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HPI Savage Parts and Upgraded Savage Parts

The HPI Savage is a great truck that comes equipped with many great standard features.  There is also a nice selection of hop ups and other savage parts available to upgrade and customize these great trucks and make them even better.  Because most of the HPI Savage X, Savage XL, Savage 25 and the earlier SS and 21 trucks are compatible, most of the Savage parts will interchange and work on each model.  As a result, the selection of HPI savage hop ups is very extensive.  This is good news for the HPI Savage owner, because it means that they have many great choices!  The purpose of this page is just to give a small glimpse into some of the many different parts that are available.

1)  ENGINES:  One of the most popular categories of HPI Savage parts is upgrade engines!  The HPI Savage 21BB and the Savage S-25 engines were good engines.  However, in the continual pursuit for more power, many owners look for even more powerful engines to propel their trucks with crazy acceleration and blistering top speeds.  One of the most popular upgrade engines for the HPI Savage was the Picco 26 engine.  This includes the powerful Ofna Picco 26 Outlaw, Picco P3, and the Team Orion Wasp 26 engines.  These engines crank out around 2.7 HP and offer impressive performance.  These engines are especially popular with Savage 21 owners, and also Savage 25 owners who want that extra edge in power.  The Picco 26 was superseded by the newer and more powerful Picco 27 engine. 

Upgrade Engines

Team Orion Wasp .26 Engine


2) GEARING:  A popular category of HPI Savage parts is in the area of gearing.  By changing clutchbells and spur gears with gears of different tooth count, it is possible to fine tune the overall gear ratio of the HPI Savage trucks.  In that way, it is possible to gear your truck lower for better climbing ability and low end acceleration; or if more top speed is wanted, then a switch to a higher gear ratio can result in more speed.  One of the popular HPI savage hop ups is the Robinson Racing Products Savage Hardened Steel Combo set.  This high quality, high strength, hard steel gear set replaces the stock clutchbell and plastic spur gear, with a durable matched steel set.  This upgrade is popular with Savage owners that have powerful engines that can strip out the stock plastic spur gear. 

HPI Savage Hop Ups - Gears  

Robinson Racing Products HPI Savage Steel Combo Set # 7052

3)  BRAKES:   Another popular category of HPI Savage hop ups is brakes!  The ability to go faster is good, but not being to stop in time is very bad.  Many people upgrade to better brakes to help tame their powerful, modified trucks.  The HPI dual disc brake kit is a very popular brake upgrade, and it's made by HPI so there is no question of the quality and compatibility with the Savage trucks.

Performance Brakes 

HPI Savage Dual Disc Brake Upgrade Kit


4)  TUNED PIPES:  Another very popular category of HPI Savage parts is tuned pipes.  The Savage 21 and 25 RTR trucks came with plastic tuned pipes.  This is one of the parts that is commonly swapped out in favor of an aftermarket aluminum tuned pipe.  The aluminum pipes are more resistant to heat and damage and can also help provide better performance.  Hot Bodies is a company that makes a lot of HPI Savage hop ups, and an aluminum tuned pipe is just one of the many upgrades they offer.  Shown below is the black tuned pipe.  This same pipe is also available with a nice polished aluminum finish. 

HPI Savage Parts

HPI Savage Tuned Pipe by Hot Bodies

5)  BILLET ALUMINUM PARTS:  The final category of parts that we will touch upon are billet aluminum parts.  Most often, these aluminum parts are made to replace the original plastic parts.  Billet aluminum savage parts are machined from solid blocks of aluminum stock.  These parts will often have polished aluminum finishes or they can have an anodized surface with different colors.  Shown below are the HPI Savage aluminum c-hubs that have the purple anodized finish.  Aluminum parts can offer better looks and greater strength.  This category of HPI Savage hop ups is filled with many different types of nice aluminum parts to replace the stock plastic parts.

Aluminum Parts

HPI Savage Billet Aluminum C-Hubs


As mentioned earlier, almost all of the HPI Savage parts are interchangeable, so most of these aftermarket and upgrade parts will interchange and fit each model.  Because of this, the Savage owner has a huge selection of HPI Savage hop ups to choose from.  The parts shown here are only a very tiny sample of the many different choices available for this great truck!