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Keltec Firearms are Innovative, Unique, and Value Packed

Keltec started off as a CNC machine shop back in 1991 in Cocoa, Florida.  In case you didn't know, CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control.  So, Keltec started out as a highly automated machine shop making precision parts for other companies.  It was a natural progression for them to move towards Keltec weapons, since firearms are made up of many different precision machined parts.  Keltec weapons began rolling off the production line back in 1995.  The first Keltec gun produced was the P-32.  Weighing a mere 6.6 oz unloaded, this ultra compact .32 caliber pistol helped usher in a new era of extremely lightweight, ultra compact pocket pistols intended for easy concealed carry.  This tiny pocket pistol was a hit.  Many more Keltec weapons were to flow out of the creative minds of the designers and the busy machine shop.  Over time, things haven't changed much at Keltec.  They are still coming out with innovative new guns, and their machine shop is still very busy trying to keep up with the high demand for the many different popular firearms that they produce!  Let's take a look at some of the different guns that Keltec offers.

KELTEC PISTOLS - What started out with the ultra compact P-32 pistol has grown to include several different models of Keltec pistols.  Below you will find a listing of the different Keltec handguns and some highlights of each model.  A common theme with all of them is: innovative, lightweight, durable, and value packed guns.  Many companies have copied Keltec's example of making ultra compact, lightweight, and easy to conceal handguns.  Keltec pistols are Made in the USA, feature a lifetime warranty, and come from a company that has built a reputation for great customer service.


Keltec Pistols P-32 P-32 .32 6.6oz 5.1" 3.5" .75" 2.7" 7+1
Keltec Pistols P-3AT P-3AT .380 8.3oz 5.2" 3.5" .77" 2.7" 6+1
Keltec Pistols P-11 P-11 9mm 14.0oz 5.6" 4.3" 1.0" 3.1" 10+1
Keltec Pistols P-9 PF-9 9mm 12.7oz 5.85" 4.3" 0.88" 3.1" 7+1
Keltec Pistols PMR-30 PMR-30 22Mag 13.6oz 7.9" 5.8" 1.3" 4.3" 30
Keltec Pistols PLR-22 PLR-22 22LR 2.8lbs 18.5" X X 10.1" 26
Keltec Pistols PLR-16 PLR-16 .223 3.2lbs 18.5" X X 9.2" 10

As you can see, there is a wide variety of Keltec pistols which include the: P-32, P-3AT, P-11, and PF-9 compact pocket pistols for concealed carry.  In addition, the PLR-22 is a tactical style pistol that allows the economical shooting of 22LR ammunition.  For those favoring more performance, the PLR-16 is a tactical style pistol is chambered for the popular .223 (5.56mm NATO) round.  Equipped with a 10 round factory magazine, the PLR-16 can also accept M-16 mags for higher capacity options.  Shooting the PLR-16 is like holding a mini M-16 or M-4 in your hands.  Extremely compact with an overall length of 18.5 inches, this pistol can place a lot of firepower in your hands when equipped with a 30 round magazine.  Speaking of 30 rounds of firepower, the newest Keltec handgun is the Keltec PMR-30.  Packing 30 rounds of .22 Magnum ammo inside the double stack mag that fits entirely inside the pistol grip, the PMR-30 also offers a lot of firepower in a very compact size.  Whether you are looking for a fun gun plinking or a easily concealed handgun, Keltec pistols offer a good variety of choices at reasonable prices.  Along with their pistols, Keltec offers a variety of different accessories to customize their pistols.  For the PF-9, there is a +1 grip extension that converts a standard 7 round magazine to an 8 round magazine while also providing a larger grip area.  An adjustable rear sight kit is also available for the PF-9, and a trigger shoe kit makes the trigger more comfortable on these long travel double action triggers.  The trigger shoe kit is also available for the P-11.  In addition, you can get 2 different mag extensions for the P-11 that increase capacity to 12 and 15 rounds.  A new sight kit is also made for the P-11.  On the P-32 pistol, a +1 round mag extension is available, as well as a different 10 round mag.  For the popular P-3AT, a +1 mag extension and a new 9 round mag are also available.  Moving on to the PMR-30, three different mounts for Burris, Docter, and Ultradot red dot scopes are offered.  Finally, on the PLR-16 and PLR-22, a scope mount, single point sling, and muzzle brake are some of the accessories offered.  Already packed with many great features, these Keltec pistols can be customized further with these factory accessories.

KELTEC RIFLES - Keltec rifles have an innovative, tactical style to them.  The SUB-2000 carbine which is a pistol style carbine is available chambered in the popular .40 or 9mm rounds.  The latest SUB-2000 is based on the earlier SUB-9 carbine.  Then there are the SU-16 Keltec rifles that are all based on the same action firing the popular .223 (5.56mm NATO) round.  Variations in the models of the SU-16 include different lengths of barrels, different stock configurations, and some different features.  Some of the SU-16 models allow extra magazines to be stored inside the stock.  These Keltec SU-16 rifles share many more similarities than differences.  The SU-16D is a compact version that comes in two different variations known as the D9 and D12.  Both are very compact with shortened barrels (D9 = ~9" barrel, and D12 = ~12" barrel) for situations where an extremely compact rifle is required.  The SU-16 models have folding stocks that allow these Keltec rifles to be stored in small spaces and quickly opened up for use.  The SU-22 is similar to the SU-16 in its design, except that it is designed to shoot the economical .22LR round.  Finally, the Keltec RFB is a very unique bullpup rifle design that is a very compact weapon capable of firing the potent 7.62 x 51 NATO round.  The table below gives a quick comparison of some of the specs of the different Keltec rifles. 


