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Overview of the HPI Hellfire RC Truck

The HPI Hellfire 1/8th scale 4WD stadium truck is a new design by HPI, and it is not just a converted buggy or modified monster truck. It was designed by HPI engineers to be light, nimble, and have an excellent power-to-weight ratio.  The Hellfire is categorized by HPI as a monster truck, but it looks more like a stadium truck with its body style and low stance.  It's not just for looks either, because this low profile results in less body roll which means that it hugs the ground better.  This in turn helps keep the Hellfire's tires planted firmly on the ground for superb traction and handling.  

HPI Hellfire RC Truck 10500

The Hellfire is powered by a special high output version of the HPI K4.6 engine known as the 4.6HO (HO=high output). The HPI Hellfire features an all new suspension and steering geometries that are specially designed for great performance with big truck wheels while on rough terrain. It is very low slung and this low center of gravity gives increased responsiveness and better chassis balance. The Hellfire truck is available in both ready-to-run (RTR) and kit versions.

HPI K4.6 HO Nitro Engine

Some of the many features of the HPI Hellfire include:
Matched aluminum tuned pipe for maximum engine performance.
Hi flow constant radius exhaust header for better flow and power.
Fuel splash guard keeps fuel spills away from the brake disc and drivetrain.
Comes equipped with receiver battery pack and charger.
3.5mm diameter titanium nitride coated shock shafts.
Durable & smooth moving titanium nitride coated suspension pins.
Chassis braces included to help strengthen the chassis.
High flow 2 stage air filter helps protect the engine.
Large 150cc fuel tank for long run times.
Dual fuel filters (one in tank and one external) to protect engine.
High strength dish wheels with large 17mm hex helps prevent strip out.
CV style joints on driveshafts for increased durability & efficiency.
Heavy duty steel spur gear and hardened steel clutch bell.
Suspension hinge pins retained without cumbersome e-clips.

Hellfire RTR 10500

The Hellfire RC truck is a fun new stadium style truck design that should appeal to backyard bashers and racers a like.  It's low slung center of gravity, high power to weight ratio, and advanced suspension should make the HPI Hellfire at home on both the race track and the backyard bashing tracks set up by RC truck enthusiasts.

HPI releases the Hellfire SS RC Truck - a build-it-yourself kit version

HPI Hellfire SS 10504

Additional features of the HPI Hellfire SS kit include the following:

Machined 3mm lightweight 7075 aluminum alloy chassis.
Strong 7075 machined aluminum steering plate.
Heavy duty fiberglass brake pads.
Tough, light 52 tooth spur gear.
Durable titanium nitride coated suspension shafts.
Strong, machined 7075 aluminum front and rear braces.
Finned, machined aluminum, purple anodized engine mounts.
Machined 7075 aluminum alloy 5mm shock towers.
Fine adjustments are possible on the camber links.
Machined Delrin shock pistons help provide smooth dampening.


The Hellfire SS comes with a clear body shell that you can customize with whatever color and graphics scheme that matches your tastes.  Also, there is no engine or radio system included with the SS kit.  The HPI Hellfire SS kit offers many great features for the hobbyist that wants to build their own machine from the ground up!

UPDATE:  The HPI Hellfire is no longer being offered by HPI.  Perhaps it was discontinued because it was a truck that didn't quite fit into the monster truck or stadium truck categories.  The Hellfire was a unique RC truck that had some impressive features, but it must have not had have sold as HPI expected.  In any case, HPI is now focusing it's attention on the many other great rc vehicles that it offers in both nitro and electric powered models.