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How to Convert a Glock 29 to Shoot 40 S&W  

The Glock 29 is the compact version of the full size 10mm Glock 20 pistol.  Some people with the Glock 29 10mm pistol want to convert it to shoot the 40 S&W round.  The 10mm round is known for it's powerful punch, and it can also give a pretty good kick in terms of its recoil.  The 40 S&W still packs a lot of knock down power, but is a little more tame in terms of its recoil, therefore it can be easier for most people to control and shoot more accurately.  Remember, it's the follow up shots that are really affected by the buck and roar of a high powered firearm.  It's a lot harder to keep on target if the buck and roar of a powerful, lightweight handgun keeps causing your hand to jump and your senses to "flinch".  Better to have a gun chambered in a milder round that can be more confidently and accurately shot.  With a drop in conversion barrel like the one made by Lone Wolf, it is easy to convert a 10mm Glock 29 to 40 S&W.  The part number on the Lone Wolf Glock 29 Conversion to 40 S&W conversion barrel is LWD-2940N, and this barrel usually sells for around $115.  This barrel is machined out of heat treated 416R stainless and has a polished feed ramp and bore.  The match grade rifling is broach cut and unlike the factory Glock hexagonal rifling, the Lone Wolf barrel can shoot unjacketed cast lead bullets without concern of lead fouling.

Lone Wolf .40 Conversion Barrel

Lone Wolf Glock 29 Convert to 40SW

In addition to the Lone Wolf conversion barrel, another company known as KKM Precision also offers a Glock 29 convert to 40SW barrel.  The KKM barrel is part number G29C1, and it usually sells for around $165.  KKM says that this barrel is machined out of US made 416 Stainless Steel that is heat treated and tempered to a hardness of 42-45 RC.  KKM's button rifling is supposed to improve accuracy over the stock Glock hexagonal rifled barrel, as well as also allowing the use of cast lead bullets.

KKM Precision Glock Barrel

KKM Precision Glock 40 S&W Barrel

In terms of how the .40 S&W round compares with the 10mm AUTO, a lightly loaded 10mm round will have close to the same energy levels as a hot 40 S&W round.  Typically, a good 40 S&W round will still have around 500 ft-lbs of muzzle 10mm vs .40energy, which is plenty knock down power.  The 10mm case is longer and can contain more powder.  A 10mm bullet might have around 100 ft-lbs more energy than a .40 S&W; however, there can be a large variation in energy levels depending on the particular ammo used.  In other words, the difference in ballistic between the two rounds can be more significant.  There are many factors which affect ammunition ballistics, some of which include: bullet weight, bullet type, gunpowder amount and type, and of course the gun itself.  Longer barrels usually result in higher velocities, greater bullet energy levels, and better accuracy at longer distances.  For those wanting to keep their Glock 29 pistol originally chambered for the 10mm, but prefer to shoot 40 S&W ammunition, then it is possible to purchase a new barrel to do the Glock 29 conversion to 40SW.  This way, it's like having 2 guns in 1.  By simply changing out the barrel, you can switch back and forth between shooting 10mm and 40 S&W.  Below, we'll review some of the basic specifications on the popular Glock 29 pistol.

Glock 29


Caliber: 10mm AUTO

Action:  Hammerless, Striker Fired

Weight:  24.69 oz unloaded

Length:  6.77 inches

Height:  4.45 inches

Width:  1.27 inches

Barrel Length:  3.78 inches

Trigger Pull:  5.5 lbs

Frame:  Polymer

The Glock 29 pistol comes with a 10 round magazine as standard issue, and there is also an optional 15 round magazine available.  In conclusion, with the help of drop in conversion barrels, the Glock 29 can be re-chambered to shoot different rounds like the popular .40 S&W.  There are also other conversion barrels available for the Glock 29, like the Lone Wolf extended and ported barrel shown in this video.