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Polaris RZR Accessories and Upgrades

Polaris has developed a wide variety of parts and accessories to customize the RZR, and many of the prices on these factory Polaris accessories are very reasonable.  With these upgrades, it will be possible for each owner to customize their machine for the specific purpose for which it will be used.  Polaris RZR accessories like a winch, brush guards, gun scabbards, and fuel cans might appeal to the owner looking to equip their RZR for deep woods hunting expeditions.  A spare tire holder, rock slider nerf bars, upgrade wheels and tires might appeal to the owner that wants a serious off road recreation machine.  Rally lights can help light up the night regardless of how you use your machine.  Accessories from the factory are abundant, and you can be sure that aftermarket companies are also developing and producing even more exciting Polaris RZR accessories - as you'll see below! 

Polaris RZR Accessories Brochure

As the Polaris RZR has proven itself as a high performance off road machine, the "need for speed"  bug has bitten many people who are no longer satisfied with the brisk performance of the stock RZR.  Not that the RZR 800 or 900 is a slouch in stock form in either case; however, speed and power can be addictive.  As you increase the performance level, it brings along with it a thrill and excitement.  Once you become accustomed to the higher performance level, you develop a higher tolerance for speed and HP, and you need more in order to get that same level of excitement.  For some people, it's almost like a drug!  If you are one of those that feels the need for more speed, then there are plenty of options available in terms of Polaris RZR performance accessories.  There are aftermarket exhaust systems available, clutch kits to fine tune the CVT transmission, and tuner modules to adjust the fuel injection system.  All these can unleash some additional power and performance, but nothing extremely significant.  For those that are really bitten by the power bug, check one impressive performance option below!

Polaris RZR Aerocharger Kit

Aerocharger Turbo Kit for the Polaris RZR 800

The Aerocharger turbo kit for the Polaris RZR is an impressive upgrade system!  Equipped with the innovative Aerocharger with variable vane technology for extremely quick spool up, this kit is very well thought out and designed.  Unlike a typical turbocharger, the Aerocharger does not require an external oil supply line from the engine.  Instead, an integral oil reservoir in this special turbocharger supplies the bearings with the necessary oil.  This design has been proven to be very reliable and superior to conventional turbochargers.  There is also an Aerocharger kit available for the newer Polaris RZR 900.  As is true with many addictions, expect to pay to feed your habit.  In the case of the Aerocharger kits, expect to pay at least $5000 to fulfill your need for speed.  This can take the stock engine up to over 100 HP with closer to 115 HP possible on the 900 engine.  You can't push the stock RZR engine internals too much farther than that before major work is required.  For those who have even a greater need for speed, there are engine builders that offer high performance engine builds for the Polaris RZR.  Some people have even gone so far as to swap in a Weber MPE 750 engine and then starting with this strong German engine, push the limits of turbocharging even further.  As you can see, there are some impressive Polaris RZR accessories for boosting performance and satisfying that insatiable need for speed!