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The Enjoyable World of Go Karts

Ever since motorized vehicles were invented, many a child has probably dreamed of driving their very own motorized vehicle.  In fact, even before the term go carts probably came into common use, many a child (and adult too!) probably dreamed of building their own kart from scrap parts and an old lawnmower engine.  Then taking their creation and speeding along with the wind blowing in their face at speeds that felt like 80 mph (but probably more like 20 mph)!  In reality, many early contraptions were probably built out of wood and didn't even have an engine.  Later, as small engines become more readily available, this engine power probably began to replace gravity (or "kid pushing") power. 

Vintage Go Cart

Vintage Go Kart From Years Past

Go carts are a fun and exciting way for young and old alike to experience the thrill of racing along in their own motor vehicle.  This can be especially exciting for those younger children that do not have the opportunity to drive cars.  Even for older people that drive full size vehicles, driving small scale vehicles can still be fun, because of the places that you can drive and the open air excitement of driving so close to the ground!  Over the years, adults have also taken an interest in these machines and some very unique contraptions were created including very powerful and fast machines.  How about a rocket powered go kart that could exceed 200 mph!  Crazy? YES!  But fun, no doubt, for the adrenaline junkie!  To give you an idea of some of the other things that people have done, check out the video below that shows a go cart with a powerful motorcycle engine.

As the years passed, more attention was paid in the area of safety.  Thankfully, most modern models are much safer than they used to be.  Many go karts now come with a frame design that incorporates bars around the cockpit which helps serve to protect the driver/occupant from hazards that might have caused serious injury in older versions which had no protective bars positioned above.  Many modern go karts also come with seat belts.  These type of safety features along with better brakes means driving one these days can not only be fun but safer than it used to be.  Because of ongoing safety improvements, it's probably best not to buy a very old machine that might not be as safe to drive.  Look for newer models that incorporate the latest safety features.  In the picture below, you can see an example of a modern children's go kart that has protective bars around the top to help protect the occupants, and you can also see the seat belts (shoulder and lap) which also help make these types of vehicles safer.  When looking around for one to buy, THINK SAFETY and be sure to buy a model that is well built. 

   Modern Kid's Go Karts from Carter

Modern Kid's Go Cart

As mentioned earlier, these vehicles are not just for kids!  Many adults also enjoy the thrill of driving a go kart.  In fact, fun race tracks are very popular with people of all ages as a way to experience the thrill of racing with minimal expense or risk.  Racing around a track part of a day is fun, but of course owning your very own machine can be even more fun!  These days, there are many different choices available from various manufacturers.  There are go karts built for young children, intermediate aged kids, older kids, and adults... fun for the whole family! 

Modern Adult Go Cart from Carter

Modern Adult Go Kart

Some of the nicer models now have electric start engine, lights for nighttime driving, big wheels and tires, full suspension with real shocks to help smoothen out the ride.  Padded seats also help make the ride more comfortable.  Some of these modern vehicles are very nice and not like the models of years past!  In recent years, there have been a new wave of go carts that have been coming from Asia.  Some of these new off road machines start to blur the boundary lines between an ATV and a go cart.  TJ Powersports is one such company that builds these fun new vehicles that offer ATV like performance and handling, but with the additional safety of driving in an cockpit that includes protective bars and seatbelts.  In addition, these go carts can be quite a bit less expensive than ATV's. 

Twister Hammerhead Adult Go Kart

Adult Off Road Go Karts

As you can see, the world of go carts has definitely changed over the years!  But, one thing that hasn't changed is the fact that they are still a LOT of fun!  In fact, with modern advances in designs not only are they fun but they are safer too.  So, whether you are looking for a go cart for a young child, an older child, a teenager, or an adult, the options are plentiful.  The fun is plentiful too!