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Honda All Terrain Vehicles for Play and Work

Honda is widely known to produce some of the best vehicles on the planet, and Honda ATV have a reputation of being built tough with exceptional reliability.  Not only that, but they also incorporate innovative technology not found on other machines.  For example, select models come with an automotive type automatic transmission, while all other companies incorporate belt driven transmissions on their automatic machines.  There are two categories of Honda ATV: Sport and Utility.  First, we'll take a quick look at some of the Sport models that are available.             

Honda TRX450

Honda TRX450R

The top of the line Honda Sport ATV is the Honda TRX450R.  A powerful 450cc liquid cooled, 4 stroke engine with 4 valve head and 12.0:1 compression ratio propels this lightweight (350lb dry weight) Honda ATV with real authority.  A manual 5 speed transmission allows the rider to choose the best gear ratio for the riding conditions.  The innovative twin sump oil system provides separate oil supplies for the engine and transmission/clutch.  In this way, contamination from the wet clutch is kept separate from the engine, as well as engine contaminants can not enter the transmission.  This helps to increase reliability and longevity.  The big bore 450 engine has a Nikasil coated cylinder.  This heavy duty coating is applied directly to the aluminum bore, and there is no steel cylinder sleeve like on a conventional engine.  The advantages of the Nikasil coated cylinder are a long wearing surface that provides better heat transfer as well as quieter operation.  Speaking of big bore, anyone that has tried to start a big displacement single cylinder engine knows how difficult it can be under certain conditions.  Thanks to Honda, you can now save your leg the trouble of having to kick over this hefty engine, because electric start now means that starting requires only a simple push of a button.  Once you get the engine started and you begin riding this 4 wheeled rocket, disc brakes in front and back helps to scrub off the speed, while a sophisticated suspension system helps keep the wheels planted on the ground.  Showa shocks help smooth out the impressive 8.4 inch wheel travel in front and the massive 9.3 inch wheel travel in the rear.  An efficient o-ring chain transmits the massive power of the 450 to the rear wheels.

Honda TRX400

Honda TRX400X

If you don't need the power of the 450, the Honda TRX400EX also offers many great features at a lower price.  A potent 4 stroke 397cc RFVC (Radial Four Valve Combustion) 4 valve, air cooled, dry sump, single cylinder engine provides the propulsion on this powerful and lightweight sport ATV.  The TRX400 has a 5 speed manual transmission, but it also comes with a reverse gear to help you back out of those difficult situations.  An o-ring chain transmits the power to the rear wheels, while powerful hydraulic disc brakes slow things down.  Showa shocks help dampen the plentiful 8.2 inches of suspension travel in the front and generous 9.1 inches of suspension travel in the rear.

Honda TRX250

Honda TRX250X

For those looking for a full sized sport ATV at a lower price, the Honda TRX250X comes with many great features and a lower price.  In fact, you can save over $3000 with this great entry level sport ATV compared to the top of the line TRX450R.  A reliable electric start four stroke 229cc air cooled engine provides the horsepower, and a 5 speed manual transmission with reverse helps put the power to the ground.  The engine is mounted longitudinally so that the engine output shaft points straight back and naturally connects to the reliable shaft drive of the TRX250X.  No more chains to adjust and replace with this rugged Honda shaft drive design.  In addition, the innovative Honda SportClutch allows beginners to easily learn to shift the manual 5 speed transmission.  Essentially, the SportClutch utilizes a hybrid centrifugal clutch system along with a manual clutch.  This provides the best of both worlds.  For the experienced rider, full control of the clutch can be had with the handlebar mounted clutch lever.  In this way, launching at higher RPMs and manual operation of the clutch is possible.  For the beginner rider, the centrifugal component of the clutch system means that the clutch will automatically disengage to prevent stalling in case the rider doesn't actuate the hand clutch lever properly.  The TRX250X offers a nice blend of features, fun, and value for those shopping for a new sport ATV.   

Honda TRX90

Honda TRX90X Youth ATV

Finally, for the young rider, Honda offers the TRX90X with an air cooled 86cc engine with single overhead cam and 2 valve cylinder head.  This engine is based on a bulletproof design that Honda has been producing for many decades.  A manually shifted 4 speed transmission is mated to an automatic clutch.  Electric start means that the TRX90 is easy to start, and the automatic clutch means that the rider doesn't have to worry about manually operating a clutch.  That means that the young rider can focus on having fun while out on the trails.  An o-ring chain transmits power to the rear axle, while reliable drum brakes in front and rear handle the job of slowing things down.  The Honda TRX90X is a great option as beginner ATV for those just getting started in the sport at a young age. 

