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Some Examples of the Most Popular

RC cars are great for people that have large paved areas like empty parking lots nearby.  They are also well suited for the on road motorsports enthusiast that prefers high speed action on pavement.  These scaled down racers can offer thrills similar to full scale racing.  The purpose of this page is to look at a few of the most popular RC cars.  There are more models than listed on this page, but these are some of the most popular ones.  All of these examples shown below are rc nitro cars powered by screaming nitro engines.

HPI RS4 3 18 SS

The HPI RS4 cars have been very popular over the years.  HPI continues to update this great vehicle.  In the past, the 18SS kit came with a powerful 1.5 HP nitro engine and 2 speed transmission and other advanced features that gave it speed capabilities in excess of 50MPH!  Now, the RS4 RTR 3 comes with an even more powerful T3.0 engine that generates 2.2 HP at 31,000 RPM.  This new 3.01cc engine comes to life with the help of the Rotostart electric starting system. 

HPI RS4 3 RC Car

HPI RS4 3 18SS

The HPI RS4 3 are equipped with a shaft drive system.  This shaft drive setup can be more durable than a belt drive.  If there is small debris on the pavement where you are driving, then the rc car with shaft drive will be less susceptible to damage than ones equipped with open belt drive system.  Small stones or other debris can get stuck between the belts and pulleys.  A new, high quality 3 channel 2.4 GHz radio system ensures that you are always in control of your RS4.  This new 2.4 GHz radio system is designed to reduce the chance for interference between other radio control vehicles  If it detects any kind of interference or potential conflict, then it will automatically adjust the frequency to try to avoid radio conflicts.  If the radio system does fail or the batteries do go dead, then an onboard electronic fail safe helps ensure that the RS4 comes to a stop. 

Rear View of HPI RS4 3 18SS Chassis

Rear Layout of HPI RS4 18SS

Traxxas Nitro 4 Tec

The Traxxas Nitro 4 Tec is another example of a popular model.   Originally equipped with a mild Pro .15 engine, these were not known for being the fastest.  Later, Traxxas upgraded to the more powerful TRX 2.5 engine, and the 4 Tec performance took a giant leap forward with speeds in excess of 60mph!  If that wasn't good enough, Traxxas now puts the more powerful TRX 3.3 nitro engine in the Nitro 4 Tec.  Crazy acceleration and top speeds in excess of 70mph are now possible.  These ultra high performance RC cars are not meant for beginners!  

Traxxas Nitro 4 Tec RC Car

Traxxas Nitro 4 Tec

Traxxas is known for their high quality models and the Nitro 4 Tec is an exciting performer equipped with the screamin' 3.3 engine that can rev up to speeds approaching 50,000 RPM!  That's pretty amazing for a nitro engine installed in a stock kit.  The Nitro 4 Tec comes with a 2 speed transmission and a belt drive system.  To help keep things under control, Traxxas now installs the high quality TQi 2.4 GHz radio system that provides superior control and advanced features.  The TQi radio has a docking station for an iPhone or iPod Touch which enables many additional great features. 

Nitro 4 Tec Chassis

Layout of Traxxas Nitro 4 Tec

Associated Nitro TC3

The Associated Nitro TC3 is another popular vehicle.  The TC3 employs a shaft drive system to transmit power to all 4 wheels.  The Associated Nitro TC3 RC cars come equipped with a 2 speed clutch type transmission, and a powerful braking system to help quickly slow the TC3.  The .15 engine in the TC3 is not as advanced or powerful as some other models on the market, but even so this vehicle has been chosen as a winner by many people who really like the TC3 design.  More horsepower alone does not necessarily make an rc car faster. 

Associated Nitro TC3 RC Cars

Associated Nitro TC3 RC Car

Properly designed RC cars will have suspension and chassis features that enable faster cornering and good handling.  Associated has upgraded the NTC3 and it comes with a more powerful .15 engine.  The 2 speed transmission has been redesigned.  In addition, the rear suspension has also been updated for better adjustability and strength.  This RTR kit also comes with a rechargeable glow plug igniter and a nitro fill bottle. 


Associated Nitro TC3 Chassis

Layout of Associated Nitro TC3 RC Cars


All three of these RC cars are proven to be high quality, high performance machines.  There are also many other good models on the market that offer fast and furious on-road fun for drivers that enjoy high speed thrills.  Just remember that many of these rc cars are capable of extremely high speeds.  This means that these models can become land based missiles that can do some serious harm if they run into someone or something.  Not to mention that an rc car traveling at 50, 60, or 70+mph will likely be destroyed if you crash into a solid object at those speeds.  As a result, do not drive faster than you are able to safely control, and make sure that you have plenty of space in which to safely operates these models.  All it takes is a tiny rock or some loose sand or dirt on the pavement to send one of these cars flying out of control.  When controlled properly, the thrill of operating one of these rc cars can be very exciting and rewarding.