Mossberg .22 Tactical Rifle


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The Value Packed Mossberg 715T Rifle

The Mossberg 22LR tactical rifle is based on the Mossberg 702 Plinkster rifle.  Using the same basic action, the Mossberg 22LR tactical rifle is dressed up with a more aggressive looking AR style exterior.  With an MSRP under $300, the Mossberg 22LR tactical rifle offers a lower cost alternative to some of the more expensive tactical .22 rifles that are currently available.  That combined with the cost savings of shooting 22LR over more expensive tactical rifle ammo can add up to some big savings.  Models can be selected that come with options such as a fixed or adjustable butt stock and a 10 or 25 round magazine.  Suitable for recreational plinking or varmint hunting, the Mossberg 22LR tactical rifle fits into a popular category for firearm enthusiasts.

Mossberg 715T

Mossberg 22LR Tactical Rifle with 25 Round Magazine

Anyone who is familiar with firearms knows that ammunition costs can really add up.  At the time this is being written, .22 ammunition can still be purchase in bulk packs for a little over 3 cents per round.  Some of the best value .22 ammunition is the Federal bulk packs that are sold in 375 and 525 rounds.  In the past, they were sold in a 550 round box size and can sometimes still be found at places like Wal-Mart.  At a little over 3 cents per round, this makes shooting a Mossberg 22LR tactical rifle very affordable.  In comparison, for a regular AR or AK style tactical rifle, even the low cost Russian ammunition for .223 (5.56 NATO) or the venerable 7.62x39 will cost you around 30 cents a round at current pricing.  And that's assuming that you can find a good deal somewhere on the foreign made ammo.  If you pay for premium US made .223 or 7.62x39 ammo, then you can pay closer to $1 per round!  So, it's easy to see that for the gun enthusiast that likes to shoot a lot, the cost of ammunition can become quite high.  Economically speaking, guns like this allow the gun enthusiast to shoot larger quantities of ammunition at a very reasonable cost.  Over the long haul, this savings in ammo can more than offset the cost of a Mossberg 22LR tactical rifle.

Now, a little commentary about the humble 22LR round.  Some people scoff at the 22 thinking that it is a weak and anemic round.  True, the 22LR is no 30-06, but bullet options have come a long way in recent time.  When CCI released their Stinger round, a 1640 fps hyper velocity 32 gr bullet, this really pushed the limits of what was possible with a 22 LR bullet.  Then, more recently, the CCI Velocitor came out with it's 40 gr hollow point bullet traveling an impressive 1435 fps.  The Velocitor has really proven itself as a powerful 22LR round, and it is even rated for animals as large as coyotes.  This high velocity 40 gr bullet has excellent expansion and penetration ballistic performance, and it really raises the bar on what can be expected from a 22.  Granted, this is not a high powered rifle round, but at the same time, "this is also not your Dad's 22 ammo."  Things have changed, and so have the rifles that shoot the 22.  The Mossberg tactical rifle is also not your Dad's 22 rifle!

Just for reference, the model numbers for the Mossberg tactical .22 rifle are as follows:

37200 - Fixed stock, 10 round magazine

37202 - Adjustable stock, 10 round magazine

37206 - Fixed stock, 25 round magazine

37204 - Adjustable stock, 25 round magazine

At the time this is being written, the MSRP on all models of the Mossberg tactical rifle is $276.

Mossberg 702

Mossberg Plinkster 702 with 10 Round Magazine

If you are looking to save even more money, then you should look into the economical Mossberg 702 Plinkster rifle.  If you shop around, you can find this Mossberg 22 rifle for a little over $100.  More specifically, at the time this is being written, you can pick up a Mossberg 702 for only $107 at places like Wal-Mart.  That is a very low price!  Other places usually sell it for a little more, but even then it still is a low price.  These days, you can hardly get a decent high quality pellet gun for that price, let alone a regular firearm.  You might think the if the price is low, then the quality must be low.  Granted, the Mossberg Plinkster is not the finest or fanciest 22 rifle that you can buy, but it is a good gun and there have been a lot of them sold with many satisfied owners.  In case you didn't know, the Mossberg tactical 22 discussed above is just a Mossberg Plinkster dressed up with the tactical furniture and accessories.  You read that right.  If you can live without the tactical look, you can get a Plinkster for LESS THAN 1/2 THE PRICE of the Mossberg 702.  The Mossberg 702 is manufactured in Brazil by CBC which is one of the largest ammunition manufacturers in the world.  You have probably heard of Magtech ammunition which is manufactured by CBC.  All that to say, the Mossberg Plinkster is manufactured by a company that is well known for producing quality products.

Mossberg 95725        Mossberg 95712   

Mossberg 25 Round Magazines: 95725 (LEFT) and 95712 (RIGHT)

The 702 comes with a 10 round clip, but Mossberg offers a 25 round magazine especially made to fit the Plinkster rifle.  Just be sure to get the right version of the 25 round magazine.  There are 2 different magazines, and the picture above shows both of them.  The mag on the left is Mossberg 95725 and that is the one made to fit the Plinkster.  The mag on the right is the Mossberg 95712 and it is made to fit the tactical rifle shown at the top of this page.  REMEMBER:  If you want to get the 25 round mag for your Plinkster 702 rifle, then be sure to get the Mossberg 95725 magazine.