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Manco - Over 30 years of Go Cart Production

Manco has been in business for over 30 years, and this is supposed to make them the oldest manufacturer of go karts in the US.  They are also supposed to be the largest go kart manufacturer in the US.  They are known for building good machines with attention to quality and safety.  Manco produces a variety of models for different age groups.  Models like the Bandit are designed for young kids and offer safety features that are appropriate for young children - like a top speed limited to less than 10 mph.

  Manco Children Go Karts

Mancos are powered by high quality Robin engines which are probably some of the best small engines available.  These quality engines along with quality workmanship can make for a long lasting machine if maintained properly.  There are other models like the Force Five which have more power, higher top speeds, and some models also come with torque converters that allow better hill climbing abilities.  Go karts like the ForceFive are designed for older kids.  

 Go Carts for Older Kids

Manco also produces models that are intended for adults.  Models like the Aerforce F-265 are more sophisticated and offer a full suspension (with dual front A-arms), a torquey 10 HP Robin engine, disc brake, and performance capability closer to that of an ATV.  The F-265 is available with pull start or electric start engine options. 

Adult Manco Aerforce Go Carts

With safety features and quality construction, Manco go karts are another good choice to consider.  In addition, there are a number of other companies that offer exciting new go karts at very good prices.  As you look at some of the exciting models that are available, then you quickly realize that go karts are not just for kids anymore!

UPDATE:  Manco has changed and is now called American Sportworks.  The large product line of Manco go karts as in years past is no longer the same.  Now, there are only has a couple different models of go karts that they offer.  The first go kart is known as the Quantum.  A very similar model known as the Carbide has also been available.  These go karts are powered by a 150cc GY6 style 4 stroke engine with integral CVT transmission.  This engine is rated at around 10HP and this kart is supposed to be capable of speeds of up to 39 mph.  The Quantum has hydraulic disc brakes all around it and has some other nice features for a go kart in this price range.  The Quantum is for the older and more experienced driver.  For the younger driver, there is the Black Widow kid's go kart that comes with a smaller 4 HP mated to a CVT transmission that is supposed to allow a top speed of up to 24 mph.  Both of these go karts are economically priced.    

 Quantum Cart        Black Widow Buggy


Even though American Sportworks has a much smaller offering of karts compared to the previous line of Manco go karts, they now offer a very large selection of different utility vehicles (UTV).  These utility vehicles are categorized in what they call the Chuckwagon series and the Landmaster series of UTVs.  Most of these models of UTVs are equipped with high quality Subaru engines that come with a 3 year warranty.  Since this page was specifically focused on the topic of Manco go karts (now called American Sportworks), then we won't get into many more details about the UTVs here.

NEW MODELS:  American Sportworks (ASW) now offers 3 different models of go karts.  The Black Widow model is still basically the same, but now there are 2 new go karts being offered.  Below, you will find some more details on each one.

Zircon   Marauder   Black Widow

Zircon                                         Marauder                                    Black Widow

ZIRCON - The top of the line kart from ASW is now the Zircon.  This model is very similar to the former Quantum kart.  Equipped with the same ATV/motorcycle style 150cc engine with electric start, this engine is capable of pushing the Zircon at speeds approaching 40mph.  The power rating of the engine is around 9.0 HP @ 7,500 RPM and 13.0 FT-LBS @ 5,500 RPM.  A CVT belt drive transmission helps to make full use of all 9 horses.  The full suspension, rack & pinion steering, and disc brake system helps to keep things under control.  ATV type tires help keep the Zircon tracking down the trail, while the fenders help to keep the dirt off of you.  Curb weight on the Zircon is 459 lbs.  Overall dimensions are 83.2" L x 53.4" W x 53.8" H.

MARAUDER - Next up is the Marauder with a 208cc 4 stroke industrial style engine that is rated for 6.4 HP @ 3,600 RPM and 9.4 FT-LBS @ 3,100 RPM.  Top speed on this kart is 22-24 mph.  The engines comes with a convenient electric staring system along with a recoil start for backup.  A belt drive torque converter transmission automatically adjusts the ratios to help take full advantage of the engine's potential.  Full suspension and rack & pinion steering along with a disc brake round out the Marauder's feature set.  Curb weight on this go kart is 375 lbs, and overall dimensions are 80" L x 48" W x 53" H.

BLACK WIDOW - Finally, the Black Widow go kart is still being offered as before, and it features a pull start 136cc industrial style engine rated for 4.1 HP @ 3,600 RPM and 7.1 FT-LBS @ 3,185 RPM.   The engine is coupled to a torque converter belt drive transmission that drives both rear wheels.  Rack and pinion steering and a disc brake on the rear axle help to control the Black Widow.  With a curb weight of 300 lbs and overall dimensions of 71" L x 47" W x 49" H, this is a relatively lightweight go kart designed for smaller drivers.