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Accessories & Upgrade Parts for the Teryx 

A wide variety of Kawasaki Teryx accessories are available directly from Kawasaki as well as a multitude of other aftermarket companies.  With its powerful Brute Force 749cc V-Twin engine, good looks, dual purpose utility and sport features, the Teryx 750 has gathered a large following of enthusiasts.  Kawasaki Teryx accessories like windshields, roofs, gun cases, and other storage accessories are available directly from Kawasaki and also from aftermarket companies.  In addition, there are many other accessories like winches, snow plows, stereo systems, bumpers, and skid plates to protect the Teryx from damage during extreme off road conditions.                   

Kawasaki Teryx Accessories

The powerful 750 V-twin engine in the Kawasaki Teryx makes decent power in stock form, but more power can be nice too, so many people are interested in upgrading the performance of their Teryx.  How much more power you can get will depend on how much more money that you want to spend.  Given enough money, the sky is the limit when it comes to horsepower; however, there is a point where the HP gains may not be worth the required money to reach those higher performance levels.  Thankfully, there is some "low hanging fruit" that can be easily reached to produce some useful performance at a reasonable cost.     

Teryx CDI

One area where some additional power can be unleashed is with an aftermarket Capacitive Discharge Ignition (CDI) model.  A good aftermarket CDI module like the one made by Dynatek will change the ignition timing curve to extract additional power.  This additional power will come from further advancing the ignition timing.  As long as you are running with good quality fuel and have stock compression levels, then the Teryx can benefit from some additional timing advance.  If you've already gone further down the road pursuing power and have installed high compression pistons, then you don't want to advance the ignition timing further unless you intend to run high octane fuel or you risk damaging your engine.  You don't want to hammer holes in those expensive aftermarket pistons with destructive detonation!  Even if they are forged pistons, they still will be no match for sustained detonation.  Detonation can easily occur with high compression ratios, too much ignition timing advance, and too low of octane fuel.  For most Teryx owners, this will not be an issue because most owners would not want to tear into their engines to install high compression pistons in the first place.  For the average Teryx owner, a CDI like the Dynatek can not only unleash additional power, but it also removes other factory limiters like the RPM limit which allows higher top speeds.  For under $200, a Dynatek CDI can offer a nice bang for your buck in terms of overall performance improvement.  Look to gain up to 4 HP peak power as well as boost the power and drivability across the RPM range.  Four horsepower might not sound like much, but considering the Teryx puts out around 30 HP at the wheels, that 4 HP is a 13% increase for a reasonable price.  More than just the HP increase, removing the factory limiters really uncorks the Teryx and allows higher tops speeds.  A stock Kawasaki Teryx has as top speed of around 45 mph.  With the Dynatek CDI, top speed is increased into the 50's.  Dynatek makes a programmable and non-programmable version of their CDI, but many people will prefer the simpler plug-n-play performance enhancement of the non-programmable Dynatek CDI, and it costs about $100 less than the programmable module.

Teryx MSD Charge FI 

Not only are CDI modules available, but there are also modules available to fine tune the fuel injection system.  Fuel injection programmers like the Dynojet, HMF Programmer, and MSD Charge FI allow fine tuning of the fuel curves.  This would not be necessary unless you make some significant changes to your engine which greatly increases the airflow through the engine.  Most Teryx owners will probably not be digging that deep in to their engines, so the typical owner is probably not going to need to change the factory fuel curves on their Teryx.  

UNI Air Filter for Teryx

The stock air filter system is known to be less than ideal.  Some people have found that it is possible for dirt to get past the stock air filter.  To help eliminate this potential problem, an aftermarket filter system like the one offered by UNI that is clamped to a solid filter mount can offer a more secure air filter system that better protects your expensive engine. 

Kawasaki Teryx Muzzy Exhaust        

Another popular category of Kawasaki Teryx accessories is aftermarket exhausts.  A variety of well known companies offer aftermarket exhausts for the Teryx.  Less expensive single slip on mufflers as well as true dual exhausts for the Teryx V-Twin are available.  Aftermarket companies like HMF, Gibson, Muzzy, and Looney Tuned offer exhaust systems for the Teryx.  Just be aware that some of these exhaust systems can be very expensive and also very loud.  On top of that, some of them don't really add much in terms of real performance.  It's natural to assume that a louder machine is more powerful and faster, but that's not necessarily the case.  How many Honda Civics have you seen with their noisy, shiny, pretty mufflers buzzing by on the road.  They might be louder, and the driver might "feel" like it's faster because of the extra noise, but in most cases these cars have much more bark than bite.  In other words, just because an exhaust system is noisier doesn't mean that it's any better in terms of performance.  Some of these exhaust systems for the Kawasaki Teryx cost a lot of money and the actual power increase is minimal.  The Muzzy is one of the better performing exhaust systems for the Teryx and it only adds around 6 HP over stock.  Expect to pay around $800 - $900 for the nicer exhaust systems.  So, as you can see, you are not going to get a lot of power for your money when switching to an aftermarket exhaust.  If you do some serious engine modifications that requires much higher air flow, then perhaps some of these aftermarket exhausts would help unleash more power.  On a stock engine, don't expect too much.  Do you want to know a little exhaust trick that can add around 3 HP to the rear wheels of your Kawasaki Teryx?  This is a great bang for your buck modification.  How much does it cost?  NOTHING!  ABSOLUTELY FREE!  What is it?  It's simply removing the exhaust tip on the factory muffler.  Why spend $800 - $900 to gain 6 HP if you can get 3HP (or more) for free by simply removing the stock exhaust tip!  Just keep in mind that this will also increase the bark of your Teryx.  If you don't mind the extra noise, then this can be an easy way to pick up some extra performance. 

This is just a small sample of the performance accessories available for the Kawasaki Teryx.  If you really want to go all out and have a big pocket book, then you can DOUBLE the power output of your Kawasaki Teryx by bolting on an aftermarket supercharger system.  Lots of power, but lots of money.  Expect to pay $4000 - $5000 for a supercharger such as the Mountain Performance kit.  If you are looking for the best bang for your buck, then you can get a nice increase in the overall performance of your Kawasaki Teryx for under $200 by plugging in an aftermarket CDI and just removing the stock exhaust tip!  You might also want to spend an additional $85 to get the better UNI air filter system to help protect your Teryx engine.  For those seeking the ultimate power, some people have installed a turbocharger on their Teryx.  There are also big bore kits, cams, and high compression pistons which can dramatically boost the power output of the Teryx engine, but again these are going to cost a lot of money and require a lot of work for installation (or even more money to pay someone else to install them for you).  Whether you are looking for accessories like: a windshield, roof, protective skid plates, additional lighting, winch, or snow plow, or you are looking for ways to increase the performance of your Teryx, there are many different Kawasaki Teryx accessories to choose from!  The video below shows some of the accessories and parts available for the Kawasaki Teryx from several different aftermarket companies.