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Polaris Utility Vehicles

The Polaris Ranger is another popular choice for the worksite, farm, ranch, or outdoor adventure.  The Ranger series began it's life back in 1997, and it is one of the most popular utility vehicles capable of both work and off road play.  Different engine options are available including a single cylinder 499cc liquid cooled engine, and a twin cylinder liquid cooled 683cc engine.  Models feature a CVT automatic transmission with high/low gear ranges, which provides the ability for both low gear grunt work and high speed transport.

Polaris Ranger XP 700 EFI

Polaris Ranger XP Carving Up the Sand

The Polaris Rangers are faster than many other utility vehicles available on the market.  The Polaris 700 EFI fuel injected 2 cylinder engine propelled the Ranger to speeds approaching 50mph!  Polaris was the first to release a utility vehicle utilizing Electronic Fuel Injection which helps provide easier starts and more consistent performance even with varying altitude and weather conditions.  UPDATE:  The Ranger XP 700 has now been upgraded with a more powerful 800 V-Twin engine (760cc to be exact).  With the larger 800 EFI engine, more power and performance are available from this great utility vehicle.   

Polaris Ranger 4x4

Polaris Ranger 500 4x4

The Polaris Ranger 4x4 comes equipped with a powerful liquid cooled 499cc single cylinder, 4 valve engine that cranks out 30 HP.  Braking responsibilities are handled by 4 wheel disc brakes.  Power is transmitted through a CVT (Polaris calls it PVT) with dual HI/LO range and reverse.  The 499cc engine comes equipped with a 250 watt alternator for powering lights and accessories.  The carburetor on the 500 engine has been replaced with electronic fuel injection for improved starting and performance under all driving conditions.  Independent front and rear suspension with long wheel travel helps put the power to the ground while soaking up the bumps along the way.  Impressive suspension travel and big ground clearance help enable this 4x4 to tackle difficult off road terrain.  This Ranger 500 4x4 utility vehicle is also ready to work with a hefty 1000 lb cargo box capacity and 1500 lb tow limit!         

Ranger XP Utility Vehicle

Polaris Ranger XP

The Polaris Ranger XP is similar to the 4x4 model with the addition of a more powerful liquid cooled 683cc twin cylinder engine that is rated at 40HP.  Polaris has upgraded the 700 engine with electronic fuel injection.  The larger 700 engine also comes with a larger alternator with 500 watt output capable of powering additional lights and electrical accessories.  UPDATE:  The 40 HP 700 engine has been replaced with the more powerful 50 HP 800 V-Twin engine.  The XP also comes with slightly larger tires than the 500 model.  The Ranger XP 800 EFI has a stout 1000 lb cargo box capacity, and a hefty 1750 lb towing capacity. 

Ranger 6x6

Polaris Ranger 6x6

The 6x6 provides a unique utility vehicle with the ability of true 6WD to provide ultimate traction.  Heavy duty 1250 lbs cargo limit and tow ability of 1750 lbs makes the 6x6 a real workhorse.  Equipped with the powerful 50 HP EFI 800 engine, it is ready to go to work or undertake an extreme off road adventure.  So, whether you are looking for a workhorse or the ultimate hunting machine, the Polaris Ranger utility vehicles are another popular choice to consider!

UPDATE:  Polaris continues to improve and add to the Ranger series of utility vehicles.  Polaris now offers an entry level Ranger 400 model for the more value minded buyer with the MSRP of $8,299.  The Polaris Ranger XP has the larger 800 engine.  Body styles have been updated on the Rangers to a more attractive look.  You can see the newer body style in the video below.  In addition, Polaris now even offers a diesel and an electric Ranger model.  Various 4 passenger crew models are available powered by either the 500 EFI or 800 EFI engines.  The number of Polaris Ranger utility vehicles continues to increase, and this offers the consumer even more great models from which to choose!


Because of it's relatively long production run (starting in 1997) and because of it's popularity, there are a large number of Polaris Ranger parts and accessories available to customize and better equip this great utility vehicle.  Options are available to increase it's work capabilities, better equip it for off road adventures, and customize it for hunting and more.  No matter how you use it, Polaris Ranger parts and accessories help customize these great utility vehicles to be even better matched to your needs and interests.  Just because there is a large number of accessories available doesn't mean that the Polaris Ranger is not already well designed straight from the factory.  On the contrary, the Ranger is a very well made utility vehicle with lots of great features.  As is often the case, people who like their Ranger simply want to make it even better and deck it out with accessories that match their own personal interests or activities.  For those interested in boosting the power, performance, and off road abilities of their Ranger, there are many different options available.  If you want to increase the ground clearance on your Polaris Ranger for those extreme off road adventures, or just to make extra clearance for those oversized aftermarket wheels and tires, then there are lift kits available to raise your Ranger to new heights.  Work or play - your Ranger can be fully equipped to get the job done and to have fun!  Below is just a small sample of the large number of upgrade parts that are available from Polaris and other aftermarket companies. 

Ranger Optional Upgrades Upgrades like add on windshields (both glass or plastic) are available to keep dirt, rain, and debris from flying into the occupants face.  Work related accessories like top mount rack for carrying ladders and other long items is available.  Vehicle protective gear like front brush guard and headlight guards are accessories designed to protect and keep your machine in better shape.
Polaris Ranger Work Accessories Optional add ons like plow blades, tool boxes, cab enclosures, and many others are all parts that customize your machine for your specific needs.
Ranger Hunting Accessories If outdoor adventure and hunting are your interest, accessories are available to convert your utility vehicle into the ultimate hunting machine.  Extensive camo accessories help conceal your vehicle when you enjoy the great outdoors while hunting.  Gun cases and additional storage items allow you to safely stow and transport your hunting gear to and from your favorite hunting site.  

For the latest fuel injected Rangers, you can buy an aftermarket tuner by Looney Tuned that allows the air/fuel mixture to be adjusted for maximum power.  This could be helpful if you make major modifications to the engine (like heads, cams, or intake & exhaust system upgrades) that increase the airflow through the engine.  Speaking of exhaust systems, Looney Tuned also offers a true dual exhaust system for the Ranger 800.  This exhaust is supposed to improve the exhaust flow out of the engine thereby improve performance, and it's also supposed to give a more aggressive exhaust tone.  To further increase the performance of a Ranger, there are also clutch kits that can be installed to fine tune the way the CVT transmission shifts.  In essence, these are like performance shift kits that are installed in the transmission of the old muscle cars.  The clutch kits can adjust the stall speed and upshifting & downshifting characteristics of your Ranger tranny.  In addition to these performance upgrades, there are even power steering kits made for the Polaris Ranger such as the one made by Unisteer.  Another area that is popular to upgrade is in the wheel and tire department.  Some people like to install nicer wheels and bigger/better tires on their Ranger.  There are many different choices in aftermarket wheels and tires.  As you can see, there are many different Polaris Ranger parts and accessories available!  This is just a small sample of what can be found to upgrade your Ranger.