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Go Cart Kits, Custom Go Karts, and Go Kart Plans

Some people don't just want to buy a standard off the shelf go kart, because they want to be more involved in the building process.  For those people, the best route may be to build your own go kart.  This allows more hands on input by the builder to determine what the final product will be.  There is more than one way to go about this "do it yourself" go cart building process. 

1) Purchase one of the various go cart kits that are available.       

Some companies, produce complete or partial go cart kits that can be purchased.  Some kits come with completed frames and just require relatively simple hand tools to assemble.  Other go cart kits may require welding or tube bending for the frame.  It all depends on what type of go kart you want to build and the available kits that match your interest.  Below is a picture of a go kart kit that is one of the types that is easier to build.  This is one of those type of kits that comes very complete and requires minimal tools and fabrication skills to build.  As a minimum, you will need to supply the engine and clutch for most go cart kits.  This particular example shown in the picture is sort of a on/off road go kart.  It has no suspension, so this type would work best on smooth paved surfaces, grass, or smooth packed dirt. 

Build Your Own Go Cart Kits

Example of available go cart kits

2) Purchase go kart plans and build your own go kart.

Another way to build your own go kart is to buy go kart plans and then purchase all the parts and supplies needed.  Assuming the plans you choose are well done, then they should eliminate a lot of detail work in the design of the go kart and selection of materials.  Using plans so you can build your own go kart requires more work than option #1.  Even if you use well designed go kart plans, then you will most likely need to have skills and equipment capable of cutting, bending, and welding steel.  You will need to buy all the parts and also be proficient in working with your hands.  If you buy go kart plans, you will basically get paper drawings (or perhaps an electronic file) with the dimensions, specifications of different components that make up the go kart.  Essentially, you get the blueprints.  The plans help guide and direct your work while you provide the labor and parts to build your own go kart.  This is for the more advanced go kart enthusiast.

3) Building custom go karts from scratch.

Some creative people do not like the idea of using go kart plans or choosing one of the available go cart kits.  Some people prefer the option of building custom go karts all on their own.  This involves designing, fabricating, and building a kart from scratch.  The result can be as unique as the person creating it.  It can also require the highest level of skill when compared to the other 2 options listed.  However, the end result of building a custom machine can be very rewarding.  No one else will have one quite like yours!  Below is a picture with an example of what custom go karts can look like.  Very unique and very cool!  Custom go karts can be a fun way to build your own if you are creative and have the skills, time, and equipment to complete the project. 

Custom Go Kart

Example of custom go karts

So, whether you choose 1) to build your own using go kart plans, 2) go with one of the go cart kits on the market, or 3) tackle the more intense work of custom go karts, then the end result can be the same.  You can have a lot of fun and the satisfaction of knowing that you were involved in the creation of your own go kart.