Honda Utility ATV

In addition to the line up of Sport ATV, there is a also a large selection of Utility ATV models to choose from.  Honda offers the Rincon, Rubicon, Foreman, Rancher, and Recon line of hard working ATV's.  All these machines share some common attributes such as world renown reliability, advanced technology, and innovative designs that set these Honda ATV apart from other machines.  In addition, all the Honda utility ATV come with electric start engines along with  a backup recoil pull start to help ensure reliable starting in different situations.

Honda Rincon

Honda Rincon

One of the top of the line models, the Honda Rincon, comes with a 675cc liquid cooled, semi-dry sump, longitudinally mounted, single cylinder, four stroke engine.  This powerful engine comes equipped with electronic fuel injection to give easier starts, and more consistent performance with altitude and weather changes.  An innovative, electronically controlled automotive style automatic transmission with a hydraulic torque converter and 3 forward gears (plus reverse) eliminates the belt drive found on most other brands of automatic ATVs.  Selectable 2WD/4WD along with a fully independent rear suspension helps put the power to the ground.  The front suspension provides 6.9 inches of wheel travel, and the rear suspension provides 9.0 inches of travel.  Hydraulic disc brakes in front and rear help to keep speed under control, while variable assist power steering gives just the right amount of feedback to the rider through the handlebars for comfortable and controlled riding under varying conditions.                       

Honda Rubicon

Honda Rubicon

The Honda Rubicon comes with a powerful 4 stroke 499cc liquid cooled, dry sump, longitudinally mounted, single cylinder engine fed by a constant velocity carburetor.  The engine is mated to the Hondamatic hydro-mechanical automatic transmission.  The Hondamatic is a sophisticated, computer controlled continuously variable transmission (CVT) design that utilizes heavy duty metal components and is hydraulically controlled.  Unlike most other brands of ATV, the Rubicon CVT does not use a rubber belt that is prone to wear or breakage.  Power is directed to the wheels of this Honda ATV through the TraxLok selectable 2WD/4WD shaft drive system.  The independent front suspension on the Rubicon provides 6.7" of wheel travel while the rear swing arm also provides 6.7" of travel.  In terms of brakes, you'll find hydraulic disc brakes up front and a sealed mechanical drum brake in the rear.

Honda Foreman

Honda Foreman

Next in the Honda line up are the Foreman models.  Available in a variety of versions equipped with different features, all of the Honda Foreman are powered by the same great fuel injected 475cc engine.  The base model Foreman comes with a 5 speed transmission with reverse and an automatic clutch.  The Foreman ES comes with Honda's Electronic Shift Program (ESP) that allows convenient push button shifting of the 5 speed transmission.  In addition, you can choose a Foreman with or without electric power steering depending on your preferences.  Like most of the Honda utility ATV, an independent front suspensions works together with a swing arm rear suspension.  Wheel travel in the front is rated at 6.7 inches while the rear has 6.9 inches of available travel.

Honda Rancher

Honda Rancher

For those wanting to save some money, the Honda Ranchers offers Honda ATV reliability and ruggedness for a lower price.  Equipped with a reliable 420cc fuel injected engine for easy starts and consistent performance, this wet sump, longitudinally mounted, single cylinder, four stroke engine provides adequate performance for both work or play.  A 5 speed transmission with automatic clutch and reverse directs the power to the rear wheels.  The Rancher base model comes with 2WD, while other Rancher models are also available that give you other options like: switchable 2WD/4WD, electric power steering, a semi-automatic push button ESP transmission, or an automatic 5 speed transmission that gives you the option of push button shifting or fully automatic operation.  The front independent suspension and rear swingarm both allow 6.3 inches of travel.  Braking duty is handled by the hydraulic disc brakes in front and sealed mechanical drum brake in the rear.        

Honda Recon ATV

Honda Recon

Finally, for those interested in the best bang for their buck, Honda offers the Recon model which is available for less than 1/2 the price of the top of the line Rincon or the Rubicon models.  The Honda Recon comes with a reliable 229cc carbureted engine that supplies power to the rear wheels through a 5 speed transmission with an automatic clutch.  The Recon is also available with Honda's semi-automatic ESP push button transmission.  Power steering is not needed on this lightweight and nimble 2WD ATV.  Independent front suspension gives 5.1 inches of travel in the front, and the rear swingarm allows 4.9 inches of wheel travel.  Once again, hydraulic discs take care of braking in front, while a mechanical drum brake handles rear wheel braking duties.  The Recon provides a nice blend of features along with a more reasonable price that a greater number of people can afford. 

As you can see from this summary, there are many great models and features to choose from.  Whether you choose a Sport or Utility ATV, the innovation, quality, and reliability of a Honda ATV makes it a great choice to consider!