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Scream Machine & Kick Scooters Offered by Razor

The award winning Razor Scream Machine offers young riders the thrill of ground hugging speeds with the stability of 3 wheels.  Like a modern day Big Wheel tricycle, these 3 wheeled machines offer a lot more excitement, style, and durability.  With frame, fork, and handlebars constructed from high strength steel, the Razor Scream Machine is much more durable than it's plastic ancestor.  A 3 piece alloy wheel crank set along with free wheeling capability gives this machine great coasting performance.  The BMX style handlebars feature a hand operated front brake.   

Scream Machine

Razor Scream Machine - Original

The rear wheels are designed to skid on smooth terrain for exciting power slides.  The seat is adjustable for different size riders, and a stout maximum weight rating of 220 lbs means this machine is built tough.  If you are looking for different styles and more graphics, there are a couple other Razor Scream Machine models available including: Flame Out Red, and Shredder Blue.   

   Flame Out Red     Shredder Blue

Razor Scream Machine - Flame Out Red & Shredder Blue

If you want the pedal power excitement of the Scream Machine, but you also want the option of electric power too, then the Razor Electric Scream Machine combines them both!  This electric version comes with all the same great features of the pedal powered versions, with the addition of a quiet electric motor and rechargeable battery that gives a top speed of 9 mph with up to 35 minutes of continuous run time.  If electric power is not good enough for you, then check out this video showing what one innovative Scream Machine owner did by adding a small gas engine.

Most people will not want to mess around with converting their Scream Machine to gasoline power, but it's fun to see what some people with ingenuity can do.  The Scream Machines are a lot of fun in stock form as well.  If you are interested in pedal power only or pedal + electric, the Razor Scream Machine offers you some exciting features in terms of both features, styling, and fun-factor.

Razor Electric Scream Machine

Razor Electric Scream Machine

Razor Kick Scooters

In addition to the human powered Razor Scream Machine, Razor offers several different models of human (kick) powered scooters.  These different kick scooters share some similar features, but more advanced models have some additional features.  The Razor A kick scooter is the original model.  It features quality ball bearings, 98mm inline style wheels, aircraft quality aluminum used on deck and T-tube, patented rear fender brake, and a patented folding mechanism.  The Razor AW kick scooter has all the same features as the original A model, along with the addition of a wheelie bar out back. 

Kick Scooters

The Razor A2 kick scooter features a green color scheme and wheelie bar along with enhanced finger guards.  The Razor A3 comes with springless shock absorbing suspension in the front and rear, 98mm urethane wheels, a retractable kickstand, and an all new wheelie bar design.  The top of the line Razor Pro kick scooters come with: full deck grip tape, a double stacked head clamp for extra strength, extra thick foam grips, 98mm reinforced urethane wheels, and a folding mechanism that is welded to the deck for greater durability.  For those younger riders, the Razor Kiddie Kick is a 3 wheel scooter with greater stability.  The Razor kick scooters and the Razor Scream Machine offers some fun people powered machines.  You saw how someone added a fire breathing gas engine to their Scream Machine in the video above.  This next video shows how Razor put some fire in their kick scooters with the introduction of the Razor Spark Scooter.