Ofna Picco Max21 


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Ofna Picco Max21 T-Maxx Engine

The Ofna Picco MAX21 .21 T-Maxx engine is another popular aftermarket engine that offers big block power packed into a small block type case!  This exciting new medium block Picco P2 based design offers the best of both worlds.  Big block .21 power for the T-Maxx that bolts into the space of a typical .12 or .15 small block engine!  This amazing new Ofna Pico Max21 tmaxx engine is manufactured by Picco which is a world re-known, high quality, high power engine manufacturer in Italy.  The Ofna Max21 .21 T-Maxx engine has been referred to as a small block (because it can fit many small block applications).  At the same time, this engine design has also been called a "medium block".  The engine case is larger than a small block but smaller than a big block engine case.  Because of the popularity of the Traxxas T-Maxx truck, Picco has developed this version especially for Tmaxx trucks.  This Ofna Max21 small block engine is made by Picco for Ofna Racing.  Big block conversion kits for the Tmaxx are now a thing of the past thanks to the Ofna Max21!  This engine is specifically designed to drop into a T-Maxx chassis.  NO conversion kits needed!  Ofna rates the Ofna Picco Max21 t-maxx engine at an impressive 2.38 HP!  The Ofna Max21 .21 engine is the same basic engine design as the Picco P2 engine.  The Picco P2 Tmaxx engine is distributed by Werks Racing in the US.  The primary difference between these engines are simply the names and some minor cosmetic differences.  Werks Racing directly imports these engines from Italy into the United States as the primary US distributor.  In both cases, this is basically the same engine design with some minor differences in cosmetics and naming.     

Ofna Max21 Tmaxx Engine

Ofna Picco Max21 .21 Small Block T-Maxx Engine

NOTE:  Picco rates the Picco P2 Monster .21 T-Maxx engine at 2.1 HP, so we are not sure where Ofna got the 2.38 HP rating since the Max21 is based on the same Picco P2 engine design. We just wanted to make that known to people. Either way... whether it be 2.1 HP or 2.38 HP, this is a crazy powerful engine for a T-Maxx!  For a quick visual reference, check out a picture of the Werks Racing Picco P2 T-Maxx engine.  Note that this picture shows the picco p2 with the tmaxx 2.5 EZ Start, clutch assembly, and header attached (just like they will bolt to the Ofna Max21).

Click here to see a picture of the Werks Racing Picco P2 T-Maxx engine.

This engine is designed to just bolt right in to a 2.5 tmaxx truck!  This engine comes with a slide carb, and the stock T-Maxx 2.5 EZ Start, clutch, and rear port exhaust system bolt right on.  Bolting this into a 1st generation Pro .15 T-Maxx truck would require more work, since the 1st generation Tmaxx trucks came with a rotary carb and a side port exhaust engine design.  The weaker drive shafts and other components of the 1st generation truck would also necessitate more upgrades to bolt in this powerful new engine.  Given the right upgrades, this engine can also be made to work on the early Pro 15 T-Maxx.  Even the newer 2.5 Tmaxx may need some additional upgrades to handle the BIG POWER of this engine!  Fortunately, there are many different T-maxx (both 1st & 2nd generation) upgrade parts available to choose from in the marketplace.  The Ofna Picco Max21 "small block" is another great engine from Picco that is sure to be a big hit with Tmaxx owners everywhere!

UPDATE: The Picco Max21 engine has been superseded by the bigger Picco Max26 engine!

Ofna  26 Max Tmaxx Engine

The Ofna Picco MAX21 .21 T-Maxx engine has been updated and bumped up to a .26 size engine!  The newer Ofna Picco Max26 engine (Ofna 51224 for pull start and Ofna 51223 for EZ Start version) has the same great benefits of the Max21 engine, but with more engine displacement and more horsepower & torque!