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A Photo Gallery of Some Country Living Experiences

One of the things that I did a lot during the early years of moving out to the country was to take a lot of pictures.  In a way, I think I was documenting the many new experiences that I was encountering while getting used to country living.  In recent years, I haven't taken quite as many pictures, but I still like to try to capture some of those memorable moments that come along.  Perhaps the reason I don't take as many pictures now is because I have 7 children with an 8th on the way and life is just very full.  The days, weeks, months, and years seem to fly by now.  Even so, it is still fun to capture some memories with the camera.  Below you'll find a small sample of some of the 1000's of photos I've taken over the years while living out in the country.   You might see some of these photos on other pages of this website as well, when it was relevant to what I was writing about.  I also wanted to place some of the more interesting photos that I have here in this simple photo gallery.

Car Crash in Front of Our Property - Click here for the full car crash story


Windstorm During Winter of 2006 - Winds Over 100 MPH



Flash Flood During Summer of 2006 - Rock & Debris Washed Down



Wildfire During Summer 2007 - Some Unwanted Excitement Nearby



One of my Sons Tired of Hammering Nails



Icicle Art on One of My Irrigation Wheel Lines Early Spring 2007



Hillbilly Snowmobiling - One of My Sons Sitting on the Old Snowmobile



Stuck My Finger in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time



Hay Diving in the Barn on Soft Orchard Grass Hay



Hauling 40' Long Irrigation Pipes - See more on FARM page



Snakes by One of My Well Pumps - Click here for more about snakes



Beehive In the Rocks Up Behind Our Property



Coyote Pup - Click here for more about this coyote & other wildlife



Drowning in a Sea of Bales - Around 3000 bales my first cutting of hay


In the future, I might try to write pages about some of the memorable moments behind the pictures in this photo gallery.  I have more pictures and some stories to tell about the wildfire, windstorm, and flash flood.  I might add more pictures to this photo gallery as they come to mind.  As I mentioned above, I have accumulated 1000's of pictures over the years since we moved out in the country.  It's just a matter of sifting through some of them looking for some more memorable moments to share about country living.