

Height:  5.43 inches

Width:  1.18 inches

Barrel Length:  4.49 inches

Trigger Pull:  5.5 lbs

Frame:  Polymer

The Glock 17 comes standard with either a 17 round magazine or a 10 round magazine (for all those gun hating politicians out there).  An optional 19 round magazine is available as well as a 33 round mag.  A 33 round magazine hangs way down below the handgrip, so it's not very practical in most situations.  The 17 round mag that fits completely in the handgrip is a sensible choice and a spare mag can also be kept loaded and on hand if the need arises.  The 19 round magazine is also good with a slight drop below the end of the hand grip.  That many rounds should be plenty for most any situation!  So, if you're looking for a Glock 17 full auto conversion kit, it would be best to just understand the legal ramifications and get used to shooting your Glock 17 in semi-automatic mode.  You'd be surprised at how many rounds you can squeeze off in a short time if you practice.  Besides, additional practice is always good and should make you a better, safer, and more accurate shooter.  If you are interested in seeing what a Glock 17 full auto shoots like, then see the video below.