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Upgrade Options for the Kawasaki Utility Vehicles

Kawasaki now offers the Mule 610 and also the larger 4 person Mule 4010 Trans4x4.  Both of these are well designed utility vehicles and come well equipped.  The Kawasaki Mule utility vehicles have been around for many years and have proven themselves.  Since Kawasaki has been a long player in the compact utility vehicle market, and because of the long term success of the Mule, there are many different Kawasaki Mule accessories available.  Items like Kawasaki Mule windshields, snowplow blades, gun carriers, heavy duty suspension springs, and many other upgrades are readily available.  The number of choices is amazing and it is a testimony to the widespread popularity of these utility vehicles.  Below is just a small sample of the many different accessories that are available. 

Kawasaki Mule Upgrades & Accessories

Mule Cab One popular Kawasaki Mule item is a cab which can be equipped with an optional heater to help keep warmer in cold temperatures.  Similar to the cab on a tractor, the Mule cab can also protect the occupants for wind, rain, dirt while working. 
Kawasaki Mule Accessories Accessories for hunting and outdoor recreation are also popular.  Items like gun cases, extra racks, and extra storage compartments help the hunter carry the necessary gear while out on a hunting adventure.
Mule Winch Winches are also available to help get the Mule unstuck from a sticky off road situation, or they can be used to extract another vehicle or used to move an object.  There are a variety of different winches available with different pulling capacities. 
Mule Windshield As already mentioned, a full cab enclosure is available, but just a windshield by itself is another popular upgrade.  This can help shield the occupants from wind, water, dirt, and other debris from flying up into the face of occupants.  A Kawasaki Mule windshield can be purchased from various companies and can be made out of glass or plastic.  There are also fold up types that allow the opening of the front hood for access to cargo storage.      

As it comes from the factory, the Mule is a very useful workhorse capable of performing in many different situations.  The Kawasaki Mule 610 comes with a reliable single cylinder forced air cooled engine, and the larger Mule 4010 comes with a good liquid cooled 617cc V-Twin engine.   Both of them are good engines, but you will not find many Kawasaki Mule accessories that boost the performance of these engines.  They are more of an industrial engine design with relatively low RPM limits.  These lower RPM industrial type engines have benefits too, as they are quieter than many of the other utility vehicle engines.  In addition, the lower speeds of these engines can help to increase longevity and fuel efficiency as well.  Top speed on the Kawasaki Mules are governed to around 25mph.  This is plenty fast for most situations around the worksite or leisurely trail riding; however, you might wish you had more speed on the wide open spaces or straight trails.  The Kawasaki Mules have been used successfully on the worksite and in outdoor recreation.  No matter how you choose to use it, option parts can help customize these utility vehicles to be better suited to their specific tasks.  Thanks to it's long history and widespread popularity, the selection of Kawasaki Mule accessories is abundant!