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Razor Pocket Mod Bistro Scooter & Razor Electric Scooters

These Razor scooters looks like a scaled down version of real on-road scooters.  Unlike their bigger and noisier on-road gas powered counterparts, these electric scooters are lightweight and quiet.  The Razor Pocket Mod Bistro scooter has European styling and a powerful electric motor that can propel it to speeds of up to 15 mph and has a range of up to 10 miles on a single charge!  These scaled down classic style scooters have a step through steel frame design, have a retractable center kickstand, and they have a weight capacity of up to 220 lbs. 

Razor Bistro Scooters

Razor Pocket Mod Bistro Scooter

A variable speed electric motor drives the rear wheel through a chain and gives a top speed of up to 15 mph along with a maximum range of up to 10 miles.  Acceleration is controlled by a hand twist operated throttle, and stopping power is provided by a hand operated rear brake.  These Razor scooters comes with large 12" pneumatic tires that help give it a smoother ride.  An under seat storage compartment offers a convenient place to store some personal belongings. 

Sport Mod Scooter

Razor Sport Mod Scooter

For those looking for a sportier styled electric scooter, the Razor Sport Mod scooter packs the same great features of the Razor Pocket Mod Bistro scooter, but it comes with a more modern looking body style.  Whichever model you happen to choose, it's sure to be fun!

Other Razor Electric Scooters

In addition to the Razor Pocket Mod Bistro Scooter, there is also a good selection of other Razor electric scooters.  There are several different series of Razor electric scooters.  Within most of these series, there are different models.  For example, the entry level E100 series includes the Razor E100, E125, & E150 electric scooters.  Below you will see a picture showing the E100 series.      

Razor E100 E125 E150 Scooters

Razor E100 Series

The Razor E100 electric scooters offer features like: adjustable handlebar height, 125 mm polyurethane rear wheel, an 8" pneumatic front wheel, a high torque electric motor with chain drive, twist grip throttle control, and a hand operated front brake.  This combination gives these rechargeable Razor electric scooters a top speed of up to 10 mph with up to 40 minutes of continuous use.

For those looking for a little bit more in a scooter, the Razor E200 electric scooters pack many of the same great features along with a full size frame and deck and a higher maximum top speed of 12 mph.

Razor E200 E200S

Razor E200 Series

For those wanting even more features, the Razor E300 electric scooters offer the same great features, but they also include an even bigger frame and deck to accommodate riders of different sizes.  The addition of 10" pneumatic tires front and back help smooth out the ride, and a more powerful motor propels these scooters to top speeds of up to 15 mph with a run time of up to 45 continuous minutes.

Razor E300 E300S Scooters

Razor E300 Series

And if you are looking for even more features, the Razor E500S electric scooters come with a large, adult sized deck and frame.  Extra large 16" pneumatic tires also help give this large scooter a smoother ride.  A powerful variable speed motor offers a top speed of up to 17 mph, and the rechargeable batteries give a range of up to 15 miles.  A freewheel option allows this electric scooter to better take advantage of downhill coasting.  And when it's time to park, the E500S sits on a double leg kickstand

Razor E500S

Razor E500S Series

As you can see, Razor offers a variety of models to match the needs of different riders, and the quiet electric power helps to keep the neighbors happy too.  Depending on the size of the rider, the riding location, and the level of performance you are looking for, there are many different fun Razor electric scooters to choose from!