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The Honda Big Red MUV700 Utility Vehicle

If you're old enough, when you hear the term "Honda Big Red", you might think of the popular Honda ATC 3 wheeler of the 1980's.  The days of 3 wheelers are long gone for most people, and now the term Honda Big Red means something entirely different.  Having a later start into the utility vehicle market, Honda released the long awaited Big Red MUV700 in 2009.  This utility vehicle comes with Honda's legendary reputation for quality, reliability, and function.  The Honda Big Red is a popular choice with people such as farmers and ranchers or anyone else looking for an extremely reliable workhorse.  Electronic fuel injection feeds the Honda Big Red 675 cc single cylinder 4 stroke engine, which in turn feeds the power through Honda's innovative hydraulic automatic transmission with 3 selectable drive modes including reverse.  Unlike most other utility vehicle automatic transmissions that use a belt driven CVT (snowmobile style) transmission, the Big Red comes with an automotive style automatic transmission with a heavy duty torque converter.  This engine and transmission combination give the Big Red ample power, smooth operation, and rugged reliability.  

Honda Big Red

The Big Red is also designed with safety in mind.  The wide stance of the Big Red along with doors, safety nets, and 3 point seat belts help to ensure the occupants are kept safe.  Other features such as 4 wheel disc brakes help to keep the Honda Big Red's speed under control.  For increased safety, a reverse limiter restricts speed while backing up the Big Red.  For further safety, a forward speed limiter is programmed into the ECU to limit top speed to around 40 mph - which is more than adequate for almost any conditions.

Big Red Cargo Bed

A large tilting cargo bed provides ample room for work or for carrying supplies for recreational use.  And that large cargo bed is not just for looks either.  Honda rates the load carrying capacity of the cargo bed at 1,000 lbs!  Towing capability of this hard working utility vehicle is 1,500 lbs.  While the Big Red is very off road capable, it will probably appeal more to working man (or woman) that has more utility uses for their side by side rather than recreational use.  It's not that you can't use the Honda Big red for recreation, but some of the other utility vehicles on the market are geared a little more to the sport UTV market.  With that being said, it's hard to compete with Honda for producing a heavy duty, hard working, reliable vehicle.  Features like the automotive type automatic transmission with torque converter and 3 hydraulic clutches should hold up to long term use better than the snowmobile type belt drive CVT system used on most other utility vehicles.  A CVT belt drive system will wear faster and be prone to greater wear and tear from dirt ingested while driving in dirty conditions.  The author of this article knows because his Yamaha Rhino was used extensively in dusty conditions on a farm, and the belt drive system failed prematurely when the abrasive dust accelerated the wear in the primary clutch sheave, and caused the sheave and roller weights to be totally worn out and useless.  After replacing the entire primary sheave assembly, the Rhino was back in action again but it was expensive to replace all the parts and in the opinion of the author it should not have worn out so fast.  This type of situation should not be a problem with the sealed automatic hydraulic automatic transmission used on the Honda Big Red.  Another point of comparison is the cargo carrying capacity.  A Big Red is rated for up to 1,000 lbs in the rear cargo bed, while a Rhino is only rated for 400 lbs.  Tow capacity on the Big Red is a hefty 1,500 lbs while the Rhino has a respectable 1,212 lbs rating.  These are just some examples to illustrate some of the differences between the Big Red and other utility vehicles on the market today.  If you are looking for the hardest working and most reliable utility vehicle for use on your farm, ranch, or industrial workplace, then you might want to seriously consider the Honda Big Red.     

Honda Big Red Accessories

For those wanting to upgrade their Honda Big Red, there is a wide variety of genuine Honda accessories available.  Accessories such as a winch kit help to pull the Big Red out of sticky situations, or it can be used to pull other objects.  An auxiliary battery box is available to help provide additional battery capacity for the extra loads placed on the system by electrical accessories such as the winch or additional lighting.  Honda offers a roof in both a hard top and a soft top fabric types.  Various protective gear for the Big Red such as front grille guard and A-arm guards are available to further protect your investment against damage.  Furthermore, various skid plates are also offered.  To keep the bugs out of your teeth, an optional windscreen is also an option.  A storage and tool box is available carry your tools or gear in a more organized way.  For additional storage capacity, an under hood storage box can also be added.  A digital meter dash kit is available to give you and your passenger more detailed information about what's going on with your Big Red.  From the factory in stock form, the Honda Big Red is already a great machine that is ready to start working hard.  There are aftermarket accessories available from different companies, but Honda offers such a large variety of accessories that you should have no problem finding what you want directly from Honda.  Below is a list of some of the many Honda factory accessories available for the Big Red. 

Suspension A-Arm Guards (front & rear)

Side Skid Plates

Nerf Bars (Rock Sliders)

Front Grille Guard

Rear Bumper

Towing Hitch & Drawbar

Winch Kit


Soft Cab

Soft Roof

Hard Roof

Side Mirrors

Cargo Bed Mat

Floor Mats

Locking Glove Box Door

Horn Kit

Digital Meter Kit

Backup Alarm

Auxiliary Lights

Auxiliary Battery Box

Cargo Storage Bag

Underhood Storage Box

Locking Storage/Toolbox

Front Guard          Windshield


Storage Box          Winch

As you can see, for those Big Red owners that want to customize things a little more for their own person tastes and intended usage, a very good selection of genuine Honda accessories are available to help make the Big Red a big hit!