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The BIG 1/5th Scale Gasoline Powered Off Road Buggy

For many years, HPI has been producing great 1/8th and 1/10th scale (& smaller) model vehicles.  Now, the HPI Baja 5B buggy puts HPI into a whole new arena of large scale radio control models.  This big buggy measures over 32 inches long and weighs over 20 lbs!  This is not a small toy!  A powerful 23 cc gasoline sipping 2 stroke engine produces the power.  The Baja 5B buggy can run for over 30 minutes on a single fill up of gasoline/oil mix.  Being gasoline powered means that the modeler can save big bucks over the long term compared to nitro powered models that consume more expensive nitro fuel.  Not to mention that gasoline is available almost everywhere, but nitro fuel is only available from hobby businesses.  The HPI Baja 5B is BIG FUN!     

HPI Baja 5B Buggy 10600

The HPI Baja 5B is packed with many great features that give it an exciting large scale driving experience.  The roll cage, radio receiver box, protective under tray, gear case, and body shell are all removable with convenient retaining clips.  A ventilated dual disc brake set up helps scrub off the speed of this large buggy.  Rubber boots on the rear drive shafts help protect the joints from dirt and debris.  A reliable, long life centrifugal clutch transmits the power from the 23 cc engine to the easy-to-access gear box.  The gasoline 2 stroke engine breathes in through a large foam air filter and breathes out from a rear exit exhaust system.  Shock absorbers on the HPI Baja 5B come equipped with dual rate springs for better dampening control.  A waterproof receiver box helps protect the radio gear, and the high torque steering and throttle servos are water resistant.  The sturdy backbone for the HPI Baja 5B buggy is a U-shaped aluminum alloy chassis.  A plastic under body in the rear also helps protect the aluminum chassis.

Baja 5B 23cc Fuelie Gas Engine

UPDATE:  HPI has taken the very popular Baja and updated it.  The new Baja 5B version 2.0 now comes with a more powerful 23 cc gas engine with a modified cylinder for 10% more power.  Combine this with the new high flow muffler and the 8000 RPM clutch that now comes standard, and you now have an even faster buggy with better acceleration and top speed.  Other improvements include upgraded shocks, new 2.4GHz radio system, new gunmetal colored anodized aluminum parts, and an assortment of new body shell designs.

BUYER BEWARE:  If you are shopping for a HPI Baja 5B in places like eBay, then be aware of the fact that there are Baja clones out there.  They might look very similar and they might be selling for a lower price than a genuine HPI Baja 5B.  In addition, some of these clones come with additional features not found on the original Baja like larger engines and even 4WD.  As appealing as these features and pricing might be, just be very careful when you make your decision.  These Chinese clones might look like a good deal, but they might not end up being a good deal in the long run if you have problems.  The Chinese are very good at copying designs and making a product that can look good on the surface.  Where problems often surface is in terms of quality.  That plastic part might look the same, but it might break much easier because the plastic material was inferior or improperly processed in the plastic molding process. 

Many people do not realize how complex the plastic molding process can be.  You might start out with the exact same plastic resin pellets, but the way they are handled in the injection molding process can have a big effect on the end product.  For example, some plastic materials are very sensitive to moisture content prior to being melted in an injection molding machine.  Too much moisture in the pellets from too much humidity in the air can result in a part that might look normal but be very weak.  An experienced plastic molding shop will understand that some plastic resin pellets need to be dried first in a special drying machine.  These drying machines can be expensive and a knock off shop might not bother with this.  After all, to them the part looks the same and all they care about is making as many sales as possible with the maximum amount of profit for themselves.  All that to say that you might think you are saving money by getting a clone, but if you get a machine that has parts that break easily or the overall quality is inferior, then you might wish you spent a little extra money and gotten a genuine HPI Baja!  True, HPI also has products manufactured in China, but they tightly control their manufacturing processes and they also stand behind their products.  The excellent HPI customer service alone could be well worth the difference in price between a genuine HPI Baja 5B and a knock off clone.