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Hi-Point Offers Reliable, Accurate, and Affordable Firearms

People are often surprised when they find out how inexpensive HiPoint guns can be.  They are often equally surprised at the accuracy and reliability of HiPoint guns.  Can you believe a .45 semi-automatic carbine rifle for a little over $300?  How about a .45 pistol for under $200?  Some people might think that such a low priced firearm would mean that they are low quality and unreliable.  This is not the case.  Hi-Point guns are 100% made in the USA with an emphasis on quality, reliability, and affordability.  Backed by an UNCONDITIONAL LIFETIME WARRANTY, they will take care of any problems with their guns for the life of the gun (regardless of the number of owners).  This shows the confidence that they have in their products.   

Hipoint Carbine

HiPoint .45 Carbine Rifle with Optional Flashlight and Laser

HiPoint offers their carbine rifle in 9mm, .40, and .45.  Rifle features include multiple Picatinny rails for mounting accessories, recoil buffer in stock, adjustable sights, thumb actuated safety, and a standard 10 round magazine.  The Hi-Point pistols come in .380, 9mm, .40, and .45 and feature a 3 dot adjustable sight.  All HiPoint guns are +P rated to safely handle all factory loaded ammunition.  The fact is that these guns have been gaining a reputation of being reliable, accurate, and fun to shoot.  They might not be the most aesthetically pleasing guns, but the newer models have become much better looking - particularly the newer, redesigned carbine rifles.  Granted, you can find guns that are a lot better looking, but you will be hard pressed to find guns that offer a better bang for the buck as Hi-Point guns do.  It all depends on what you are looking for in a gun.  If you are willing to pay more, then there are a lot nicer looking guns on the market.  If you don't have a lot of money to spend, then these are legitimate guns to consider.  As is true with many other modern firearms, these guns employ the use of polymers extensively on their guns.   

Hipoint Pistol

HiPoint 45 ACP Handgun

Some have said that HiPoint pistols are also heavy.  Some of this weight goes along with the meaty, rugged design of these pistols.  In addition, they operate on the blowback principle which means that the slide must be heavy enough to hold the round in the chamber when firing.  In the blowback design, the barrel is fixed in relation to the frame.  The slide works as the bolt to push the round into the chamber for firing.  Once the round is fired, the force of the expanding gases propel the bullet down the barrel.  At the same time, the now empty case is propelled backwards.  This is based on Newton's 3rd Law of Motion which says that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  So, as the bullet moves forward down the barrel, the empty cartridge blows backwards and hence the name "blowback system".  The blowback system is quite simple and reliable.  As a result of the blowback system being used in HiPoint guns, the slides must be a certain weight in order for things to work properly.  That's part of the reason why these handguns are heavier than some handguns.

For those interested in a little more background information on HiPoint, the company was started by Thomas Deeb back in 1992 in Mansfield, Ohio.  Prior to this, Thomas served in the US Air Force during the Vietnam War.  Upon returning back to civilian life after his service, Thomas opened up a television repair business.  During this time, he designed his first guns with the goal of making a gun that would be reliable and affordable for anyone to buy.  Thomas believed that everyone, even those without a lot of money, should be able to afford a firearm for both protection and enjoyment.  Currently, the HiPoint guns are being produced in 3 different factories.  The .40 caliber handgun is produced at Iberia Firearms in Galion, Ohio.  The .45 caliber handgun is produced at Haskell Manufacturing in Lima, Ohio.  All other Hi-Point guns are produced at the Beemiller factory in Mansfield, Ohio.  Now you know a little bit more of the story behind these tough, reliable, and affordable firearms.

More Details on Hi-Point Handguns

Now let's take a closer looks at the different handguns that Hipoint offers.  Many people are looking for a reliable and effective handgun, but they don't want to spend a lot of money.  There is truth to the old saying "you get what you pay for"; however, that doesn't mean that all of the cheapest guns have to be cheap in terms of quality and reliability.  HiPoint offers some of the cheapest handguns available, but they also have a very good reputation for good quality and reliable function.  Hi-Point is also known for their excellent customer service.  To summarize what was share above, all their handguns are completely made in the USA and come with a high impact polymer frame, thumb safety, fully adjustable rear sight, an extra rear peep sight, trigger lock, last round lock open feature, rated for +P ammo, and an excellent lifetime warranty. 

HiPoint CF-380

HiPoint 380 with MSRP of $140

The HiPoint CF-380 is one of the cheapest hand guns with some places selling it for less than the $140 MSRP.  That's a very low price for a brand new handgun with a lifetime warranty!  Chambered for the 380 Auto round, the CF-380 weighs 29oz, has an overall length of 6.75", and a barrel length of 3.5".  Standard magazine capacity is 8 rounds and an accessory mag is available with a 10 round magazine (as shown in the picture above).  You'd be hard pressed to find a brand new handgun for a lower price.

HiPoint C9

HiPoint 9mm with MSRP of $165

For those looking for a more powerful handgun, the HiPoint C9 is chambered for the popular 9mm round.  The C9 shares the same specs with the CF-380 in terms of the barrel length (3.5"), overall length (6.75"), and the weight (29oz).  Standard capacity mag is 8 rounds with an optional 10 round magazine.

HiPoint 40 SW-B

HiPoint 40 with MSRP of $199

The next of the cheapest handguns in the HiPoint lineup is the 40 SW-B chambered for the popular .40 S&W round.  Weighing in at 35oz, the overall length of this pistol is 7.75" with a barrel length of 4.5".  This pistol can hold 10 rounds of the potent .40 round.  Suggested retail price is only $199! 

HiPoint 45ACP

HiPoint 45 with MSRP of $199

If that is not enough, then there is still the HiPoint 45ACP chambered for the venerable .45 ACP round which has long been known as a very effective round.  This gun shares the same size and weight as the HiPoint 40 pistol, but with a slightly lower mag capacity of 9 rounds due to the larger diameter of the 45 cartridge.  The 45 also shares the same low $199 suggested retail prices as the 40.  Street price can sometimes be found even lower with prices as low as $169!  That's for a brand new 45 pistol with a lifetime warranty and a good reputation for quality and reliability.  So, if you shop around, you will find that these HiPoint guns are some of the cheapest handguns available.  Not only that, but they have a strong track record of being reliable and accurate.  This is very important, because it doesn't do any good to save a little bit of money if the gun is not dependable or trustworthy.