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Searching for Property In the Country

My adventure into country living and farming all started several years ago while we were still living in a typical cookie cutter housing development.  For a while, we had been thinking about the idea of moving back closer to family and at the same time moving out in the country.  We wanted to get out of the cookie cut housing developments that we'd lived in for many years while living in different states.  We wanted a place with some acreage and some wide open space.  We had young children, and we thought that it would be good to raise them out in the country.  We thought that there would be so many more opportunities and adventures for children to experience in the country.  Personally, I was also tired of living in a house on a tiny lot where you could just about open your window and have a conversation with your next door neighbor.  I was tired of housing development covenants telling me how my landscaping needed to look and what I could and couldn't do on my property.  I wanted some more privacy and I wanted some more open space.

Property Search

The Result of our Property Search - The Place We Call "Home"

So, with a vision in mind of the sort of place we wanted to find, and an idea of the general area, the property search began.  I found some real estate websites that allowed access the MLS listings online for certain areas.  And so, I began diligently wading through MANY different real estate listings in the hunt for the new place that we would one day call home.  I never expected that it would take so long.  Once, early on in my searching, I ran across a place that looked promising.  Acreage located in the hills of a very secluded area.  Pictures looked good.  I thought it was promising and that it was worth a closer look.  I took a 3 day, 2000 mile round trip to go check this place out first hand.  I didn't drag my wife and children on this spur of the moment, cross country trip.  Good thing too!  Suffice it to say that it was a BIG disappointment.  How is it that the pictures can look so good on the computer, but then the place turns out not being anything like what you thought?!?!  After a long, disappointed drive home, I decided to take a short break from all the real estate searching.  Frankly, I was sick of it and needed a break.  A short time later, my motivation for finding the right place came back, and I began searching the MLS again.  Over the course of the next year, I scoured through hundreds of different real estate listings. 

Ironically, it was exactly 1 year from the date of my first disappointing trip that another place came up on the MLS that looked good.  All that previous year I had been sifting through listings that were clearly not what we wanted.  I got so used to the "No, no, no..." mentality while searching real estate listings that it was exciting to see something that even looked remotely promising.  I took another 3 day, 2000 mile round trip by myself and went out to see this new prospect.  Let's just say that it felt like Dejavu!  I've been here and experienced this before!  It was just like the last trip I took exactly 1 year to the day earlier.  The pictures looked good on the computer, but the real thing was a disappointment.  The property was nice but the home was an old farm house that had been added onto and partially remodeled at different times.  It was not terrible, but I knew that my wife would NOT be happy with it!  Disappointed, I told the real estate agent that I was not interested and I was going to head home.  The real estate agent wanted to show me another place before I left town.  Somewhat reluctantly, I agreed.  It turned out to be a nice house, but it was just not the right place for us.  The property and location were not a great match for what we were seeking.  The house was almost too nice in some ways.  It didn't really feel like a family home.  It was almost too fancy and formal feeling for my tastes.  Features like beautiful tile floors throughout were nice in some respects, but it had a cold, sterile feeling to it.  I could imagine many lumps and bumps from my kids falling on the tile floors.  Regardless of the flooring, I just knew that it was not the right place for us.

Our Farm Property

"THE RIGHT ONE" - The Property Search was Over!

Disappointed again, I began the long drive home.  That night, I called home to say good night to my wife and children.  My wife told me of another listing that she saw online.  I thought, "they're all the same... they look good in the pictures, but they are disappointing in real life".  To make a long story a little shorter, I'll just say that I spent the night in that town, and I headed back to see this other place the next day.  It was Father's Day 2004.  Within minutes of seeing the place, I knew that it was "the one".  The real estate agent that represented that property was unavailable because it was Father's Day and they were out with their Dad.  So, the owners of the property showed me the place themselves.  Before I left there that day, I told the owners that we would be making an offer.  And we did.  The rest is history!