Keltec Rifles SUB-2000 SUB-2000 9mm


4.0 lbs 29.5" 16.0" 16.1" varies



Keltec Rifles SU-16A SU-16A .223 5.0 lbs 37.4" 26.4" 18.5" 10/20/30
Keltec Rifles SU-16B SU-16B .223 4.5 lbs 35.9" 24.9" 16.0" 10/20/30
Keltec Rifles SU-16C SU-16C .223 4.7 lbs 35.5" 25.5" 16.0" 10/20/30
Keltec Rifles SU-16CA SU-16CA .223 4.7 lbs 35.9" 24.9" 16.0" 10/20/30
Keltec Rifles SU-16D SU-16D .223 3.7 lbs 29.9" 19.9" 9.2" 10/20/30
Keltec Rifles SU-22 SU-22 .22LR 4.0 lbs 34.0" X 16.1" 26
Keltec Rifles RFB RFB 7.62NATO 8.1 lbs 26.0" X 18.0" 10/20

Whether you are interested in a tactical rifle like one of the many SU-16 models, an economical to shoot rifle like the SU-22, a pistol style carbine like the SU-2000, or the innovative RFB bullpup rifle, there are many choices of Keltec rifles to chose from.  Keltec firearms are innovative and unique and offer the gun enthusiast some great choices to consider for adding to their personal arsenal.  When it's time to customize your Keltec rifle, then there are a good selection of factory accessories.  For the SUB-2000 rifle, a Picattiny rail, scope mount, and aluminum fore end are available.  A wide variety of accessories are available for the RFB rifle including: bayonet lug, buttpad spacers, handguard with Picatinny rail, muzzle brake kit, a quad rail, sling, and a sight riser kit which extends the sight radius by 5 inches.  On the SU-16 and SU-22 rifles, there are a couple different sight kits offered.  In addition, a pistol grip AR stock adapter with collapsible stock is available.  Furthermore, there is also a bayonet lug, sling, and compact fore end with additional Picatinny rails.  These are just some of the many accessories available directly from Keltec. 

KELTEC SHOTGUNS - Keltec is known for it's innovative and feature packed firearms offering a lot of value for the money.  The exciting new Keltec shotgun is no exception to this.  A pump shotgun with the ability to hold 15 rounds (14 shells in mag tubes + 1 shell in chamber), the Keltec KSG packs an incredible amount of firepower in a very compact package.  Chambered for the 12 gauge 3" magnum, the Keltec will be able to shoot the wide variety of 12 gauge 2-3/4" and 3" ammunition that is readily available.  Packed with 15 rounds of buckshot, slugs, or a combination of different 12 gauge ammunition, the Keltec KSG would make a formidable self defense shotgun! 

Keltec Shotgun

The Keltec shotgun is a bullpup style design, and the shells are loaded into the magazine tubes at the bottom of the butt stock behind the pistol grip.  A selector lever is moved to allow loading of each magazine tube separately.  This same selector lever is what is used to switch over to the other mag tube once the first one is fired empty.  Spent shells are ejected downward.  The voracious appetite of this pump action Keltec shotgun is fed by dual mag tubes that each hold up to 7 shells each.  This large magazine capacity, combined with 1 shell in the chamber, makes for an impressive 15 rounds of 12 gauge power.  The full magazine capacity is based on loading 2-3/4" shotshells.  The Keltec shotgun will also hold 3" magnum shotshells, but the overall capacity will be less with the larger shells.  With 3" magnum, you will lose 1 round of capacity in each magazine tube, so the overall capacity will be reduced to 12 rounds in the mag tubes and 1 in the chamber for a total of 13 shots.  Either way you look at it, with 15 shots of 2-3/4" or 13 shots of 3" magnum, that's a lot of power in this compact firearm.  Picatinny rails on top allow a variety of different sights to be mounted, and an underside Picatinny rail allows a pistol foregrip to be added for a more secure grip while pumping.  In addition, the underside rail can also be used for mounting accessories like a laser sight or a tactical light.  Equipped with the shortest length barrel allowed by law (18.5"), the overall length of the Keltec shotgun is a very compact 26.1".  This means the Keltec shotgun's overall length that is even shorter than just the barrel alone of some other shotguns!  Street price for the Keltec KSG is in the $600-700 range with the usual price variations depending on dealers.  Some dealers are even offering it for a little under $600.  The innovative and unique Keltec shotgun will be a popular choice with gun enthusiasts, and also with those people who are looking for a substantial home defense weapon.  No doubt, it will be extremely unpopular with the bad guys who might be looking at the end of the barrel of this formidable weapon!