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Three Wheel Motorcycle Trike

Many people who like the idea of riding in the open air on a motorcycle, find the idea of a motorcycle trike 3-wheel machine very attractive.  With 3 wheels on the ground, the trike offers increased stability, comfort, and convenience.  No longer does the rider need to be concerned with the prospect of picking up an impossibly heavy touring bike that accidentally tipped over.  In addition, on the open road, the 3 wheel configuration can offer a further degree of safety and stability not found on 2 wheel motorcycles.  With more rubber on the road in the trike pattern, the machine has increased traction for acceleration, braking, and safety on slippery road conditions. 

Custom Trike Motorcycle

Beautiful Honda Goldwing GL1800 Trike

Those that have had the unfortunate experience of riding a motorcycle on slick surfaces (snow, ice, wet/oily, loose dirt or gravel), can appreciate the safety and stability that a motorcycle trike 3-wheel machine can offer.  Let's just say that it's no fun to dump a bike in slick conditions!  Your bike won't appreciate getting all smashed up, and neither will your crushed leg and road rashed body!  With the increased size, weight, and power of the modern cruiser bike, the trike configuration can offer some real advantages to the rider.

Honda Shadow Trike

Honda Shadow VTX1300 Motorcyle Trike

In the past, many trikes were just custom, one-of-a-kind conversions done by people with the fabrications skills and the know-how to make it happen themselves.  If you've lived long enough and been on the road long enough, then no doubt you've probably seen some ugly trikes that were made by mating a VW bug and a motorcycle front end.  The resulting offspring was anything but pretty!  Sure, some people did a nice job in building these, but there were some really ugly ones too.  Another type of interesting 3 wheel bike that you may have seen before is the V8 powered trike.  As you can imagine, cramming a 300-400 HP V8 engine in a relatively lightweight trike chassis is a recipe for some serious performance (and a serious disaster if things are not done right)!  Again, some of these V8 trikes are impressive to see, but some of the homemade V8 bikes are downright ugly.  This is understandable because not everyone has the same level of fabrications skills needed to build such a machine.  Thankfully these days there are more options for the 3 wheel trike enthusiast.  No longer do you need to look like you are a part of an angry biker gang cruising around on your hacked up trike!  Today, there are companies which offer trike conversion kits for various popular cruiser motorcycles.  Riders can purchase conversion kits and do the work themselves, or they can purchase ready to ride machines.  Some of these trike conversions are beautiful works of road art. 

Spyder Trike

Can-Am Spyder Trike

In addition to the trike conversions that are available, some of the motorcycle manufacturers themselves are offering factory trikes.  The Can Am Spyder is one such unique machine.  The Spyder is a little different than your standard trike in that the wheel layout is flipped around.  The Spyder Roadster has 2 wheels in the front and 1 in the rear.  If the thrill of riding a motorcycle on the open road appeals to you, but you have some concerns about the traditional 2 wheel motorcycle configuration, then you might want to look into a motorcycle trike 3-wheel machine.  There's nothing quite like cruising in the open air on a beautiful day.  Motorcycle enthusiasts understand the enjoyment of this, but a conventional motorcycle is not the best choice for everyone.  Now others who prefer the stability of a trike can also enjoy this unique experience, and thanks to some of the great options available today, they can do it in style.