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Polaris All Terrain Vehicles  

Polaris manufactures some very popular models of ATV.  When you look at the extensive line up of Polaris ATV, one thing that you begin to see is that Polaris is not afraid to make changes and to provide the performance that people want.  Features such as powerful big bore, fuel injected V-Twin engines are some of the reason why the Polaris ATV are so popular.  For many people, there is never enough power and Polaris had tried to accommodate customer demand by continually upgrading their engines.  The top of the line Sportsman XP 850 HO comes with a 850cc powerhouse that cranks out 77 HP!  In addition to plenty of power, the PVT (Polaris Variable Transmission) and automatic on-demand 4WD engagement are also other features that appeal to many people.  Heavy towing and work capacity on utility models are another strong point of the Polaris ATV.  There are many great features to be found on these machines.  Some of the most popular models are the Polaris Sportsman utility ATV.  Below you will find a summary listing of the many different models of Polaris ATV available and some key features of each.

Polaris ATV

SPORTSMAN ATV -  The top of the line Sportsman ATV now come with an 850 High Output EFI engine with larger 42mm throttle bodies and 20% more acceleration off the line.  This liquid cooled V-Twin 850cc engine produces an impressive 77 HP.  On select models, electric power steering has also been added to assist in those tough riding conditions where power steering can help to take the strain off the rider.  Select models also get a new engine braking system helps keep speeds under control while descending steep hills.  There are so many different models and variations of the Sportsman ATV, that it would be very difficult to include every detail on this page; however, this listing below will try to touch upon some of the main features of each model. 

Sportsman XP 850 HO - This large ATV is powered by the potent 77 HP 850cc fuel injected V-Twin engine.  Independent suspension in front and rear with 9.0" wheel travel in front and 10.25" travel in rear helps to soak up the bumps.  The plentiful ground clearance of 12" helps the XP 850 HO to clear big obstacles.  Four wheel hydraulic disc brakes slow down this machine, and on-demand true AWD/2WD system automatically provides extra traction when needed.  As with many of the larger Polaris ATV, towing capacity is an impressive 1,500 lbs.  Some other specs include a wheelbase of 53" and overall dimensions of 83.75" L x 47.6" W x 50.75" H with a dry weight of 759 lbs.  MSRP starts at $8,799.

Polaris Sportsman XP 850 HO

Sportsman XP 850 H.O.

Sportsman Touring 850 HO EPS - Also features the powerful 77HP 850cc V-twin engine with on demand AWD/2WD drive system.  Most of the same great features of the XP 850 HO, with some modifications to accommodate 2 riders and the addition of electronic power steering.  Many of the same specs with the exception that ground clearance is 11.25", wheelbase is 57",  and overall dimensions are 86.5" L x 47.6" W x 58.25" H.  Dry weight is 798 lbs.  The Touring 850 also gets a nicer set of aluminum wheels.  Suggested retail price of this 2 up ATV starts at $10,999.            

Sportsman 800 EFI - Powered by a 760cc EFI V-twin rated at 54 HP, the Sportsman 800 features the Polaris true AWD system.  This machine has fully independent suspension with 8.2" travel in the front and 9.5" travel in the rear, and it is equipped with 4 wheel disc brakes.  Available ground clearance is 11.25 inches.  This ATV has a  wheelbase of 50.5", and overall size of 83" L x 48" W x 48" H with a dry weight of 741 lbs.  MSRP for this model begins at $7,499.

Sportsman Big Boss 6x6 800 - This innovative 6 wheel Polaris ATV has true 6WD capability.  A large rear cargo bed with 800 lbs carrying capacity means that you can haul big loads.  Powered by the fuel injected 760cc V-twin that provides 54 HP and gives the Big Boss a towing capacity of 1,500 lbs.  The six wheel independent suspension helps to provide maximum traction in off-road conditions.  Front suspension travel of 8.2 inches and rear travel of 6.12 inches helps the wheels traverse difficult terrain.  The Big Boss has an extended wheelbase of 79.5" with overall dimensions of 112" L x 48" W x 48" H.  The larger size of this machine also increases the dry weight to 1,060 lbs.  MSRP is $9,999.

Polaris Big Boss 6x6

Sportsman Big Boss 6x6

Sportsman 550 - A fuel injected 549cc single cylinder, liquid cooled engine provides the power and consumes less fuel than some of the larger engines.  A hefty 12" of ground clearance and independent suspension with 9.0" front travel and 10.25" of rear travel means this ATV is very off road capable.  On demand AWD provides the necessary traction.  Towing limit of 1,500 lbs means this machine is ready to work.  The Sportsman 550 has a wheelbase of 53" and overall size of 83.25" L x 47.6" W x 50.75" H along with a dry weight of 722 lbs.  The retail price starts at $7,699.

