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John Deere Tractors Fill Antique Tractor Archives

The words JOHN DEERE and TRACTORS go hand in hand!  John Deere tractors have been around for so long that many of the most popular vintage machines found in antique tractor John Deere Founderarchives are from JD.  John Deere is probably the best known tractor company in the US.  The founder of the company, John Deere (a blacksmith by trade) started out by making plows for the pioneers in the Midwest in the 1800's.  John was a stickler for quality and product innovation.  He was quoted as saying: "I will never put my name on a product that does not have in it the best that is in me."  This reputation for high quality has been with the company ever since.  John probably never fully understood how his business would take off and how it would become the giant that it is today!  In fact, he would probably be shocked to see some of the high tech machines that bear his name today.  The legacy continues...

John Deere Model D Antique Tractor Archives

1938 Model D Antique Tractor

The first production tractor with the JD name came out in 1923.  It was the Model D, and it became the longest running production tractor being produced for 30 years!  Today, these old machines are collectors items and can still be found today restored and in good operating condition.  Another one of the very popular John Deere tractors is the 4020.  This machine was manufactured from 1963 to 1972, and over the years was offered in gas, LP, and diesel powered versions.  The 4020 can still be found today working on small farms across the nation!  A true classic! 

John Deere 4020 Tractors

1968 JD 4020 - Not quite an antique tractor, but a classic!

Today, JD produces a wide variety of tractors ranging from small lawn tractors all the way up to 500HP Monsters!  One of the biggest Deere tractors ever produced is the JD 9620 with 500HP and over 1200ft*lbs of torque!  With it's massive quad wheels in front and back, in some ways this big tractor looks more like a monster truck than a farm tractor.  It is a "monster" with it's ability to pull very large implements through the ground and till large tracts of land for farming.           

John Deere 9620 Tractor

2005 John Deere Model 9620  500HP!

Those familiar with tillage know that it's not just the power rating of a tractor that is important, but it is also critical to have adequate traction to be able to pull the implement through the soil.  That's why you sometimes see farmers (such as in wheat farming) use what appear to be CAT bulldozers with steel tracks to pull large implements through the soil.  The tracks and weight give the dozer the traction it needs to overcome the resistance of the plow, disc, or other implements being pulled behind.  In addition, you will sometimes see more modern tractors like a John Deere with rubber tracks.  Again, this is to help provide better traction and it also tends to be more gentle and impact the soil less than typical tractor tires. 

John Deere has a rich history and many of it's machines fill antique tractor archives.  Today, John Deere offers an extensive selection of different models.  So, whether you are looking for a small, compact tractor in the 20HP range or a earth shaking 500HP monster (and just about any type of tractor in between), there are many John Deere tractors available to help you get the job done.  The legacy lives on!  To see a large John Deere tractor at work, see the video below showing a powerful JD tractor pulling a scraper system.