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HPI Wheely King Electric RC Monster Truck

The HPI Wheely King is a fun 1/12th scale Ready to Run (RTR) electric RC monster truck.  HPI designed this truck to have realistic scale monster truck looks, including: tube style chassis, monster truck multi-link style suspension, BIG chevron style mud tires, and wheelie bar.  This 1/12th scale monster is a little smaller than the e-Savage, but it's far from small!  At 17 inches long and nearly 12 inches wide, this is still a good sized truck capable of tackling rough off road terrain or playing around in the backyard.  As the name implies, this monster truck was designed for the ultimate wheelies.  Chassis layout of the Wheely King has been optimized for extreme stand up, two wheeled action.  Pin the throttle and HANG ON!   

HPI Wheely King 10820

As mentioned, the HPI Wheely King puts that wheelie bar to good use!  The weight distribution along with it's powerful 540 electric motor makes wheelies on demand a reality.  Large 5.4" diameter tires mounted on chrome wheels are ready to tackle the rough terrain, while the 4 oil filled shocks help soak up the bumps.  Rolling on full ball bearings throughout the truck, friction is reduced, run times increased, and long term durability improved.      

Wheely King Action

HPI Wheely King in Action!

The HPI Wheely King comes equipped with a 2WD solid rear axle that puts the tire yanking 540 motor power to the ground.  The standard 540 27T motor can be swapped out for a performance motor (any normal 19T or faster 540) for even more power and thrills.  The 1/12th scale HPI Wheelie King is the right size for running in smaller areas, and the quiet electric power is also friendly for use just about anywhere. 

Here are some of the dimensions:

Length: 17.0 in (431.8 mm)

Width:  11.7 in (297.2 mm)

Height:  10.0 in (254.0 mm)

Wheelbase: 9.4 in (238.8 mm)

Suspension Travel:  6.0 in (152.4 mm)

HPI Wheely King RTR

The HPI Wheely King is Ready to Run right out of the box.  Just charge the supplied 7.2V 1500mAh battery pack (charger included) and get ready to run for up to 20 minutes of fun time.  The Wheely King uses standard style battery packs with industry standard connectors, so the selection of aftermarket packs is numerous.  A high quality 2 channel radio system controls the steering servo for precise steering control.  The other channel handles the Electronic Speed Control ESC and helps put the battery power to efficient use for long run times and great performance.  The HPI Wheely King also comes with a good looking painted and trimmed body.  If you're looking for electric RC monster truck fun, the HPI Wheely King is ready to perform!  UPDATE:  HPI has updated the body styles and now offers the HPI 102292 Iron Outlaw and the HPI 102291 Bounty Hunter body styles.

The New and Improved HPI Wheely King 4x4

HPI has improved the Wheely King by now making it 4x4.  A solid front axle has been added to match the solid rear axle for 4WD monster truck fun.  In addition, a new 2.4GHz radio system has been added to the package deal along with a waterproof electronic speed control (ESC) module. 


The Wheely King more closely matches the look and construction of the real car crushing full sized monster trucks that it is modeled after.  So, if you are looking for a more realistic looking electric monster that is packed with some great features and comes with HPI's excellent customer service, then the HPI Wheely King 4x4 might be a great choice for you.