Sportsman X2 550 - Powered by the same great 549cc engine as the Sportsman 550, this convertible 2 seat ATV can quickly be changed from a 2 seat configuration to a single seat with rear cargo bed.  The X2 has the same generous wheel travel of 9.0" in the front and 10.25" in the rear, and the same impressive 1,500 lbs towing capacity.  True AWD along with a special turf mode to help minimize damage to grass or vegetation while driving.  The X2 has a wheelbase of 57" with overall size of 93.25" L x 47.6" W x 49.5" H and a dry weight of 799 lbs.  Manufactured suggested retail price starts at $8,999.

Sportsman Touring 550 EPS - This 2 seat Polaris ATV is very similar to the X2 550, except this Touring model does not have the convertible rear cargo bed.  Another difference is that this ATV comes with electronic power steering and a set of nicer cast aluminum wheels.  The overall size and weight are also a little different with 86.5" L x 47.6" W x 58.25" H and a dry weight of 765 lbs.  Retails price of the Touring 550 EPS is $9,299.

Sportsman 500 HO -  A Polaris ATV that offers a good value with the popular on-demand AWD system and a powerful single cylinder 498cc high output engine.  To help keep the price lower, this model does not have fuel injection but rather a more economical carburetor.  A fully independent suspension provides 8.2 inches of wheel travel in front and 9.5 inches in the rear.  Ground clearance of 11.25" means that the 500 HO can clear obstacles on the trails.  One of the more compact Polaris ATV in this category, it has a wheelbase of 50.5" and an overall size of 83" L x 48" W x 48" H.  It also weighs in at 696 lbs.  Towing capacity on this model is still an impressive 1,225 lbs.  The 500 H.O. is a more economical choice with a MSRP of $6,199.

Sportsman 500   

Sportsman 500 H.O.

Sportsman Touring 500 HO - An economical touring ATV that makes it easier to share the ride with another person.  Sharing many of the same features as the standard 500 HO, this Touring model has a longer wheelbase (57" vs 50.5") which allows more room for a passenger to comfortably sit on back.  Overall length of the machine is only increased by 3 inches, and this slightly larger machine only weighs 44 lbs more than the standard 500 HO.  Two up touring capability with a lower price of $7,399.

Sportsman 400 HO - For those looking to save even more money, Polaris offers the 400 HO as a more economical choice.  Built on the same chassis as the 500 HO, this model has a smaller 455cc single cylinder engine.  The engine may be smaller, but it still produces good power.  Fed by a carburetor (and not fuel injected like some of the more expensive models), this engine is efficient while still producing useful power that allows the 400 HO to work hard with a towing capacity of 1,225 lbs.  See the description of the 500 HO for more details on the chassis.  The smaller engine lowers overall weight a little and the dry weight comes in at 688 lbs.  Manufacturers suggested retail price is $5,699 on this value packed Sportsman 400 HO.

OTHER POLARIS ATV - In addition to the popular Sportsman line of ATVs, Polaris also offers a variety of different machines that target the needs and interests of other riders.  From the sporty, big bore Scrambler 850 ATV to the small Outlaw 50, Polaris offers something for just about everyone.  See below for details on some of these other great Polaris ATV.

Scrambler XP 850 HO Bright White - Shown in the picture below, the more aggressively styled Scrambler boasts many of the same great features as the Sportsman XP 850 HO (see notes at top of the page for specs), including the powerful 77 HP 850cc fuel injected V-twin engine.  The different body style results in a slightly different overall dimensions of 82.3" L x 48.6" W x 48.4" L and a dry weight of 735 lbs.  Pricing starts at $9,499.

Polaris Scrambler

Scrambler XP 850 H.O.

Scrambler XP 850 HO EPS Gloss Black LE - For those wanting a Scrambler with more features, Polaris offers this limited edition model with upgrades such as cast aluminum wheels, LED lighting, electronic power steering, and a digital dash.  Dry weight is slightly more at 745 lbs, and the price of all these additional features raises the MSRP to $11,999.

Trail Boss 330 - For those looking for a good value in a new Polaris ATV, the Trail Boss 330 is worth a consideration.  The Trail Boss is powered by a 329cc air cooled single cylinder 4 stroke engine which is fueled by a carburetor and has electric start.  The engine is mated to a constant velocity belt drive transmission with Forward, Neutral, Reverse and a final chain drive.  No Low or High range on this more economical model.  In addition, to keep the price down, this Polaris ATV comes only with 2WD.  The independent front suspension has 8.2" of travel and the rear swing arm has 10.5" of travel.  Ground clearance is 4.75 inches.  Disc brakes take care of the braking duties.  A front and rear rack provide a convenient place to carry cargo.  The Trail Boss has a wheelbase of 48.5" and is 75" L x 45" W x 49" H with a dry weight of 531 lbs.  Towing capacity is rated at 850 lbs.  The retail price on the Trail Boss 330 is $4,339.

