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Off Road Go Carts Offer Fun and Excitement

The world of off road go karts has been quickly growing!  These machines are growing in popularity because they can offer safety advantages and better pricing over conventional ATV's.  There are now many choices that are becoming available.  There are quite a few of these machines that are manufactured in China and sold into the US under various names and brands.  Many of them are powered by the same basic 150 cc and 250 cc engine designs.  These engines are not like the typical small engine found on children's models.  These engines are more like a motorcycle design.  In fact, both the popular 150 cc and 250 cc powerplants used in many of the Chinese off road go karts are based on scooter motors.  The competition between companies that market these machines makes for some exciting products at very competitive prices.  This page contains an overview of these fun off road vehicles and how they differ from traditional go carts.

Manco Aerforce Off Road Go Cart   

First of all, most off road go karts are not the toys that many people think about when they hear the words: "go cart".  In fact, most of these off road vehicles seem to be targeting the adult driver and not children like the "toy" models do.  The power and performance of these machines require the responsibility of an adult driver, because the higher speeds and greater performance can lead to greater risks in the event of an accident.  For comparison, below is a picture showing what many people think about when they think of go carts.  Here is an example of a typical children's model...    

Children's Go Karts

Right away, you can see some big differences in the design of an off road go cart compared to a kid's cart.  Off road machines usually have much larger wheels and tires.  This helps provide the extra ground clearance and traction needed in off road conditions.  In addition, they typically have full suspensions with shock absorbers in front and back to help smooth out rough terrain driving.  A kid's model usually has a simple frame with no suspension action.  Off road go karts typically also have more powerful engines that enable these vehicles to climb up hills and reach higher top speeds.  In addition, many of them come with reverse.  This can be very handy when encountering obstacles that require backing up!  They usually also have much more aggressive styling.  They look more like a dune buggy.   

Twister Hammerhead 150 Off Road Go Kart

The 150 cc and 250cc engines on the Chinese go karts may appear to be small, but they provide a surprisingly fun driving experience.  Some of the 150 cc off road go carts will push close to 40 mph and offer surprisingly good climbing ability.  The 250 cc models are supposed to have a little more climbing power and top speeds over 40 mph with some even approaching 50 mph.  Both of these scooter engines found on many of these karts come equipped with CVT automatic transmissions.  The CVT automatically shifts between different ratios to offer good acceleration and climbing ability and also higher top speeds. 

So, go karts are not just for kids anymore!  Now grown adults can jump in and enjoy the thrills too.  As the competition grows, the number of off road go cart choices and features seems to be increasing while at the same time the prices are decreasing.  This is a win-win situation for the consumer!