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RC Dirt Bikes Offer Two Wheel Radio Control Off Road Fun

RC dirt bikes have been increasing in popularity.  Improved technology and better designs are making these RC vehicles more realistic and more fun to operate.  Generally speaking, many of these models are electric powered.  One popular model with a reasonable price is the Radio Shack Ricky Carmichael CR250R.  This model comes with a radio system and motor already installed, and it has an internal gyroscope built in the back wheel to help increase stability and handling.  There are also other brands of these fun RC motorcycles.  For the ultimate realism, there are also fire breathing 2 stroke nitro engine powered models.  If you enjoy full size off road motorcycle action, then it's very likely that you will also enjoy the scale model fun available from RC dirt bikes!     

RC Dirt Bikes

Electric RC Dirt Bikes

Another company that offers electric RC dirt bikes is AR Racing.  Made in Italy, these high quality 1:4 scale models are built to higher hobby grade standard than some of the other bikes that are available.  What this means is that you will find better materials (more metal and less plastic) and higher build quality on these hobby grade RC dirt bikes.  The ARX-540 are available as a build it yourself kit or pre-assembled.  In either case, you will need to provide and install the radio system and motor of your choice.  The ARX-540 Electric takes a 540 size motor.  With the advent of potent brushless motors and powerful battery packs, these electric RC dirt bikes can offer impressive performance and good run times. 

RC Dirt Bikes

Nitro RC Dirt Bikes

An internal mechanical gyroscope in the rear wheel helps stabilize and make the AR models easier to control.  AR Racing also offers a nitro powered version which can further increase the performance, fun, and realism.  The ARX-540 Nitro model takes the concept a step further towards realism utilizing a screaming .15 nitro engine for power.  The sound, smoke, and performance are closer to the full size 2 stroke motocross bikes that it is modeled after.  These Italian made models are impressive and built tough.  You will pay more for the extra performance, quality, and features, but the old saying "you get what you pay for" comes into play here.  With their increasing popularity, there will probably be other RC motorcycle models available in the future.

UPDATE:  As expected, there are more RC dirt bikes becoming available for the motorcycle and hobby enthusiast.  With the advance in brushless motor technology in the hobby industry, there are now a couple more RC dirt bikes available.  One of them is distributed through Tower Hobbies and is called the Duratrax DX450 1/5 scale motorcycle.  Another model is the Venom VMX450 1/4 scale rc dirt bike.  You can see both of these RC dirt bikes in the pictures below.

Duratrax DX450Venom VMX450

Duratrax DX450                                           Venom VMX450

Both models employ a gyro in the rear wheel.  High capacity LiPo batteries are recommended for these electric dirt bikes because the brushless motor has high current draw to get the gyroscope spooled up during initial take off.  Venom recommends a 2 cell 8.4V LiPo battery pack for their model.  They say that a 3 cell LiPo will destroy the brushless motor and can not be used.  They also state that NiMH batteries are not recommended, because of the high current demands of the brushless motor system.  These model RC dirt bikes are impressive.  The technology keeps improving on these dirt bikes and so does the fun factor!