Trail Blazer 330 - The Trail Blazer is very similar to the Trail Boss described above with some cosmetic changes.  In fact, you will find almost all of the features and specs are the same with a slight difference being the dry weight a little less at 492 lbs.  The slightly lower weight is probably due to the absence of the front and rear cargo racks.  You will find both of these Polaris ATV to be very similar.  Even the manufacturers suggested retail price of the Trail Blazer is the same as the Trail Boss at $4,339.

Polaris Trail Blazer 330

Trail Blazer 330 

Phoenix 200 - The 2WD Polaris Phoenix 200 comes equipped with a carbureted 196cc air cooled 4 stroke electric start engine.  This efficient engine sends its power through a Polaris PVT belt drive continuously variable transmission with output to the rear wheels being transmitted through a driveshaft.  No chains to worry about tightening or replacing.  The front suspension travel is 7 inches, while the rear travel is 6.5 inches.  Ground clearance is 5.7 inches.  Braking is accomplished by hydraulic discs up front with a mechanical drum in the rear.  Recommended tow capacity is limited to 300 lbs.  This 395 lb (dry weight) Polaris ATV is light and nimble, with a compact wheel base of 45" and overall size of 65" L x 42" W x 42" H.  Retail price is set at $3,599.

Outlaw 90 - For the younger rider, the Outlaw 90 offers some great features for the beginner.  Parents can adjust the speed limiter depending on the skill and experience of the rider.  A 4 stroke air cooled 89cc electric start engine with backup kick starter.  An automatic belt driven CVT transmission with reverse transmits the power through a chain to the rear axle.  This 2WD Polaris ATV is lightweight with a dry weight of 274 lbs and a wheelbase of 41.5" along with a small overall size of 61.25" L x 36.75" W x 38.5" H.  Ground clearance is 4 inches, while the front suspension has 5" of travel and the rear suspension has 6" of travel.  Drum brakes are used both in the front and rear.  The MSRP for the Outlaw 90 is $2,699.

Sportsman 90 - The Polaris Sportsman 90 is essentially identical to the Outlaw 90 except for some styling changes that give it a more utility ATV look.  A small rack in the front and rear is also added which the Outlaw 90 does not have.  These slight differences add 1/2" to the Sportsman 90 overall length and adds about 13 lbs to the weight.  Other than that, the other specs and features are basically the same along with the cost of $2,699.

                              Sportsman 90   

Sportsman 90 

Outlaw 50 - Finally, the smallest model is the Outlaw 50 which is intended for young riders 6 years and older.  A small 49cc air cooled four stroke engine generates the power, while the belt drive CVT transmission varies the ratios to take full advantage of the engine's torque.  Power is transmitted to the rear wheels through a chain drive, and the Outlaw 50 is slowed down by drum brakes.  Electric start means that it's easy to get the Outlaw 50 going.  The 2WD Outlaw 50 does not come with a reverse gear.  Ground clearance is 4 inches, and the front and rear suspension travel is 3 inches.  This machine has a 33" wheelbase and is 48" L x 31.5" W x 28" H and weighs in at only 210 lbs.  The retail price for this mini Polaris ATV is $1,999.

POLARIS OUTLAW 525 (discontinued) - This particular model is no longer being manufactured, but it was such an impressive high performance Polaris sport ATV, that this information has been left here.  For those looking for a high performance ATV, the Polaris Outlaw 525 is a very exciting machine.  A powerful 510cc KTM engine cranks out massive amounts of torque and power.  This power combined with a 395 lb dry weight makes the Outlaw 525 the fastest accelerating factory sport quad of its time!  A fully independent suspension both front and rear helps to put the power to the ground effectively as well as eat up the bumps that you encounter along the way.  The PRO IRS has 10 inches of wheel travel and 11 inches of ground clearance.  A 5 speed manual transmission with hydraulically actuated clutch helps the Outlaw rider to control the balance between torque and speed.  Handlebar mounted reverse actuator allows the rider to back this Polaris ATV out of sticky situations.  If ultimate power and speed in a sport quad are your goal, then this is a machine to consider!  Unfortunately the Outlaw 525 has been discontinued by Polaris, so if you are interested in finding one of these high performance machines, you'll need to shop the used ATV market.         

Polaris Outlaw 525 ATV

Outlaw 525

As you can see from the extensive listing above, there is a wide variety of different Polaris ATV designed to meet the needs and interests of just about any rider.  Whether you want a hard working utility vehicle, a high performance sport machine, or something in between... you might want to consider one of the many popular Polaris ATV!