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A Growing Name in Tractors

In 1963, a joint venture between Mahindra of India and International Harvester started Mahindra on the path of manufacturing tractors.  Since that time, Mahindra tractors have become increasing popular and are now the best selling machines in India (the world's largest tractor market) and quickly spreading around the world.  Compact tractors like Mahindra are becoming especially popular in the United States.  Mahindra USA began it's operation in 1994.  These machines offer an attractive blend of features, performance, and price.  These tractors come with a heavyweight rugged cast iron chassis which is supposed to help increase traction, stability, and control - especially when working with large implements.  Tractors with 2WD, 4WD, and hydrostatic transmissions are offered.  The number of different models offered is very extensive.  Too extensive to try to list them all here, but this page will give you a sample of the type of tractors that Mahindra offers!

Mahindra 2615      Mahindra 4530 Tractor

26 HP Model 2615 4WD                               45 HP Model 4530 4WD

Generally speaking, a quick way to identify the HP rating and series to which a Mahindra tractor belongs is with the model number.  The first 2 numbers are typically the HP rating (engine HP), while the last 2 numbers are usually the series to which it belongs.  For example, the Mahindra 2015 is a 20 HP tractor and from the 15 series.  The C series and CAB series can be a little different in their model number convention. 


00 series - Dependable, tough, heavy duty utility tractors with modern styling & additional features for greater operational versatility. Available in both 2WD and 4WD models.

10 series - Heavy duty, versatile compact 4WD tractors are equipped with many standard features.

15 series - Time tested, economy series of 4WD compact tractors for light to medium duty applications.  Models available in standard gear or hydrostatic transmissions.

20 series - Versatile, heavy duty, full platform utility tractors loaded with an extensive list of standard features.

25 series - Economy price rugged utility tractors that offer versatility and ergonomic comfort.

30 series - Versatile and rugged utility tractors designed for ease of operation & loaded with a big list of standard features.

C series - Rugged, heavy duty tractors with contemporary styling.  These 2WD compact utility tractors are best-in-class in weight, lift capacity and front end loader lift capacity.

CAB series - Heavy duty and versatile compact 4WD cab tractors with an extensive list of standard features.

Mahindra 2810 HST Tractor

28 HP Model 2810 4WD

There is a large number of different Mahindra tractors to choose from.  They offer a good quality machine, many features, and are backed by a 3 year warranty - all at a very reasonable price.  The Mahindra tractors offer the consumer a good value for their money.  The number of dealers in the United States is expanding, and so is the popularity of these quality & value packed tractors.