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Polaris RZR Sport Side by Side 

Polaris has come out running with an exciting new sport utility vehicle.  As the name implies, the Polaris RZR 800 EFI packs a big fuel injected 800 engine.  NOTE:  Polaris has come out with even more powerful engines since the debut of the original RZR.  More on that later in the article.  The RZR was built narrow enough to be able to use the huge network of ATV trails that already exist.  Obviously targeting the sport segment of the side by side market, the Polaris RZR has a compact sized rear cargo area.  And, the occupants are well protected by the overhead roll bars, side restraints, and relatively low seating positions.  The Polaris RZR 800 EFI liquid cooled Liberty engine actually has a displacement of 760 cc - which is still plenty big!  A 40mm throttle body controls the air flow into this twin cylinder fuel injected engine.  This stout engine is capable of thumping out OVER 50 HP and 50 FT*LBS TORQUE in stock trim and propels the RZR with authority!  Powerful acceleration AND top speed in the 55mph range - and that's STOCK.  Wait until you see what the Polaris RZR can do with some mods!

Polaris RZR

Polaris RZR 800 EFI Side by Side

Electronic fuel injection means no more messing with jetting and re-jetting when undergoing changes in weather or altitude.  In addition, the need for re-jetting after upgrades like high flow intake and exhaust systems should be greatly reduced.  Anyone that has ever modified a vehicle with a carburetor knows that changes to exhaust, intake, or the addition of snorkels for deep water/mud duty can really wreak havoc on carburetor tune.  For a person not experienced in carburetor tuning, it can be a real nightmare.  It's not uncommon for the unsuspecting owner to install a few bolt on upgrades like exhaust and intake - only to find that their vehicle runs worse and is slower than stock!  Sad, but true.  That can easily happen on an engine with a carburetor.  Electronic fuel injection can help to eliminate some of these tuning nightmares, as well as the finicky performance with big changes in elevation or weather conditions.  Of course, major engine modifications may require some adjustment of the Polaris RZR fuel injection system, but thankfully some aftermarket companies produce fuel injection controllers that can allow easy adjustment of fuel delivery.

Fully independent front and rear suspension helps put the power to the ground effectively as well as soak up the bumps along the way.  An all wheel drive system provides the traction needed to put all that power to good use.  Disc brakes work to scrub off the speed that is built up by the powerful 800 engine.  Unlike the older Polaris Ranger utility vehicles, the front of the Polaris RZR does not have the strut type suspension.  Instead, the front suspension of the RZR has a more typical A-arm suspension with shocks.  A strut type suspension is not easy to upgrade, so this is good news for those looking to change shocks or upgrade the suspension on the RZR at a later time.  The strong 800 engine feeds it's power through the PVT (Polaris Variable Transmission) which is a Continuously Variable Transmission design utilizing a belt and shifting pulley sheaves.  This design provides true automatic transmission action with a theoretically infinite number of gear ratios to adapt to varying conditions.  Just step on the throttle and GO!  A operator shifted gearbox provides HIGH range for normal riding and top speeds, LOW range for steep climbing or churning through mud or other difficult conditions, and also REVERSE to back out of those sticky situations.

Polaris Ranger RZR


LENGTH: 102 inches

WIDTH: 50 inches

HEIGHT: 69 inches

WHEELBASE: 77 inches

TURNING RADIUS: 101.5 inches



ENGINE: EFI 760 cc 4 stroke, twin cylinder, liquid cooled.

FUEL DELIVERY: Keihin Electronic Fuel Injection.




FUEL CAPACITY: 7.25 gallons

DRIVETRAIN: On demand 4WD, shaft drive, automatic CVT transmission.

FRONT SUSPENSION: Dual A-Arm with anti-sway bar & 9 inches travel.

REAR SUSPENSION: Rolled independent with anti-sway bar & 9.5 inches travel.

FRONT BRAKES: Dual piston calipers, hydraulic disc brakes.

REAR BRAKES: Single piston calipers, hydraulic disc brakes.

FRONT TIRES: Maxxis 25x8-12

REAR TIRES: Maxxis 25x10-12

BED SIZE: 42 inches x 22 inches

BED CAPACITY: 300 lbs.


TOP SPEED: 55+ mph

If you are looking for a sport side by side with a BIG twin cylinder engine, the convenience & performance of fuel injection, designed with safety features to protect driver and passenger, and a compact size that is suitable for trail riding, then you might want to seriously consider the Polaris RZR 800 EFI side by side!

UPDATE:  Polaris offers new models of the RZR.  A sport line of RZR's now come with a more powerful 88 HP 900 engine.  These RZR 900 sport models not only have a more powerful engine, but a revised suspension with wider stance and greater wheel travel.  Fox shocks handle the dampening duties at all 4 corners.  These Sport models are very nice, and they carry a larger price tag.  Expect to pay around $4,000 more for a RZR 900 than an ordinary RZR 800 model.  Polaris has also released some 4 seater models with either the 800 or 900 engine.  The MSRP on the RZR 800 4 seater is around $15K, and the top of the line RZR 900 4 seater will run you close to $20K.  For those looking to spend less money, Polaris has released a newer model known as the RZR 570.  This new version offers the advantages of the RZR in a more economical package with a smaller, fuel injected engine.  The MSRP on the Polaris RZR 570 is $9,999 which is around $1300 less than a comparable base model RZR 800.  As you can see, there are many different choices in the Polaris RZR lineup!