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Introduction to the HPI Electric Savage Truck

The HPI E-Savage (HPI 547, formerly HPI 507) is an exciting 1/10th scale Ready to Run (RTR) electric Savage truck.  This 4WD RC truck is powered by potent twin 550 motors with Electronic Speed Control (ESC).  The eSavage shares some of the same features as it's bigger nitro powered brother - including the Twin Vertical Plate (TVP) chassis design and 8 long travel shocks.  Twin 7.2V battery packs sit low in a V pattern in the sides of the TVP chassis plates to help keep the center of gravity lower and improve handling characteristics.  The HPI electric Savage comes RTR with 2 powerful 3300 mah NiMH battery packs and a quick charger that can recharge both batteries simultaneously.  Electricity is managed by the ESC which supplies the 14.4V to the powerful twin 550 motors and provides reverse and braking functions as well.   An integral failsafe built into the ESC helps ensure that the HPI e-Savage comes safely to a stop in the event of the loss of radio communication.  Regarding the radio, the E-Savage comes with a nice factory installed radio system, and all you need to do is install batteries and you are ready to rip!

HPI E-Savage 507

Original HPI E-Savage 507 Electric RC Truck with Baja Body

Large 5.4" diameter tires mounted on attractive chrome wheels are ready to tackle rough terrain.  Standard 14mm hex hubs also allow a huge variety of aftermarket wheels and tires to be bolted onto the HPI eSavage.  The stock tires have a long life block tread pattern that provides good grip both ON or OFF road.  Inside each pre-glued tire is a foam insert that helps support the tire and enhance traction and handling.  And lots of traction is what this this truck needs!  With twin 550 motor power on tap, wheelies on command are the name of the game when the tires hook up!     

Electric Savage Chassis Layout

HPI E-Savage RC Truck Chassis Layout

Each of the 550 motors has an internal fan to help keep the motors cooler for increased performance and reliability.  The powerful motors also work hard in reverse to provide potent braking power.  And each motor has a pinion gear that meshes with a single spur gear.  A heavy duty slipper clutch is incorporated into the spur gear design and is adjustable to help protect the driveline from shock loads.  Twenty-two ball bearings support the driveline and helps reduce friction to put more power to the ground.  Heavy duty front and rear differentials distribute the power to all 4 wheels.          

eSavage Slipper Clutch

Heavy Duty Slipper Clutch

Included in this RTR package, a quality narrowband HPI TF-3 AM radio system keeps this monster under control.  A painted and trimmed Baja style body is also provided.  The electric power eliminates some of the potential tuning challenges of a nitro engine.  Those that have tuned nitro engines know that they can be finicky at times when it comes to carburetor tuning.  With electric power, you just plug in the batteries and you are ready to go.  The result is that you can be up and running in a very short time with this very complete RTR package!  The HPI E-Savage 507 provides a very complete kit that is pre-assembled and ready to run within minutes of taking it out of the box.  The great performance and features of this electric Savage kit, along with the fact that HPI is supplying it, makes for a great combination!  HPI is known for its outstanding customer support, widespread parts supply, and high quality products.  The HPI E-Savage is another great choice in the electric RC monster truck market! 

HPI E-Savage 547 Electric RC Truck

UPDATE:  For those that prefer the look of a monster truck body rather than a Baja Beetle, HPI made some updates and changed the body style.  HPI now lists the model number on the E-Savage as 547.  Same great RC truck with some different styling.